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  1. Just thought I would get the Ball rolling, find out when your surgery date is scheduled. Mine is scheduled for Sept 9. provided my Blood Labs are all good, what ever that means. :/ I am having mine done in Blackfoot Idaho.
  2. CarryOn7

    Finally In The 50Lbs Lost Category :-)

    You go girl!!! That awesome! We are all in this together! Big high five!!! ✋
  3. CarryOn7

    Finally In The 50Lbs Lost Category :-)

    I actually had the sleeve done. It's been just over 2 months. My tummy is so loud it woke me up. I think it's still my body getting use to its self.
  4. I love all the picture post! I just wish I could. I'm just over 40lbs lost since surgery & just over 50 since post op. I hate that I look in the mirror & still see a 300lbs woman. I can tell I'm losing but my stomach area is still holding onto the crap/fat... It'll leave just not as fast as I would like. Yay to almost 50 lbs since surgery!!! Nothing else I have done has ever done this...
  5. CarryOn7

    kicked off of a fair ride....

    I'm so sorry! I hate when I walks into a place & have to judge. Ok can that hold me... Will I fit.... I'm losing but I still do that. Sadly I think I always will. Since surgery I've list just over 40lbs. Pre-op I've lost just over 50. I still feel the same. With my work I walked into an appointment & started sweating. I hate that I still see myself at 300+ lbs. I'm not where I want to be. But I am smaller!
  6. CarryOn7

    Finally In The 50Lbs Lost Category :-)

    I maybe slow. But I'm losing!! Although my stomach had been making weird sounds today. well this morning. It sounds like the ghost shows... Has anyone had weird noises? It's kinda funny where my kids & I watch ghost shows..
  7. CarryOn7

    Finally In The 50Lbs Lost Category :-)

    Yes to all that's hit 50!!! I'm so close I can taste it!!
  8. Walk away, When my family has those types of things I go in my room & shut the door, I do my best to distract myself. Good Luck! It will be worth it to stay strong!
  9. CarryOn7

    Mental Hunger?

    One think that annoys me about food. It shouldn't, but it does. On Facebook, all my friends that post pictures of their meals, or their check-ins on restaurants. It use to be nothing, but now I notice it more, a lot more! Oh well. Gotta deal with the obvious. I haven't watched him for awhile but Dr Phil says food is some peoples drug of choice, & when they are trying to diet or just eat right, it's everywhere! No avoiding it. We just have to find good alternatives. We also have a great tool, that will help the process.
  10. CarryOn7

    Mental Hunger?

    Pinterest has some great recipes there. So glad that we have a tool like that to use.
  11. CarryOn7

    Week 3 Post-Op

    It's been a long week, my head is making me crazy with cravings of things. I think it has something to do with the body's hormones & it's adjusting to the lack of calories it's use to. my emotions have been all over the place, I have felt faint, weak & shaky. I am guessing it'a the body fat's fight to stay. I am hoping it comes to an end soon. On a different note, I got my fitbit. I love it. it's not fully what I was hoping it would be, but it's better than some of the other things, a couple of the people that got their sleeves around the same time we are all friends with it, I think as I get more active it will become a lot better. it's nice where it sync's up with your smartphone & my fitness pal, for the diet tracking aspect. the main reason I got it was so I could wear it in the pool at the gym. Go figure the day I get it the pool at the gym goes out & won't be back up till next week. Oh well, I have been walking up a storm, daily goal is 10,000 steps. pretty much on your feet when your not working. I guess that's the key though. Funny food things, I realized tonight that my go to, "safe" Sleeve friendly staple food is, oddly enough, Bean's:- black, red, navy, garbanzo basically any canned beans, just not Green I've had all kinds of things, hummus, refried, soup's, chili, (fake) backed beans, & (fake) BBQ. everyday this week, I've had beans for 1-2 meals. oddly I would maybe eat beans once a week, to once every other week. The plus side is not eating very much they don't have the side effect they use to. I guess Beans are my new eggs... eggs make me sick. I have tried 3 different ways. YUCK, I use to love eggs, had them almost daily. now. they almost make me puke. I'll give it a month & try them again. Oh well, life goes on & things will work them self out, the sleeve is a huge learning curve. good luck to everyone with it.
  12. CarryOn7

    Mental Hunger?

