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    donamay reacted to krissyphd in Just got back from a Disney Cruise   
    That is smart bringing a Water bottle!! I wish I had brought one! I was constantly getting a refill using their small cups!! Enjoy your cruise!!!
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    donamay got a reaction from NMJG in Stall be danged, I'm in a size M today!   
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    donamay reacted to ShrinkyDinkMe101 in Down 50 Pounds...Halfway to Goal!   
    I've been in a little stall for the last week or so at a pound away from 50. Just wanted to celebrate! My starting weight (July 15th) was 241, surgery weight (August 6th) was 227 & current weight is 191. 50 lbs gone in 3 months! I'm wearing size L/XL and 14/16 clothes and am so excited about shopping in regular size stores again. I feel good!
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    donamay reacted to NMJG in Stall be danged, I'm in a size M today!   
    Been in a stall for the last 2 weeks (seems longer than that!), but I'm losing inches. Fit into a size Medium top today and I think the size 14 bottoms are right around the corner. Started off 8/12/2013 in a size 18/20. XXL. Just thought I would share for those in stall - yes, you are losing inches even if the darn scale won't move
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    donamay reacted to AutumnPunkin in My doctor doesn't want me to have the sleeve :(   
    Thank you everyone for the feedback. I will be going ahead with the bypass. I am slowly coming around to the idea. My GERD is quite severe, and no acid medication has alleviated my pain. I just received my date for Halloween and am so excited! I still have more research to do, but things are going great. Thank you all again, you made some great valid points!
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    donamay got a reaction from sonya139 in My doctor doesn't want me to have the sleeve :(   
    I have a close friend who is having the bypass for the same reason. I believe you will find another surgeon will have same opinion. Have you had an endoscopy yet?
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    donamay reacted to sosborne1999 in 2 months post op down 85 lbs.. pics inside   
    down 85 lbs in 2 months. Feels great.

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    donamay reacted to angry in Protein shakes   
    the Premier Protein shakes from sams have 30 grams of Protein and they are my favorite
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    donamay reacted to NMJG in Loose Skin? How soon did you notice loose skin?   
    I've lost 20 lbs and sagging already at 4 weeks. Tummy and arms are the worst. But, I'm 53, had two babies 20 years ago, and not the most athletic person in the world. I think young people bounce back much better than us old folks.
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    donamay reacted to Stacy_Renee in Discouraged :(   
    I weigh and measure myself every Monday. I record my losses in a notebook that is my food log as well. I am 9 weeks out and have had 2 weeks, one at 4 weeks and one at 8 weeks that I lost nothing, but don't get discouraged because the next weeks I lost 5 or 6 and it made up for the week that I didn't lose. I have lost 45 lbs so far and am ecstatic about my progress. I struggle with getting enough fluids and am getting much better with my Protein, it is a learning process. I am the happiest I have ever been and am SO glad I made this choice, feeling amazing! Good luck, don't psyche yourself out with the scale
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    donamay reacted to LovingmeForever in I Want To See Before & After Pics!   
    15 months sleeved anniversary! June 07,2012 230 pounds September 07, 2013 128 pounds. Best decision ever!!! Loving life❤
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    donamay reacted to cindymg in Calcium Citrate?   
    I use Bariatric Advantage caramel calcium chews. They are my nightly treat -- taste like Kraft caramels, but sugar-free. Delish!
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    donamay got a reaction from Daydra in Strategies to reach fluid goal?   
    After trying lots of drinks I've started brewing my own Decaf tea and drinking it both hot and iced, mostly iced. Plus, I agree, the broth seems to go down nice.
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    donamay reacted to lark60 in Even doctors have a story to tell   
    Hello Everyone;
    I have been searching for answers and ran across this site while surfing the web.
    My story: I am 52, divorced, have raised 4 children and am a Family Practice physician. The year my life became very stressful (1998) I gained 100 lbs. That was the year I chose to let my husband leave the family (he had another "love"), I was accepted into medical school and moved the 4 kids to a new home, in a city where I had no friends or family and no employment. Yes, STRESS will cause one to gain weight. At that time I couldn't focus on my body and had to get through every day one at a time.
