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  1. Hey guys having good results I was wearing a size 44 before the sleeve and now I'm down to a 38 and I'm feeling awesome. How many pants have you dropped so far? I'm only 7 weeks out.
  2. Hey guys just wondering about your goal weights , I originally wanted to set my goal weight at 200 lbs I'm 5'9". I know that the government has all these weird BMI charts and at 200 it still appears I would be in the obese category. My body type is always huge thighs like a line backer and big ol pot belly. So should I shoot for a goal weight of 185, I want to reduce my body fat percentage to at least under 15%. What is your goal weight,and if you couldn't reach that goal at what weight do you feel comfortable being? I believe when I make 200 lbs I could be comfortable at this weight because I haven't been that small since I was a kid.
  3. Well eating smaller meals all day that's what this surgery does, it dose 't make your appetite go away. You are not going to die because you had a bad day full of meals. Just relax and start fresh tomorrow. Every once and awhile is ok to treat yourself. I don't let this surgery stop me from eating and I'm happy with my weight loss this far. Sure some people loose more than me and some don't. This is not a race and I'm not going to win anything if I do reach my goal weight or not.
  4. I too suffered this and I hope it never comes back, it was so annoying and my wife thought I was crazy until the PA told her yes that does happen to a lot of people. It's just weird if you ask me but it will pass.
  5. FRED1977

    Dropped 3 pants size in 2 months

    Awesome updates everyone, I'm in 38 now and looks like size 36 is around the corner.... My shirts are XL from a 4x .
  6. Well in my experience as an emotional eater I have struggled with many different food choice problems. I used to get cravings for all kinds of junk like doughnuts, chocolate, cakes, pies,and etc. After I had my surgery the cravings are now almost gone. I may get a craving if I have a mini binge of eating too many chips, or my favorite almonds. Point is I stay away from eating to many of my trigger foods. As of today I still don't have the cravings for all those sweets like I once did. This surgery will change a lot about you, and your behaviors but it still takes will power and acceptance. Yes I still mess up and eat things that are not considered healthy , yes I have things that my doctor and Nut have said don't drink that or eat this, but I'm still loosing weight,and I'm ok with my progress. You won't know how the surgery will affect you until after you have it. Right after my sleeve I had experienced things I have never experienced before. For example for about a month I experienced having very sensitive smell. I could smell everything that just drove me crazy . If people were to close I could smell there breath as they walked by and, I could smell odors coming from everything . Now I know how dogs feel. Overtime the super smell power faded, thank God. So just be ready for things that you never expect going into this surgery. You will lose weight and things will change regardless. Once you have restriction when you eat hunger will no more be the enemy. I eat very frequently and consistently now. I'm no health nut for sure but I'm happy. Good luck with everything ,and just know that we all had to do what our doctors and nuts asked us to do before we were able to have the surgery, if this is really what you want then just make it happen. It's not a war between you and the doctors or nuts, its a war within yourself. You have already convinced yourself you want and need this surgery to do something, so make it happen, and lets go already.....
  7. FRED1977

    Anyone Take Ambien?

    I take 12.5 and have taken it throughout my whole sleeve journey,and some times I cut them in half and take them it seems to work just as good but the amount hours I sleep is cutdown some. I think you will be ok but I'm not a doctor of course. I have been taking Ambien since 2008 ,and I have never had a problem with it.
  8. I'm 3 months out this month will make 4 and I have just almost completely stopped wanting to eat regular meat and have turned into a snacker. I'm drinking smoothie King Gladiator smoothies for breakfast almost daily, so I'm getting in my protein because some days I have 2 smoothies. I have been eating blue diamond Soy and Was-bi almonds by the can at least 3 times a week. I often eat small amounts of chips but I'm not getting enough real protein in from meats. I'm not really seeing the scale go down but it rather just fluctuates between 3 to 4 pounds gain and then drops back to 238. Should I force myself to go back and eat real meat or is the almonds and the smoothie king gladiator to much. My daily calorie intake has increased from 700 to 800 calories to at least 1600 I believe. What should I do ? I would like to drop down to 200 lbs by February 2014. With the exception of this week I haave been working out doing at least 30 minutes of light strength training and cardio at the gym 3 times a week. I'm thinking since I didn't get in the gym so far this week my weight may just be muscle gained or I could just be eating to many slider foods and its starting to bother me. I know its only 4 pounds but I didn't have the surgery to re find the weight I lost.
  9. Yes I will add this to my mental list of food that makes me binge , almonds, and beef jerky or terky jerky, chips of any kind. I need to stay away from sliders all together. I'm going to do my best for the next 2 weeks to stay away from these trigger foods. I could be lowering my weight instead of playing with the scales.
  10. Thank you everyone, for the tips and information. I'm deciding to let this be the last week I depend on almonds, Smoothie King Gladitator smoothies,and Jerky as my eating choices. Everyone is right me eating like this is not healthy, and thus the weight loss results are not coming like they were becuase I'm not eating properly. My nut and Surgeron has recommnded the Smoothie king Gladitator because of the high protein,and very little sugar, low carbs,so overall not a bad choice but I have to admit there have been days where I have asked for double protein, and that makes me intake my whole 90 grams of protein in one setting. That leaves the rest of the day to graze (lol ), not my intetion. I believe that it has become a mental thing with me being to eat slider foods and drinks. I can consume more than when I try to eat real food. Protein like beef or chicken feels me up quick, and thats the way its suppose to be. I have just lost my motivation and 85% of my stomach for a reason ,and I'm sure it wasn't to regain weight or eat liek a mad man. It's very strange how I used to be additceted to sweats, and I would over eat meat and consume large amounts of food. This is my wake up call and I have to keep on teh right track. THANK YOU to everyone for setting me straight.
  11. I have Aetna as well but I have used all my benefits for this year so next year I will look into this. Thanks for the info
  12. FRED1977

