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  1. Hey everyone that is active so far on this website. I'd love to start a thread under the Surgery Support area so I started a thread. I thought it would be nice to help each other through those "bad" days. If we can't offer exact advice we can still support one another and offer friendship to get through the day. I haven't had my surgery yet but, I have been through WLS before so will help anyway I can. Anyone else in?
  2. LosingItForMe2011

    Group Question

    Hello Girls, I found you by accident but, I think it would be cool to have a group that tries and shares recipes. Have you started things yet? This is my first time in a "group".
  3. LosingItForMe2011

    Massachusetts, Usa

    Hello out there! I'm hoping to start a Massachusetts support group if anyone is interested.
  4. LosingItForMe2011

    40's New Beginnings

    Anyone in their 40's out there going through the process of RNY surgery or who have had it. Join right in - would love to hear from you!
  5. LosingItForMe2011

    100+ To Loose

    Starting the thread for folks who had RYN and who would like to lose 100 or more pounds. Jump on in
  6. Well.....This is the third time I've had to take antibiotics since my surgery on 7/11. First time was for the incision infection, 2nd time for the infection in my intestines/bowel due to the first antibiotics causing an imbalance and killing my good bacteria in there. Got off the 2nd antibiotic two weeks ago...things seem to be much better and then bingo 3 days ago rut rooo. The same thing started happening again. This time waking me up at 2am and kept me up. After 2 days called the doc and she put me back on antiotics to try to clear up the C. Diff. I asked to be tested again but, she said they don't usually test again. Basically if this two week supply doesn't make things better or if things get worse.....she's sending me to an infectious disease specialist. Sure hope this clears up. I was so worried about it today that I packed extra clothes "just in case". I was out of work for 6.5 weeks...had to call in sick Tuesday because of this so I just HAD to go in today. Weird part is...aside from this issue I feel great! Today I was thinking how I actually feel thinner....noticing my knees are hurting as much and my clothes are loose...but I'm tied to the bathroom Oh well...this too shall pass and I'm so looking forward to feeling 100%
  7. Hello everyone, What brands and flavors of protein shakes do you use and like? I know we all have different tastes but, it would be interesting to know the brands that are most popular. Where did you purchase them?
  8. LosingItForMe2011

    What's supposed to happen to the exterior stitches?

    I had glue and dissolving stitches so nothing needed to be done for me.
  9. LosingItForMe2011

    vomiting nausea

    I came home from the hospital with nausea meds. Did your surgeon send you home with some and are you taking them? You don't want to get dehydrated and that will happen with vomiting. Please call your bariatric center or surgeon's office a.s.a.p.
  10. LosingItForMe2011

    need advice asap

    Hi Amanda, It's going to take a while for swelling to go down so unless there is pain associated with it I wouldn't worry too much. It's always safe to call your surgeon if you have any doubts. Always remember advice here is NON-medical and based off one's own experiences so your surgeon is best. For me I had the biggest swelling on the left side which is the site they do most of the retraction of your liver and push and pulling. Just more work in that one particular site so more bruising. I don't believe sleeping in bed would have caused this issue on you if you're worried about that. We do use more muscles to get up from bed but, we're not usually directed to sleep anywhere else. Most just sleep in a recliner because it's easier to get up. Hope this helps.
  11. LosingItForMe2011

    Massachusetts, Usa Buddies

    I thought I'd start this thread for Massachusetts, USA folks who are going through or have have Gastric Bypass. Come on Massachusetts folks...join all in. We neighbors can help each other.
  12. LosingItForMe2011

    19 days later after surgery and this liquid diet sucks

    Each surgeon/bariatric group has different guidelines really. Most have you move on to mushies after 3 weeks. Then solids after 5-6 weeks post op. They didn't limit me on my protein brands as far as protein shakes other than to watch the sugar content. Is that the food list they gave you?
  13. LosingItForMe2011


    The swelling from the surgery goes down and the healing has started so you will feel like you can eat vs when it's all swollen you feel as if a mouthful is filling. Are you on solids yet? Are waiting 30 minutes after drinking before eating and waiting 30 minutes after eating before drinking so you don't wash the food out? My nutritionist said as far as solid protein the most I will feel comfortable getting in is about 3 ounces.
  14. LosingItForMe2011