    Now fast forward 15 years: I have had a successful career as a physician, raised 4 wonderful children who are all now married and living good lives and am now an "empty nester". I decided it was time to focus on my health and weight. I always felt awkward telling my patients they needed to loose weight when I was overweight as well. 3 years ago I started working on my weight and was able to loose 65 lbs with a low carb diet & exercise. My weight stalled at 198 lbs but I felt better than I had in years. I knew stress was a factor in the plateau (I was "retiring" and closed my clinic since the economy was chipping away at my income as the sole proprietor.) I took a year off of "dieting" and went to work for a cruise line to travel and see the sights. I managed to maintain the weight loss for the most part (gained 10 lbs while cruising) and exercised an hour daily on the ship.
    Then my grandmother was placed on Hospice for back pain from crushed vertebrae (she was 90 years old) I quit my job with the cruise line and came home to be around for my parents and grandmother. Then my mother had her 4th heart attack. More stress and a new PCP (primary care provider) that insisted on messing with my thyroid medication caused me to gain all the weight back (265 again). I commented to the PCP that he should have listened to me (I am a physician after all and know my medical history) and his solution was to suggest bariatric surgery. The funny part is that I have recommended this to many of my patients and never thought about it as an option for myself. I believed that carful healthy diet and exercise would work again. My concern was "stress" seemed to be the bane of my existence and I would never loose weight when stressed. I researched the options (medical web search), had the PCP office request the prior auth and then met with the surgeon to set the date for surgery. Since I had the records from my weight loss progress and my PCP provided the weight gain record (I gained the weight back over 3 months) The auth for surgery was approved.
    I had a vertical sleeve procedure May 29th this year. My pre-op diet started the weight loss (incidentally the pre-op diet was similar to the low carb diet I had followed previously) and I lost 13.5 lbs the 2 weeks prior to the surgery. I also had my gallbladder out at the same time and the surgeon performed both procedures by a new technique using a "spider instrument" which was through one umbilical port (so only one incision!) My hospital stay was prolonged by a day because of the additional procedure.
    I have not been able to take in more than 3-4 oz at one time since the surgery. I thought this was normal and didn't ask questions about this until my weight loss stalled. At 7 weeks post surgery I hit my first plateau. I was following the diet to the letter (2 Protein shakes and one "meal" of Protein, soft meats & cooked veggies) I would mix the shakes so the 3 oz had 25 gm of protein and would create a Soup that had at least 10 gms of protein in the 1/2 cup of Soup. I was taking in 48-60 oz of Water each day and my exercise routine included walking my 2 dogs (a bull mastiff puppy and an 18 month lab/heeler mix) 2-3 times a day (60 to 90 min) and swim laps for 30-45 min when the weather cooperates. My surgeons response was I was eating too much! He wanted me to cut back to 50-55 gms of protein. Now I know the protein is the main measure but the calorie count of my meals was under 500 calories. He stated that didn't matter. I followed his advise for the next week but still did not loose any weight.
    That was the last time I went to his office. I have increased my intake by adjusting the shakes (still 3 oz) to 10 gm each and increasing the intake to 3 shakes, "lunch" (the soups), a snack of either cottage cheese, yogurt or string cheese (1-2 oz for a snack) This has increased my calories to around 750-800, my protein intake is 55-60 gm daily and I am slowly starting to loose weight again. I average 1 lb loss a week over the past month.
    So this is my story and I am looking for others to build a support system since I am on my own (my choice)
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    donamay reacted to cindymg in Be honest - does anyone regret the surgery?   
    Absolutely no regrets here. Best decision I ever made. Wish I had done it sooner. Wish it had been available sooner. I wouldn't have wasted 40 years on dieting.
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    donamay reacted to Sassygirl06 in Be honest - does anyone regret the surgery?   
