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  1. ScaredYCat1383837811

    Just got sleeved on Thursday, October 31st

    Congratulations of getting sleeved! My surgery is not scheduled until December 9th so I can't provide you much in the way of advice. Have you tried Isopure, the liquid protein? Perhaps if you sip it slowly? Have you had any amount of pain from your surgery and do you feel hunger or the desire to eat? Best of luck to you!!
  2. Janet... You give me hope! My surgery date is Dec. 9th (so I've got six weeks to go)!! I am so nervous about the pain associated with the surgery... on the day of and the days following! Your post was so positive and exciting and it doesn't sound like you experienced much in the way of pain! How was it for everyone? Did you have pain and do you have a low or high threshold for it? Congrats again Janet... Continued blessings and success!!!
  3. I agree totally with you all.... My surgery is not until 12/9 and I'm scared to death!! Hence my name!!! However, while I am committed to do as I am told and follow the rules, I am NOT having the surgery so that never again can a dessert pass thru my lips. Nor am I having the surgery so that I may eat bland, gross, bird food for the rest of my life. After healing, if I want a bite or two of a cookie or pie, or if I want a couple bites of steak... I don't want to go to hell!! Isn't it OK? Not regularly, just on occassion? Can anyone reassure me that this will be possible? Thanks everyone for your posts!!!
  4. ScaredYCat1383837811

    Caffeine addict

    I hear you... I'm a few weeks from my surgery and absolutely scared to death. The idea of giving up coffee seems unreal to me and nearly impossible. However, I was told when on a regular diet you can have decaf and approximate 6 months post op, I can try with caffeine!
  5. ScaredYCat1383837811

    Surgery October 9th

    CONGRATS on all your weight loss. You give me hope.... but I'm scared to death! My surgeon consult is a week from Tuesday and my surgery probably the week following... I'm terrified! Has there been a lot of pain for you?

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