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Week 3 Post-Op

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It's been a long week, my head is making me crazy with cravings of things. I think it has something to do with the body's hormones & it's adjusting to the lack of calories it's use to. my emotions have been all over the place, I have felt faint, weak & shaky. I am guessing it'a the body fat's fight to stay. I am hoping it comes to an end soon.


On a different note, I got my fitbit. I love it. it's not fully what I was hoping it would be, but it's better than some of the other things, a couple of the people that got their sleeves around the same time we are all friends with it, I think as I get more active it will become a lot better. it's nice where it sync's up with your smartphone & my fitness pal, for the diet tracking aspect.

the main reason I got it was so I could wear it in the pool at the gym. Go figure the day I get it the pool at the gym goes out & won't be back up till next week. Oh well, I have been walking up a storm, daily goal is 10,000 steps. pretty much on your feet when your not working. I guess that's the key though.


Funny food things, I realized tonight that my go to, "safe" Sleeve friendly staple food is, oddly enough, Bean's:- black, red, navy, garbanzo basically any canned beans, just not Green ;) I've had all kinds of things, hummus, refried, soup's, chili, (fake) backed beans, & (fake) BBQ. everyday this week, I've had beans for 1-2 meals. oddly I would maybe eat beans once a week, to once every other week. The plus side is not eating very much they don't have the side effect they use to. I guess Beans are my new eggs...

eggs make me sick. I have tried 3 different ways. YUCK, I use to love eggs, had them almost daily. now. they almost make me puke. I'll give it a month & try them again.


Oh well, life goes on & things will work them self out, the sleeve is a huge learning curve. good luck to everyone with it.

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