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  1. SheVsMe

    My Bag Is Packed : )

    We're in this together...lol. 9:30 for me. We'll both be fine! talk to you in a couple days.
  2. It didn't take me long although it could have been a lot sooner. My consult was in February, but my PCP was being a butthole! But pretty much after I was ok'd for surgery and insurance approved me, it only took two months. My surgery is this coming Monday. Good luck to you! Everything will happen for you. It's the waiting that really sucks!
  3. Yeah, from what I hear, walking is the best medicine. Another member suggested baby gas drops.
  4. SheVsMe

    Pre Op Pic Thread!

    Too funny! Thank you! I did my own makeup. I've worked as a makeup artist also. I love it!
  5. My doc gave me the choice since my insurance pays for all 3, but he told me he really recommends rny for me because he believes I will be happier with the results. Honestly, we all want to be skinny and svelte, but I am ready to be healthier more than anything. So, if rny is going to do it, that's the choice for me.
  6. SheVsMe

    Smoke Free

    That's awesome guys! On the 23rd it will officially be two months for me. It's still hard sometimes, but at other times I forget that I was even a smoker!
  7. SheVsMe

    Protein Help

    I just read on the Unjury website that if the liquid is too hot, it does change the texture of the protein. The liquid you use has to be lukewarm.
  8. So how about a year ago I was working with a personal trainer for the first time. The guy had me jumping up and down on stair steppers. Now, setting aside the fear of me jumping on the plastic step, it shattering, and my big behind falling straight to hell....... My stomach was hitting my thighs. Sounded like my body was clapping for me! LOL It was horrible. Needless to say, I've never been back!
  9. I can't wait until I don't have to wear all this "hardware"(girdles) just to look 10 lbs lighter..lol. Or the day when I get up out of a chair and there is a butt and thigh line from me sweating it up. It's funny, guys tell me that I have a sexy walk, but it's actually me wobbling from side to side trying to distribute my weight...lol.

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