    All the time. I just try to focus on other stuff. I hope it goes away.
  13. I am 2 weeks Post-Op.. I asked my surgeon what his take was on Flu shots, (cuz I hate sickness.) he said it was my call. I've had 3 Flu Shots in my Adult life & all have made me violently ill & did not work for the flu cuz those years i was sicker than sick. that being said I don't want to get sick. I normally take airborne but I only like the drink, it's fizzy (can't have it) the other one you have to take 4 just to get the same effect. (& I don't htink it's as good) what is everyones take on what they think is best to do.
  14. Thanks for the input. Still unsure what I'm going to do, but this helps a lot.
  15. CarryOn7

    Week 2 Post-Op Continued....

    I have figured for this week it will be easier to eat 1 meal of pureed, at least for a few days. it take a lot of time away from drinking water & protein drinks. I never thought Pureed food would be so complicated. I tired to work out a menu & tried to put it into fitness pal & it just didn't work with the protein, I need, I personally would rather drink the protein then mix it into pureed food. it is defiantly a learning curve, plus the time it takes to not drink before the meal & after the meal. I will just have to get really creative & figure this out. I'm pretty sure once I figure this out I can use the same format for the rest of the food stages. then hopefully it will be a habit for life. just have to plan & prepare. Now if you told me I was going to do this much prep a year ago for food I would LAUGH!! Yesterday I ordered more Nectar Unflavored protein, Nectar Fuzzy Navel, it's only 10 grams protein but it's good in a quick pinch for extra protein. I also ordered me a Fitbit Flex. after some research to figure out what to get to help motivate me. this seems like something I will use. hopefully I can get back into the habit of wearing one, I have a heart rate watch about 10 years ago & loved it, then my kids got a hold of it & well if you have kids you know how that goes. Tomorrow morning starts my going back to the gym! Yeah! I'm so looking forward to it!! I got cleared for Submersion! so Water Aerobics Here I come. the ladies in my class have no idea what I have done or where I have been. so I am sure tomorrow will be a bunch of questions. but bring it on, not sure what I am going to say just yet. I still don't think it's anyones business. My Dr. said as long as I have a bottle of water by the pool & listen to my body. I am so in love with going to the pool it makes the world just disappear. that reminds me I have to set my alarm earlier. Hopefully I can figure out what works for me rather quickly, next week everything gets back to full busy mode. To all hopefully you all have a great journey as we figure out this thing called Life!
  16. CarryOn7

    Post-Op Day's 5-6 & the end of 4

    Routine for me is a KEY & Pre Planning is another. I am still not hungry & have to remind myself, to drink my protein. I have no problem with water. I am drinking about 80oz now, slowly. I am doing 3 shakes a day, now I have discovered I really like low sodium V8, Broth & sugar free Jello. I bought the 8oz cans of V8 incase I didn't like it, next time if I keep drinking it the 2 week of full liquids I'll buy a big can. I do add a squirt of Red's hot sauce. Oh YUMMY! I froze all the soup stock, vegetable & chicken in the freezer in 1/2C servings to mix it up a bit, jello I will only buy in the premade cups. Mrs. Dash is the best thing in the soup. I like flavors. I don't like homemade after the 2nd day. I am looking forward to 2 more days & having a pudding or a yogurt.. even MILK even though it will be skim. I have also been making changes around my house. my kids have had to endure my diets before. but the thing they don't understand is healthy isn't a diet. I made Brownies that are made from Black beans, my kids scooped them up! they said they were the richest & best that I have made. I haven't told them nor do I think I will. I have a few weeks to work out some tried & true recipes. (not just sweets) that way by the time I can eat somewhat of the same as them, I can keep cooking those recipes & they won't have any problems with them. I am really looking forward to getting through the next 8 weeks. (according to my surgeon & dietitians plan.)
  17. CarryOn7