    Same as a lot of people...wish I had done it sooner. I had a friend who was going to get the surgery at the same time as me....she decided to try to lose it on her own with one last serious diet...that was almost two years ago now. I of course had it and now weigh 170, she managed to lose 50 pounds on her own, but then gained it all back and is now well over 350 pounds. When I see her I just feel so sad for her. She doesn't like to hang out with me anymore. I think it's because when she sees me she thinks of what could have been for her.
    There are plenty of people out there that regret this surgery...but there are even more out there that regret not having the surgery when they could have. Good luck on your journey, whatever you decide...it is only a choice that you can make for yourself.
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    donamay reacted to jenlen in Minor victories   
    Ok, so I experienced 2 minor victories today and am kinda happy about them.
    1. Got on the scale and realized I now weigh less ( by 4.5 lbs) than my hubby . Grant it he is 8 inches taller than me but none the less, I no longer out weigh him.
    2. Today I went shopping at the MALL! Walked all corridors ( minus the food court) on both floors without having to knock anyone down trying to sit at a bench . (Coming from the girl who only a few short months ago could barely walk into a grocery store from the parking lot, then had to cling to the cart for dear life just to make it around the small market).
    P.s. it has been over 4 years since I have even attempted to shop at the mall. My hubby said I was weaving all over the walk way as I kept turning my head this way and that to take in all of the sights.
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    donamay got a reaction from Sheree in Foods you cant have again   
    What about popcorn? Will we be able to eat popcorn again?
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    donamay reacted to gamergirl in 1 month after post op loss   
    Can I just say how glad I am to see posts from people who are actually HAPPY about their losses? None of us could have lost this type of weight before surgery so I'm really, really glad to see threads where we acknowledge that is a fantastic tool.
    I'm 4 weeks post op and I'm down 25 lbs. Over the last 16 days I've lost "only" 5 lbs and am plateau'ed, but given I've now lost over 10% of my starting body weight, I understand that is typical.
    For the record, the last time I lost weight this quickly was when I was dying, bed-ridden, and could only consume 1/2 a Protein shake, and 1/4 of a Peanut Butter sandwich all day! The time before, it took me 6 months to lose 13 lbs and I was walking 4 miles a day and eating under 1000 calories and was hungry all the time.
    I have lost this time from feasting on crab cakes, yummy eggs, sausages, chicken curries and other goodies. Thank you Universe!
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    donamay reacted to lazerider in Two weeks post surgery   
    Hi I am no stranger to trying to loss weight, 5 years ago had the lap band placed, what a mistake, had to have it removed now after being frustrated with the office staff and the insurance company, I am now going on 2 week post surgery for the sleeve procedure. The weeks after surgery not so bad. The worst part was that my body system was not completely clean. So I felt like it was purging all food out of my system, having to run to the bathroom was no joy. My surgery was on August 19,2013 and as of today I am down 15 pounds and I am feeling good

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    donamay reacted to jatherley in Well it is done   
    Thanks. I am feeling a lot better today.
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    donamay got a reaction from toco in TO cruise or NOT TO Cruise! Help!   
    I'm two weeks out and scheduled to cruise in November. At two weeks out I think I've got a good handle on what to expect at say 5 or 6 weeks out. Things become easier everyday. I'd go ahead and schedule the surgery and the cruise. Oh, one more thing, I felt and feel so good, so improved over what I felt before surgery.
    Can't wait to be in the Bahamas!
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    donamay reacted to notime in Full liquids   
    Eat as much yogurt as you want and need to supplement any other sources of Protein and fluids to meet your requirements. Just make sure it is nonfat Greek yogurt and has no added sugar or fruit. When on liquids, I drank no Protein Drinks and got most of my protein from Greek yogurt. There was no specific limit on how much I could have at any one time.This was sanctioned by my nutritionist.
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    donamay reacted to Richard Foor in Full liquids   
    You probably won't feel restriction until you get to solid foods. You should figure out a portion size that satisfies you. I never eat too feel full that was my mistake before surgery, now I measure my portions out and just east to be satisfied. Good luck