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    tglastchance got a reaction from MinaT in March 22nd   
    I got my surgery date for March 22nd! Very nervous but excited!
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    tglastchance got a reaction from MinaT in March 22nd   
    I got my surgery date for March 22nd! Very nervous but excited!
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    tglastchance got a reaction from Marie8777 in Pic time   
    Wow!!! That's encouraging!
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    tglastchance got a reaction from samcl1 in How much how fast did you loose after bypass?   
    How long were you out? I'm a teacher too.... I have my surgery March 22 and then we have Easter break... So I have 13 planned days off.... Fortunately only 3 of them are my personal days... Should I plan for more days off?
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    tglastchance reacted to teacherstrube in How much how fast did you loose after bypass?   
    I have to agree with everyone...there are many factors in weight loss. I have been very lucky. I had surgery 11/06/2015. I am 5'8". My heaviest weight was 278. I lost about 20 lbs on my own during my six month supervised diet and about 12 lbs on my liver shrink prep diet. Day of surgery I was like 245. I am currently at 185. My goal weight is 165 so I am very close. I am a teacher so I am on my feet all
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    tglastchance reacted to megpie22 in Calling all March bypass surgery dates!   
    I'm from California. Have PCOS and Hypothyridism. I have two children and have been overweight since I was 8. I have always been active and was an athlete but I was always one of the biggest kids in schools. I do like to eat and not always the best foods and have tried most diets out there. I am hoping this works and I am going to give my all.
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    tglastchance got a reaction from sassyfrass23 in Calling all March bypass surgery dates!   
    March 22nd fremont
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    tglastchance reacted to Amanda Lee1383837845 in Surgery 12/4 and I need a Buddy   
    I'm excited, anxious, scared, nervous, happy, sad..... well you name it, I have been feeling it. My surgery date is 12/4 and I'm looking for a friend that might be having surgery around the same time. I don't want to go thru this alone. I'd like someone to share my feelings with and help them cope as well.
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    tglastchance reacted to Frank69 in Failure   
    it happens, and its not the end of the world.. just keep trying.. its happened to me ad ive recovered, lost 200lbs in a year
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    tglastchance got a reaction from Scorpion11 in Failure   
    So my preop diet is supposed to be 1200 calories and 45 minutes a day of exercise.... I'm failing... Did great 10 days and blew it ... I feel like crap and scared ... This kind of diet is hard for me... So if I can't do this how is the surgery going to be :-(! Feeling defeated...
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    tglastchance got a reaction from SandeeD in I'm one big ball of emotions...   
    I'm still emotional and I'm doing the ground work... I have my first orientation mtg in 2 hours (3 rd appointment)... I'm so scared but then I look at my 2 year old abs 1 year old and I never want my weight to get in the way of their life...
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    tglastchance reacted to Davalrie in Tomorrow is the day!   
    Good night! I went the whole day on my clear liquid diet and no temptation to eat at all! I can't believe tomorrow is the day! Pray all goes well and I have a painless recovery! Time for bed have to be at the hospital at 5:30am! Ttyl!
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    tglastchance reacted to ElyQuint in Things I will NOT miss about being fat.   
    So many:
    1. Adding up the weight of everyone in the elevator to make sure I don't push its capacity above limit;
    2. Pretending I want to stand up because I can't possibly fit in your plastic lawn chair;
    3. Not eating at a function because my dress won't fit post meal;
    4. Feeling the fold above my elbow hit the back of my forearm;
    5. Underwear rolling down below my belly;
    6. Apologizeing for my very existence at the grocery store;
    7. Not being sure I am "clean" everywhere;
    8. Being the person that by my presence gives everyone else permission to order dessert;
    9. Being a non-threat to insecure women!
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    tglastchance reacted to gomekast in Things I will NOT miss about being fat.   
    Things I will not miss:
    -having such a messy closet because I've got sizes 12-24 in it. I refused to get rid of the small stuff.
    -having to sit on the sidelines while my husband runs around with our kids
    -my 4 year old saying..you have a big butt!
    -my 6 year old giving me flubbers on my big belly
    -my kids putting both of their hands on my big belly and shaking it all around. They think its fun.
