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    SmilinNC reacted to reno1128 in August 2013 Roll Call   
    Surgery 8/14 down 35 lbs.
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    SmilinNC got a reaction from lcsimondi in August 2013 Roll Call   
    Today's is 2 months post-op. Feeling awesome! Down 38 pounds YAY!!
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    SmilinNC reacted to Evolving in Loving That There's An LGBTQ Place :)   
    That's great congrats!!!
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    SmilinNC reacted to WorkinClassDog in Before & After pics - 4 months out...   
    I promised myself that I would work up the confidence to post a before and after pic comparison at some point - so here goes :-)
    I started at a peak weight of 265 before the surgery -- as of now, down to 192 -- 73 lbs so far... Had my sleeve done in May at Overlook Med Center in Summit -- My surgeon was Glenn Forrester from NJ Bariatric in Springfield and they have been really great.
    The May pics were taken the first day post-surgery - hope this helps out some new or potential sleevers get inspired... I havent regretted my decision once...it has made a tremendous positive impact in my life.

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    SmilinNC reacted to rensterness85 in Wow this is an awesome find!   
    Well, my date was Wed the 9th, but I was moved up to Monday the 7th. Will be sleeved this Monday October 7th
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    SmilinNC reacted to rensterness85 in hi there!!! are there really gay people here?!?!?!?   
    Well, my date was Wed the 9th, but I was moved up to Monday the 7th. Will be sleeved this Monday October 7th
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    SmilinNC reacted to Laura V in Its almost winter!   
    I buy my Ostrim sticks here too they taste like slim Jim's meat sticks have only sixty calories and good Protein
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    SmilinNC reacted to Georgia in Its almost winter!   
    I need the website please
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    SmilinNC reacted to LosinginFrisco in Just joined. My surgery is 10/29/13. Nervous and excited at the same time!   
    Hi All,
    Excited I came across this group. This is super awesome. I live in Frisco Texas with my husband of 14 yrs this upcoming October 28th and our baby girl Gidget, a 7lb Pom Pom, lol. She is 8. Our 5 year wedding Anniversary is on Oct 28th as well. I'm slated to have my surgery the day after our anniversary. I promise I never planned it that way.
    I can't wait to hear the journey of others and share experiences, thoughts, and tips. I've watched all the you tube videos of the surgery and have seen a lot of before and after slide shows. I doubt I will start a video blog, but seems like a good idea.
    I'm currently 330 lbs. This is the most I have ever weighed in my entire life. I've struggled with every weight loss program over the years. Only to gain back what I lost and then some. I'm tired of being tired. And can't wait to obtain a fresh and healthy start.
    Any others having surgery this month? Again, glad I found this group and wish everyone a safe and healthy Weightloss journey.
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    SmilinNC got a reaction from 1gorgeousgodzilla in 6 weeks out and can only get in about 900 calories a day   
    Im 6 wks out & never can come close to my calorie or Protein goals. 500 is about my avg calorie & 50 is about my protein avg. :-/
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    SmilinNC reacted to BlueClementine in Incision won't heal   
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    SmilinNC reacted to sophiepants in 6 weeks out and can only get in about 900 calories a day   
    SmilinNC.....I to am 6 wks today and maybe get 600 on a good day but average around 500. And hit 50-60 grams of Protein. Not where I'd like to be. So I believe 900 is a great amount and envy you. Keep up our good work lady!
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    SmilinNC got a reaction from salma in Incision won't heal   
    I am having this same problem but not my belly button one. It is the incision on my right side (over my Liver area). I am 6 wks post-op & just now starting to close. I cleanse the area each morning in my shower. Pat dry, blow dry the area on cool setting, do my morning routine etc & then put small gauze/tape over it. No Neosporin. ( Neosporin keeps the hole moist & delays healing). Once home & settled I take off the gauze to air the wound. Just prior to bed I put new gauze/tape on to catch any drainage during the night. This is common to happen to some folks. Slow to heal. Healing from inside outward. Your pic looks great (I'm a nurse) & will eventually close. Just keep it clean & dry as much as possible.
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    SmilinNC reacted to gamergirl in 6 weeks out and can only get in about 900 calories a day   
    I'm 8 weeks out and haven't hit 800 yet. I have my goal set to 700 and average under that, but I do try to get at least 70 gms of Protein and focus on that.
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    SmilinNC reacted to Sleeved in Seattle in My big fat bucket list   
    Oh, and I'd like some nutella. Just a taste. And have it be enough.
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    SmilinNC reacted to Laura V in I need advice please from the vets   
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    SmilinNC reacted to txsleeve624 in 8 Week Post-Op Progress (With Pic)   
    I'm 3months post op tomorrow 6/24. I'm down 65 lbs. I'm gone from size 48 waist to 38 size. It has not been easy but with all my support of my family and friends I improved on my health no more blood pressure pills and no more sleep machine Yeah

