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    So after having a struggle with vomiting today, while riding in car, I purchased what I thought was a flavored Water drink. It was tasty and stayed down well but when I went to throw the bottle way I looked at label and found it was the regular version. I'm seven days out and doing well but this was disappointing.
  2. donamay

    August sleevers progress

    I was sleeved on 8/1213. Presurgery weight was 238, day of surgery 227, current weight 190. I'm happy, happy, happy! I'm walking fairly often now, trying for five days a week.
  3. donamay

    How old am I?

    I'm guessing 27ish.
  4. donamay

    Acid Reflux

    I had a minor hiatal hernia that my dr said would heal on it's own. I didn't even know I had it and had no symptoms. Now, I really know I have something going on.
  5. Yes, I'm miserable with gas symptoms. I did get some Pepcid AC today. I think that helped some. Before that I've had to take a pain pill a couple of times. This has been going on for a week.
  6. donamay

    Acid Reflux

    I bought Pepcid chewables today and am finally getting a little relief. I never had anything like this before surgery. I take the omeprazole 40 mg every morning. I wonder if I could take two per day...
  7. donamay

    August 12

    I had my surgery one week ago tomorrow. Feeling great! 11 pounds down already!
  8. donamay


    I've been taking omeprazole 40mg every day since my surgery but at one month out (now) I'm experiencing the same pain in my chest. Ive never had anything like this and even with the PPI I'm suffering greatly all day and at night too. :-(
  9. donamay

    Acid Reflux

    I started having a major problem with reflux at one month out and I was already on the PPI. I'm not getting a burn but rather severe pain. It's discouraging! I'm getting it with every bite I eat and even when I'm not eating.
  10. donamay

    August sleevers progress

    Surgery date 8/12/13 Highest weight 238 Surgery weight 227 Current 205ish at one month out. I'm cleared to eat moist meats like canned tuna nd chicken with a bit of light mayo. Had chili tonight.
  11. I'm not tolerating the children's chewable multi-vitamin with iron supplements. Can anyone recommend a good tasting chewable? Are gummy vitamins okay?
  12. I have a close friend who is having the bypass for the same reason. I believe you will find another surgeon will have same opinion. Have you had an endoscopy yet?
  13. donamay

    Calcium Citrate?

    I've had the biggest struggle with Calcium. I think I've bought four different bottles so far but until yesterday I couldn't get them down. The chewables were the worst! I ended up with a gummy citracal which I like but just now in looking at the label, I don't see calcium citrate. Argh! I was sure I saw that when I selected it yesterday.
  14. donamay

    Strategies to reach fluid goal?

    After trying lots of drinks I've started brewing my own decaf tea and drinking it both hot and iced, mostly iced. Plus, I agree, the broth seems to go down nice.
  15. So, this is the first time I've felt full since being sleeved. I wasn't sure what to expect, based on things I'd read, but it feels the same to me. Definitely knew when it was time to stop. I was a bit uncomfortable for a little while but I've never really enjoyed the feeling of fullness. I was more of a grazer. Really hoping to have grazing behind me now.
  16. donamay

    Meal ideas

    I was sleeved same day as you. I'm on full liquids too but I don't think I get to move up till my next appointment on 9/9. How're you doing with all the changes?
  17. I slept on my side the entire time was in the hospital and every night since. I'm still surprised by that but so pleased.
  18. donamay

    Aug 6th

    Oh no! I do hope all is well.
  19. I'm just over two weeks out and on full liquids. Finding it kinda surprising that I can eat about 5 oz of greek yogurt with no problem at all. Is this due to the soft consistency? I'm just wondering why I'm not feeling stuffed by this volume? I haven't tried anything dense so am assuming that will be completely different experience. Should I limit my yogurt to 2 oz or go ahead and eat the container?
  20. donamay

    Foods you cant have again

    I actually had the slimes while in the hospital. I was there for two extra days because nothing agreed with me. On the morning of the fifth day it all cleared up and I was able to go home. Since then I had it happen only once more and it was shortly after coming home.