    Week 2 Post-Op

    Ugh not as fun, I got my woman garbage & I retain a lot of water. so I had to try to step up my water intake to compensate. At least its almost over. I had a rough week in dealing with that, but as of today I am cleared puree food! Hallelujah!!! I am normally not a Hummus fan, but that was some great food. Dinner tonight was low fat refried beans, a bit of guacamole, a bit of salsa & a touch of sour cream. in total it was maybe 2oz. but it was good. now it's to introduce the other pureed foods, I bought some baby food, for days when I have to run, sounds bad but when your hungry, you never know. I figure I will keep eating the soups where I have a freezer full & as they told me today 1-2 protein drinks a day for a very long time. which is fine by me. makes it easier. He said to drag a bottle of water everywhere, when people start eating they forget to get water in & get dehydrated. I usually do any way. now I'll be checking my urine again to make sure today I am a long way away from my goal of 64oz I maybe have 30. so I will be drinking, drinking, drinking... in sips, sips, sips.....
  18. Good luck everyone having surgery this week.
  19. CarryOn7

    Post-Op Day's 5-6 & the end of 4

    Yes, I am to the point where I feel pretty good, other than once in awhile my belly itches, or my clothing catches on of the incisions. there still is a bit of pain when I lay on my right side, but that is expected.
  20. CarryOn7

    Week 1 Post-Op.

    Finally full liquids. Everything is still going well. I have been keeping myself busy, with sorting through boxes from my mom's house so I can clean out my garage. I have been using my slave labor, my 18 year old is home off & on, she would bring the boxes to the rooms I said, then I when I would be done she would haul stuff either to the car for donation or the trash. Then when my kids came home from school I have them hauling big heavy boxes or books & stuff to the rooms where I will go through them. I over did it a bit yesterday, I made sure my tummy was ok, but overlooked my back, now I am on a heating pad. Doh! Oh well I got a lot accomplished & hopefully can resume more tomorrow. As of this morning I have lost 11lbs since surgery & 12 inches. it's a great personal victory. I went to the store by myself & started looking for the foods for the next stage of foods. Kind of makes my head spin. reading the labels, thank goodness there is this website to help, with people who have went through this, before me. I went looking for somethings for this diet & found that the area I live in is terrible for much of a selection of sugar free stuff, like Torani syrups, I made an online order for a couple flavors. I mean they have crystal light, I think there was 3 pancake syrups, (for my cream of wheat) but I didn't buy yet, I think next time I go into the bigger city where I live I'll run into the health food store. It's a different shopping experience reading the packages verses grabbing what you like. but I can do this, I have committed to this, why put junk back in, that would be a huge waste of my time & money. I think soon enough it will become the normal. Just have to retrain the brain.... I did see the store in my town has a HUGE select of Tons of different flavors of Lite Laughing Cow cheese that made me happy. now I just have to get through the next week. Oh well, it will be worth it when don't have to over think when I go out. will I fit here, can I do that there, will I be asked when I am due. will that make me look stupid. who's driving what vehicle are we riding in. I am beyond ready to just be able to get up & go, no second thoughts about it. That is one wonderful thing about this site, no judging! everyone has similar things going on in there life. everyones stories are different but we all have had parallel things happen, no one wants to be this way, there are many things that happen in life & the next thing you know your needing a surgeons help. The Best decision I have made for myself. Don't get me wrong I love my Hubby & Kids, but there are times they all drive me CrAzY! This is for me, not for anyone else. just to get me comfortable in my own skin, can't remember the last time I was, if ever. Good Luck Everyone.
  21. CarryOn7

    Post-Op Days 3-4

    I am just ready as I can be for the New me. Sick of being Extremely over weight & people around me helping me be blind to it. I always keep a Smile on my face but I am tired of trying to hide my pain. So now there is no more hiding, its just a matter of working this all off to be Happy in my own body. Good luck on all your journey's. Also I have had no problem with water other than remembering not to gulp. I have gotten back up to drinking about 80oz my personal goal is 100oz. since March I have been drinking a lot more than that. 1/2 my body weight in ounces. my heights weight was 308. I lost on my own to 260, then sadly it came back, till I decided that I could not do it on my own. I'll use a quote from a thread I read a few weeks ago, "I yo-yo dieted myself to obesity..." granted there are a Ton of other contributors & also genetics.
  22. CarryOn7