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    Awesome I hit my first goal for the Halloween challenge but not my second goal,so maybe the next months challenge I will hit it. Good job to everyone that participated. Thank you to all those who kept a log and count .
  13. FRED1977


    Awesome , everyone.
  14. FRED1977

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    This week I'm weighing in at 238 lbs last week I was 241. 3 pound loss
  15. Wow I'm siked I have lost a total of 71 pounds including pre op weight loss of 32 pounds for my 2 month mark. I pray that I keep loosing and reach my goal of 200 lbs in the next 4 months. I haven't been able to get in the gym but my diet must be right I'm loosing about 3 pounds a week so far.... Praising the lord and my surgeon. I love my sleeve..... The 29th of this month will make exactly the 2 month mark . I had my surgery on July 29th of 2013 . Just wanted to post some postieve news about my loss. My starting weight was 316 so I have come a long way.... God is good at all times
  16. FRED1977

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    This weeks weight is 241 lbs down 2lbs from last week woot woot...
  17. Well I, have had a lot of success without working out but now I want to help myself starting toning up and gaining some more muscle. I don't feel as strong as I used to and I have been out of the gym for way to long. All my workouts will consist of mild strength training and cardio. I only plan to work out for 30 minutes about 3 days a week. I'm just looking to improve my health and reach my goal weight. Is there anyone else that works out 3 days a week for 30 minutes,any negatives or positives by doing so ? Please share.
  18. FRED1977

    Random.. About blood clots

    It looks pretty normal for a bruise (I'm not a doctor) , when bruises start to turn color they are healing. It may take awhile. I pray that all goes well for you.
  19. FRED1977


    I bought some of these on Sat and I'm going to make a small omelet for breakfast when I get home. I hope they are good never, I have never tried them.
  20. FRED1977

    4 months post op

    Congrats on your progress....... Awesome
  21. FRED1977

    Death to the carb monster

    This has been my worst week ever for me, I think this week I have been to laid back and let the carb monster back into my life. I have had a lot of chips, a couple of mini snicker ice cream bars, a couple of iced beers and lots of almonds and cashews. For the last 2 days my meals have consisted of home made steak or chicken Quesadillas with 2% cheese. I have been feeling like every other hour I need to eat something. I try to drink water and Crystal light or a generic brand to help but no matter what I have done this week I feel like I need more. I didn't loose any weight this week and I was on a good role for quite awhile. I'm just hoping Monday I will be able to get back on track and I have finished eating the Blue Diamond Almonds,Bold, Wasabi & Soy. These things are so good and just slide right through. I know things will get better but if the scales start going up more than a few pounds I will feel like I headed back to my old ways. I just wanted to share my bad week with everyone, since I have had a lot og good progress but not this week. Thanks for reading .
  22. FRED1977

    Death to the carb monster

    Thank you, will try this out.
  23. FRED1977

    Joined 24 hour fitness today

    Thank you, I need all the encouragement I can get this was a bad week for me.
  24. FRED1977

    Deliver us from evil.

    Life is in moderation,and so is the food choices we make. I had a very bad week where I over did it with food, but I'm looking forward to next week to start on the right track.
  25. FRED1977

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    Ok my new goal is to be 230 by Halloween I didn't loose anything this week still 243. Maybe next week will be better.

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