    Hypothyroidism and Gastric Bypass

    I've had hypothyroidism for a while but, my doc wouldn't give me medication for it because she claimed it was only slightly hypo. Well for years, I've been with her about 29 years, I've been fighting my weight. In 2005 while going through testing for the lapband, that hospital showed you your bloodwork online. I saw the TSH level in red. Asked my doc and she said it was hypo but, she didn't wan to over medicate. Now after the initial lapband, a lapband revision, the lapband removal and in 7/2012 RNY....it's still hypo. I have lost 70 pounds since 7/11/12 which is AWEsome for me! I've lost much slower than others but, I'm thankful the 70 is gone. At my 6 month checkup my RNY surgeon said my TSH was low and she wanted me to see an Endocrinologist. AMEN someone is finally paying attention!!!!! So she told my PCP, I emailed my PCP and I made the dang appointment myself. Unfortunately can't see the endocrinologist until April. The email to my doc worked...she finally read my bloodwork and put me on meds. I've been on them less than a week but, yahoo the scale finally moved! I'm hoping this helps me keep moving down the scale. So to answer your question it is still possible to lose weight on RNY with Hypothyroidism. If you're not taking meds for it you may want to push that prior to the surgery to see if it helps before hand. If you are taking them...I can bet RNY will still help you lose. Best to ask your doc...or attend an information night at a bariatric center and ask that question
  15. LosingItForMe2011

    Sciatica pain right hip and leg

    When I had it I had to go to a sports medicine therapist. They had me do lots of stretching and exercising to loosen it up plus used a deep muscle massage. Took me a while to get rid of it and boy was it painful. Every once in a while I can feel it coming on but, I do the stretches he taught me with the straps/belts and it really helps. Hope you feel better soon!
  16. LosingItForMe2011

    Diet green tea with ginsing

    Hi copmom, I was told by my nutritionist and doctor no caffeine. Last I looked Green Tea has caffeine.
  17. I'm curious if anyone post surgery wears a medical alert bracelet or necklace to let EMTs and Emergency Room docs know not to blindly incubate? I've seen them online but, folks that have had the surgery at work aren't wearing them. Anyone's doctors recommend them?
  18. LosingItForMe2011

    Surgery on 12/17/12

    Are you getting in enough liquids? You could be dehydrated. It will also make you tired or weak.
  19. LosingItForMe2011

    Nancy's new adventure

    Hey Nancy, Congrats on your surgery and welcome to the boards!
  20. The last thing you want is something running through your system. You definitely want to be at your healthiest for surgery.
  21. LosingItForMe2011

    christmas present

    Oh I remember the days with the metal wheels on outdoor roller skates We skated for hours and hours. Sounds like fun and you'll have a great time together.
  22. LosingItForMe2011

    What Is Your Ideal Size?

    You know I never really thought about it....just want to get off BP meds and be able to buy clothes in a regular store. I've never been smaller than size 12 other than one outfit that was a size 10. 12 would be cool but, I'm keeping things open.
  23. LosingItForMe2011

    Pain at sternum

    How far out from surgery are you? That would help us help you more. Papaya enzymes help with digestion if something gets stuck or if you took too big of a bite. It helps pretty quickly for me. I would definitely recommend you talk to your surgeon about it though.
  24. LosingItForMe2011

    Worst comment you've heard so far

    Zoiks some crazy comments! I've been lucky in that so far.....SO FAR...I haven't heard too many stupid comments. I did have a comment of concern from my family in that they were afraid I'd lose too much and look anorexic because they know someone who has lost too much and doesn't take their vitamins etc. I told them I went into this knowing full well, that the vitamins were a MUST and I had no intention of getting that thing. My intention is for a healthy BMI, my joints to not have so much stress and to hopefully go off my high blood pressure meds. I'm not looking to be skinny, just healthy.
  25. Oh and ask your surgeon about the revision if you haven't already. One of my questions for my surgeon was is the flap used on my stomach to hold the lapband in going to be undone or do you leave it there and work around it. Well it's actually released and if the scaring is bad the pouch has to be slightly bigger than for someone who never had the lapband. Because they can't cut where the scaring is. My pouch is slightly bigger than some because of that but, she was able to take down that flap so that was good news. My next question for her was.....is there more of a chance of complications for me because of the previous lapband. Her answer...just slightly so intead of a 1/2 % risk it was moved up to 1% for me. My surgery did take a bit longer than normal...I was under for I think 4 hours because she had to take the time to remove that flap. I also had to go home with a drain to make sure there was no internal bleeding...not everyone goes home with a drain.

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