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    SmilinNC reacted to KayCTheNewMe in 5 months post op. -60 lbs. My first pics :)   
    Had to go through everything to find pictures of me before post op since I hated taking body pictures, but this is the closest I found. This is Halloween before surgery (6 months pre op) and today, 1 day shy of my 5 month surgiversery. Wore a shirt I couldn't fit in for years so I am a happy camper  
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    SmilinNC reacted to txbucki in My update   
    Had my sleeve done on 6/24. Got back today from a 10 day road trip -can be challenging to eat well when traveling, but since surgery I am now down 54 lbs and 72 since the pre-surgery diet. Still have a ways to go but I see the progress. I have avoided all sweets except for the 50 cal Skinny Cow fudgicle when home, have eaten part of a Bratwurst with a spoonful of macaroni salad and while tailgating the last 2 weeks I had very small bites of my favorite sausage (Bahama Mama from Schmidt's in Columbus Ohio). And this past week, had 2-3 small strips of pizza -not full slices! Normally I would have ate a whole large pie! And would eat 2 of those sausages before each game. So I know many will want to jump on me for some of the food choices.....but I don't care. I did the surgery to help give me a tool to help me with my portion controls. I do not eat a lot of the bad stuff I used to, but on occasion I may indulge in a favorite but now with this great new tool, I enjoy some but eat much much less than I ever did. With the weight I am down, I can climb the bleachers easier -I sit in Row 37 of Ohio Stadium - as I fly from Texas back to Ohio State for every home game ( missed only 2 home games since 93). And I get in much better workouts at the gym, today on treadmill did 3 1/3 miles in 46 minutes with over 1500 linear feet. So I feel so much stronger and better I still have work but encouraged with the first 11 weeks!
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    SmilinNC reacted to TapSnap in List of Bariatric Nutritional companies offering Free Samples!   
    I can no longer update the original post. The forum only allows me to edit the post up to a month after posting. All free samples I find will just be posted as I find them.
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    SmilinNC reacted to Macy6 in Am i kidding myself?   
    Laura-ven, granted I have only ever looked at your tiny square picture but I would have never guessed you over 30.
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    SmilinNC reacted to gamergirl in About 18mos out - HUNGRY and STALLED   
    I saw a wonderful meme today that said, "Don't eat any food that has a TV commercial made for it". Makes sense, right?
    OP, how are you doing?
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    SmilinNC reacted to lcsimondi in August 2013 Roll Call   
    It took me 4wks to feel 100% and be able to go back to the gym.
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    SmilinNC reacted to TJ483 in hi there!!! are there really gay people here?!?!?!?   
    Just wanted to check in on everyone and see how everyone is doing? Hope everyone is healthy, happy and doing well on their journey. TJ
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    SmilinNC reacted to endless80 in hi there!!! are there really gay people here?!?!?!?   
    I had my surgery Tuesday. Just the normal, in pain. lol

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