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  1. tglastchance

    March 22nd

    I got my surgery date for March 22nd! Very nervous but excited!
  2. How long were you out? I'm a teacher too.... I have my surgery March 22 and then we have Easter break... So I have 13 planned days off.... Fortunately only 3 of them are my personal days... Should I plan for more days off?
  3. tglastchance

    Pic time

    Wow!!! That's encouraging!
  4. tglastchance

    Beginning my journey ????????

    Hi I'm back, I chickened out two years ago and guess what I'm exactly the same weight ????... I did weight watchers for a year and a half and at most lost 35lbs.... I went up and down the last two years playing with either same weight loss.... Now it appears I have GERD WHICH FEELS LIKE A FREAKING HEART ATTACK.... I am too afraid to eat so hopefully the pre op weight loss will be easier.. I'm confused because after my GP referred me I was told the surgeon would call me with a phone appointment... Don't know if this is a good thing or bad thing...... I hope it means the process is faster! Just want to get the ball rolling... Bypass here I come!
  5. tglastchance


    Anyone have the gastric sleeve through Kaiser? Can you let me know how the process works since I'm assuming there isn't an approval process since the doctor works for the insurance/hospital company?
  6. tglastchance

    Surgery 12/4 and I need a Buddy

    I gained before attending orientation... But since orientation I lost 14 lbs in two weeks... But now I'm stuck... I have to lose 10 to get my surgery scheduled and then 5 more before surgery and I'm stuck!!!! My dr won't let me do a 2 week liquid diet yet... They want me eating real food. . Ugghhhhhhh 10 lbs should be easy but I'm not doing so good :-(!
  7. tglastchance

    My Sob Story

    This is my fear too... I'm the sole provider for my family. My husband is disabled and I have two sons, 1 and 2... Way too little to lose their mom. I'm desperate to lose weight and am scared but my BMI is 58 ... I don't know what to do...
  8. tglastchance


    So my preop diet is supposed to be 1200 calories and 45 minutes a day of exercise.... I'm failing... Did great 10 days and blew it ... I feel like crap and scared ... This kind of diet is hard for me... So if I can't do this how is the surgery going to be :-(! Feeling defeated...
  9. tglastchance


    Yeah I know it's a lot but there's no set time... I have to lose 15 more lbs to schedule my surgery I already lost 15.... I wish I could just do protein shakes but I got yelled at when I did my normal breakfast shake for the first 15 I lost.... They want me eating solid food to lose the weight... Ughhhh I need to get my motivation back!
  10. tglastchance

    Pre Op

    I have to lose 20lbs... Technically 15 but I don't want to weigh over so I'm telling myself 20... Any suggestions on how to speed this along... I already lost the first 13 in a week but that always happens.... Now comes the very hard part... I want to lose it in 4 weeks or less so I can have surgery in December! Ughh as I'm typing this I know I should be exercising .... Constantly :-/... I'm doing a 1200 calorie diet !
  11. Ok so I met with the surgeon yesterday and he's leaving the decision up to me as whether or not to get bypass or the sleeve??? I don't know now what is better.... I have no other health problems besides being overweight I'm currently 333 and I lost 11 lbs I have 18 more to lose before surgery....
  12. Can someone help explain why they chose bypass over sleeve? My surgeon is leaving the decision up to me and I'm not sure which one would be better.
  13. tglastchance

    Sleeve vs bypass

    I have leaned toward the sleeve since I decided on surgery but that's because I was only researching the sleeve and also didnt like the rerouting of organs..... I'm just afraid because my doctor explains the staple line as quite long and a lot of area for leaks and the bypass has more reaearch
  14. tglastchance

    Help deciding

    Thanks! That's helpful no one broke it down for me like that!
  15. I'm still emotional and I'm doing the ground work... I have my first orientation mtg in 2 hours (3 rd appointment)... I'm so scared but then I look at my 2 year old abs 1 year old and I never want my weight to get in the way of their life...
  16. Sorry for your loss. I'll pray for your surgery. I just got my referral to kaiser Fremont... I start the bariatric orientation on Sunday! Keep us posted!
  17. tglastchance


    Finished surgery overview class Saturday. I was probably the youngest and largest female in there...felt very stupid because I kept thinking this was an option but from the looks of it I need this more than anyone in there- i need this to work!!!!! Scared, I am the only one who works in my family and I can't have a bad outcome.... But I also feel like I'm at risk for other issues.... I can't have a heart attack either.... I'm so scared... Bariatric team called today and I have orientation Sunday...
  18. Can someone recommend what to buy as far as supplements to get ready for this journey before surgery? Vitamins, etc..... I'm anxious to get prepared
  19. tglastchance

    What to buy?

  20. tglastchance

    Did I mess up bad?

    So I m not even in the program yet... I only have met with GP and did blood work... I have a class Saturday and then she will refer me... So my question is do I start dieting now or wait to see what they say... I already feel like a failure.... I had two protein shakes today at work but then came home and stuffed myself on crap!!!! How come I always do this.... I don't even know his to eat normal.. So scared.... :-(...
  21. tglastchance

    Did I mess up bad?

    I'm really confused... What can u have on a clear liquid diet???? I hear people talk about protein shakes but protein isn't clear u less u get isopure
  22. Hi Kimcklow You are a teacher right???? I think I read one of your other posts.... I'm waiting to enter the program here ... I have a mandatory overview of the surgeries this Saturday and then my GP has to refer me and the. I wait for the call... I bought Protein shakes this weekend so I can start tomorrow.... Because I'm scared of failing.... I have no idea how long the process will take I hear 2 months to 6 months...
  23. tglastchance

    The indignities of being obese

    I was pregnant and had my baby and coworkers came up and said "you just had a baby.... When were u pregnant"... So it sucks when people don't notice either

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