    Post-Op Days 3-4

    I have been working diligently on managing to get my 64oz of fluid & actually have worked out to get 74oz, the liquid includes 3- 17oz bottles of water & 3- 8oz protein shakes, I have found routine & drinking the same thing work the best for me & I also divided it up into 1/3's throughout the day. yet I feel I always have a bottle of liquid in my hand. by night time I am so happy to not have something in my hand, but my nurses scared me about dehydration. so every-time I go to the bathroom I am always looking at what color it is. yes I do that. I have been hitting my goal of about 70 grams of protein. & the last 2 days I have also had about 1/4Cup broth, with a shake of Mrs Dash (my new best friend) I don't add that total to my fluid counting even though I could the last 2 nights my family has had hearty meals, like lasagna & ham & tater casserole. (I made these ahead of time to help if I had problems with surgery) I haven't so much wanted to eat them, more I have a horrible habit at the end of the day of snacking. That's where the soup came in. I have some mixed feelings I need to work thru before I do eat real food. I have a few idea's like changing what my evening pattern is, I have some projects to start as soon as I have a bit more energy & my incisions heal up a bit more, I don't want to ruin anything I have worked so hard to do. Today I had a great couple of personal victories, 1- my oldest was mindlessly eating a big muffin for breakfast, & I thought, I use to do this, now that kind of repulses me. 2- I got to drive to do an errand. I felt so free, where I haven't hd pain med's I knew I felt good enough to do it. Both of these put me in some deep thoughts about how my life was going... I could have eaten 2 of those muffins before, & if I don't get my health under control, then I might have to rely on others to get me around. it just helps me know I have made one of the best decisions of my life. I promised myself on New Years this year I will take back my life! I am on my way!
  23. CarryOn7

    Day 2 Post-Op

    I made it thru surgery! Not as bad as I thought. My mouth was dryer than dry, but they gave me ice chips. My surgery started at 7:30am They did the sleeve & hernia, was in recovery by 9:25, in there for about an hour, the to my room at about 10:30. I was on oxygen, they took it off at 11:30, just had to remember to breath deep when the buzzer sounds, they also gave me a breathing thingy that I have to do minimum of 10 an hour, it gets deep breaths, it helps A Lot with Gas bubbles & helps so yo don't get Phenomena I've been burping a storm. Walking around my room & the halls. No nausea at all They are stayed on top of the meds while I was in the hospital, the second morning I didn't have any. I just had gas pains. Also, I was able to get out of the bed & I'm sitting in a what they call recliner... But it's better than the bed. I was able to be out of the hospital by noon the day after surgery, I hated being there, being on the IV & eating ice chips, I was able to walk to my GI & passed, so they said I was cleared t go home. We ran to get my Rx & home we came where I started drinking an Iso Pure, not the greatest, but its protein, i wasn't to bad after I mixed some powder protein with it. took for ever to drink 8 oz. but I did that twice yesterday & so I hit my minimum mark of 50 grams of protein. I figured that was a great start. the only time I took the pain meds is when I went to bed. I don't like them they knock me right out. Since this morning I have choked down a iso pure without added powder & 1/2 a 16.9 oz bottle of water guess that's not bad where its basically 10am. I am not hungry, I just keep telling myself drink this, drink this. slowly. but drink this. then I give myself a break. I weighed myself & I am down 2lbs the only reason I got on the scale is I do my measurements once a week those were not so good, but I attribute that to being swollen, my plans for the day are SHOWER! then this afternoon a walk, & maybe 1 tonight. and of course every-time I remember I use the breathing thingy. I haven't really had troubles passing gas, from either direction. I know TMI, I also had a BM. the nurses had me a bit scared about that. I had it on my own no medicines or juices. I had it in my head it was going to be worse than it was. I guess it's better to thin that then have it be better. now if I could just Fast Forward the next couple months. Hope everyone is doing well.
  24. CarryOn7

    Day 2 Post-Op

    you wil do great. time seemed to fly by that morning. Hard to believe it was a week ago.

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