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  1. jdillon

    August Sleevers Check In

    Sleeved August 15th. Down 45lbs. Weight loss had slowed way down but it's moving!
  2. I feel fine. Trying to find different foods I can tolerate kind of sick of soup and yogurt. Still not a big fan of eggs.
  3. Sleeved August 15th. Began at 220lbs. Today 180lbs 45 to go
  4. OK so I have not been on here so much since surgery. I'm going to be honest. I hate the changes to this app. I liked it better before. It's harder to maneuver through now and find things. Anyways that being said on with the numbers. Surgery date was 8/15/14 weighed 220lbs. Today I'm at 184lbs. 4 lbs from 40lbs lost Yayyyy. Hope all is well with everyone!
  5. jdillon

    Before and After Pics

    In the same suit still got a ways to go. Bad camera and messy bathroom lol
  6. jdillon

    Before and After Pics

    Only one month out. Picture on the right was taken the end of July. Surgery on August 15th. Yesterday marked 4 weeks out so I took another picture. Surgery date I was 220lbs. Today 191
  7. jdillon

    August Sleevers Check In

    I was in the 15th lost 18lbs the first week. Then it slowed to mere ounces a day. Now it's 12 oz to a lb again in my 3rd week. At one week out the Dr ordered me to eat soft foods and that's what caused it for me. I wasn't getting enough calories and blacking out. I started at 220 now today I'm at 195
  8. You guys look awesome btw!
  9. I'm a little more than 2 wks out. I've lost 23.2lbs and I lose 4 oz a day now. It's making me crazy. I work out swim and eat right and it's crawling now. As hard as I work at this it should be more results!
  10. jdillon

    August Sleevers Check In

    Sleeved 8/15/14 down 17lbs
  11. jdillon

    August Sleevers Check In

    Feels normal. Just get full faster
  12. jdillon

    August Sleevers Check In

    Good luck honey. And walking really does help. I walked sipped took my meds and slept.
  13. Well I found something that does not agree with my new tummy. Premier protein strawberry flavored. I took about 4 sips and my tummy felt sore and now I'm in the bathroom an hour later. Tmi.
  14. jdillon

    August Sleevers Check In

    I pureed the hell out of it and I'm doing fine its on my stage 2 which is day 3. Ask your doc
  15. jdillon

    Anyone having the sleeve in april?!

    You and I had similar start. I began at 218. Now 4 days post op I'm at 206lbs. I can't wait to throw away those 16's!

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