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  1. Wednesdayzchild

    July sleevers please check in..

    Starting weight 220, current weight 175, total loss so far 45 lbs ... Will be four months out 11/04. I stall quite a bit but recently upped my calories to 1000 and so far so good.
  2. Wednesdayzchild

    October 22 at the Mi Doctor

    Glad you are doing well! My husband had surgery with Dr. Lopez at Mi Doctor a few hours ago. So far he is doing well!
  3. Wednesdayzchild

    Here with my husband! 10/24

    Thank you Susie!
  4. Had VSG in July with Dr. Garcia now I'm in Mexico again with my husband who is having surgery today at Mi Doctor. Will be in Mexico until Monday and staying at the Marriott. Anyone else here?
  5. Wednesdayzchild

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

  6. Wednesdayzchild

    July sleevers please check in..

    How many calories are you eating? Just curious I eat any where from 600 -1200 on any given day.
  7. Wednesdayzchild

    July sleevers please check in..

    How many calories are you eating? Just curious I eat any where from 600 -1200 on any given day.
  8. Wednesdayzchild

    July sleevers please check in..

    SW -220 CW-189 I feel like I am loosing slowly but I average about 2.8 pounds a week. I usually gain a pound or two and lose the same pounds during that time of the month..., I dread that week because I never loose weight then...11 weeks out tomorrow 31 lbs down
  9. Wednesdayzchild

    July 2013 Sleevers

    Honestly drinking Water and excerise. I think with some stalls you just have to wait them out. I kept a close watch on my calories and tried not to over do it with carbs. Anytime I ate over 800 calories I got on the eliptical. I have been eating the same things for Breakfast and lunch for over a week. Greek yogurt for breakfast and a ready made tuna pouch that was 100 calories with either a mini babybel or a half of avocado. dinner was basically whatever I wanted. I cut out the Protein shakes because they don't fill me up and I ending up eating food a little bit afterward which increased my calories quite a bit.
  10. Wednesdayzchild

    July 2013 Sleevers

    Finally broke my stall!!! I'm so excited! 2 more lbs... Gone. On another good note, this weekend I went shopping with my husband and discovered I can now wear a size large top! It's so weird because at my heaviest I was a 2xl. I've always thought those who could wear size large were normal sized women. It's hard to think of myself that way... I'm still amazed that I can even fit into a size large! The best is yet to come
  11. Wednesdayzchild

    My fitness pal!

    Wednesdayzchild add me. would love to see some post op diaries as well
  12. Wednesdayzchild

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

  13. Wednesdayzchild

    July sleevers please check in..

    Sleeved on July 4th by Dr. Garcia in Mexico...down 20 lbs...a little over 6 weeks out. I feel like I'm loosing slowly, trying not to complain though. I'm on myfitnesspal and need some sleeve buddies. Please add me, my email address is sophia.m.ponton@gmail.com
  14. Wednesdayzchild


    Pictures of me before getting sleeved on July 4th, 2013
  15. Wednesdayzchild

    Travelling Alone to Tijuana

    Yes I am in Mexico now.

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