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  1. PinkPolkadot619

    Home Birth After RNY

    Yes it is old, but I am about 6 months from begining to try to get pregnant. And our hope is that I will be able to have a home birth. Unfortunately right now I am about 30 lbs from my original goal weight. So I am trying to get back in shape and back on track to loose the weight before we start trying to get pregnant. With the hopes that I will be as healthy as possible, especially since I will be 34.
  2. for 6 months once a week I woke up at 4:00am to get to work early so I could leave early to get to my classes. It is not just the information, it is a commitment to yourself and your new life style. They want to see you are committed not only to the process but the lifestyle.
  3. I am also a San Diego Kaiser patient and I was also annoyed by the 6 months of classes. But now 2 years out, I would pay to go to those classes! It is not just the content it is the support and the relationships that I developed there. I got so much from our guest speakers and I also ended up founding the SD Kaiser WLS support group facebook page. The people I met there have been a huge support and it helps that we have all gone through the same education and have the same group of surgeons. Yes it is a pain in the butt but making that commitment and making that time for your self is completely worth it!
  4. PinkPolkadot619


    I still have 1 or 2 shakes a day, always have...... I honestly like them.
  5. PinkPolkadot619


    Right?!? When I started this journey I thought I would be thrilled to get to 165 where I had been comfortable before and 155 (the lightest I had even been as an adult and where I had worn bikinis) was a pipe dream! Which is exactly why I wanted a reality check about whether it was crazy of me to want to get back down to 135! Good luck to you on your fast day! Lemme know how it goes! I tried on wedding dresses this weekend and it has a huge shocker. I know wedding dresses run small but crap! I was in a 0 or 2 now I am in 4s. So I was expecting my wedding dress size to be a 6 or 8. She said I was a damn 12-14!!! I was pissed to be in double digits. So I know I felt better at 135 and I am only 5'4.75" so I think it is not that far off.
  6. hahahaha!! I love this. Thanks I needed a smile.
  7. PinkPolkadot619


    @@jess9395 I am feeling the exact same way!!! I loved being 135 and I just feel soft and puffy at 150. I never in a million years thought I would say that since I could never imagine being 150But I just felt better at 135-137. your description of them being vanity pounds sounds very accurate. But I really do want to loose them too. I just prefer it. It feels better and I think looks better. Today I am doing a fasting day, and will try out the 5/2 plan. see if I can finally get the scale moving again. it has been stuck for over 6 months.
  8. PinkPolkadot619

    OCTOBER 2014

    @@amylynns beautiful pictures!! Good looking group of kids! good job mom :-)
  9. PinkPolkadot619


    I am very interested but I think I have a lot of research to do. I have no idea what the 5/2 is????
  10. PinkPolkadot619

    OCTOBER 2014

    Super exciting news! IM ENGAGED! And wedding dress shopping I can definitely feel the extra 15lbs that I just can't seem to loose!! And wedding dress sizes are so small I was shocked to have a double digit size!! I'm usually a 4 in pants but I was a 2, so I figured that would be a 6 or 8, 10 the biggest....NOPE! 12-14!! Don't get me wrong I felt amazing in the dresses. Just made me a little frustrated.
  11. PinkPolkadot619

    Cycling Nutrition question

  12. PinkPolkadot619

    Small Appliances and Kitchen Gadgets

    I am 20 months out and still use my scale and measuring cups all the time! I also often use my nutibullet.
  13. PinkPolkadot619

    OCTOBER 2014

    Dear god this is hard!! how are you all doing?!?!?!?
  14. Each person is so different, if I eat more than 1,000-1,100 I gain :-/ but now its hard to go back to the 800-1,000. It is all about figuring out what works for your body. If you gain at 1,000 go back down or if you are able to maintain at 1,300 then stay there. But your bodies are forever different and need to monitor so we don't slip back and gain. Each body is different some are fine at 800 and some need more. The first 12 months of this journey were hard, but wow the second 12 months has its own challenges and I am sure that will be life long if I want to stay healthy. Good luck to you all

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