    -not being able to exercise the way I want too.
    -being told I'm not too far away from heart failure if I don't get the weight down.
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    tglastchance reacted to sherrypep in Two months post-op pics   
    Looking good! Keep up the good work.
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    tglastchance reacted to theoldmusicbox in favorite NSV's/most anticipated NSV's   
    i started as a man standing 5'6" weighing 373lbs, wearing a 56 inch waist jeans and a 5-6x shirt. now, i'm still 5'6" (a nurse measured me at 5'6.5" and i laughed saying my spine must have decompressed) i wear a 30" waist jeans and a 1x shirt. my favorite nsv's so far?
    1. i ran a 5 k with my teenage son and i didn't die. and at the end, he told me that HE was proud of ME. that's probably my best one
    2. don't have to wait for a table, a booth is fine.
    3. i can tie my shoes without holding my breath or passing out
    4. buying clothes at the thrift store (because we all know that us overweight people wear stuff till it's falling apart and cant be donated)
    5. doing things with my kids that i just didn't have the energy or desire to before
    6. not having to ask my wife to cut my toenails for me
    7. being able to wear the 1 piece of clothing that i kept all these years because i couldn't bear to throw it out when it didn't fit me anymore.
    8. i get an extra 5 miles a gallon on my motorcycle
    9. let's face it.......... skinny sex is better
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    tglastchance reacted to SuperKen in Pre-Op Diet   
    We'll, I made it through the first day of my pre-op liquid diet ???? thank goodness I can have unlimited amounts of lettuce, cucumbers, celery, and bell peppers along with the 3 shakes!
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    tglastchance reacted to sbarbiegirl in no two week liquid pre op diet   
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    tglastchance reacted to sbarbiegirl in no two week liquid pre op diet   
    Lucky. I have to do 35 day liquid diet....thank God I only have 12 more days.
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    tglastchance got a reaction from Rach34 in I hit 100 lbs!   
    Awesome.... I hope to be like you soon... I'm not sleeved yet.... Can I ask what your weight was prior to the surgery .... Did u have to lose any before and if so how did you ... I'm at 338 right now and am just staring the process... So scared of failing!!!
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    tglastchance reacted to apelt001 in So close yet soooooo far   
    I had my vsg jan 29,2013 and I was 322 at my highest. Since my surgery I have lost an incredible 120 pounds in 8 months I had my plateaus and my rough Patches but I am still rocking it out. But OMG I am 4 pounds away from onderland garg its like it might ad well be 50! I want to laugh and shake the scale til it gives in to my demands LoL! Anyone else get so close to a scale goal and its like the scale is mocking you? Best of luck y'all!

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    tglastchance reacted to Daydra in confession   
    I ate a few french fries at lunch just because I wanted them. Fortunately, I was able to pass most of them off to a coworker after I had eaten all I wanted (about 6). I gotta put that in the win column. Like I told my husband when we were talking about how long bags of Snacks last now... at least the bag of chips or whatever actually lasts about the number of servings on the label instead of the entire bag turning into a 15 minute snack in front of the tv. WINNING!
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    tglastchance reacted to brneyd79 in Isopure? What is that?   
    No but I bet if you had a nutri bullet or ninja or something it was really good with the ice it would be okay I am bored and in my kitchen right now and I just have a regular blender I can try it real quick... I am presurgery but my doctors rules say. Very thin liquids nothing thick at all For the first 21 days it is just broths and Protein Drinks Water or sugar free drinks.... I have a bottle of tropical iso-pure had for three weeks in my fridge because it is nasty so let me play chef
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    tglastchance reacted to indecision in Worst diet ever?   
    All of them! Every damn one I tried was the worst.....
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    tglastchance got a reaction from Melissa#1 in The frustration of it all   
    I'm not sleeved yet but I'm training my mind now because I have the same fear and I've just admitted to myself I do like food.... But I know I will love being able to do more like go on vacations and not be tired from just packing the car, going to the park, going out in public with my husband, buying clothes and being able to wear more than just my fat clothes, living life to the fullest with my kids,,,, I can't wait to get this started so I can finally live life and eat to fuel my events not just live to eat :-)!

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