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  1. Nyx2891

    Cruise dining

    I went on a Princess Cruise 8 weeks post op. They were very accommodating. I found it easiest just to order the Protein I wanted with no sides and I stayed away from the buffet. I'm not sure what cruise line your trip is on but Princess had a great shrimp and cucumber salad that was available all day long. I also brought individual packaged lean body Protein shakes with me and my shaker .
  2. Nyx2891

    A little gross lol

    Well before surgery i was getting it every other month. Since surgery it is like clockwork now. I have also noticed that my cramps are SO MUCH WORSE. The first day or 2 I can hardly move. Guess i need to go see the doc.
  3. I'm also at around 800 calories - 70-90 protein - Sleeved on 3-11-13 I live by My Fitness Pall
  4. Nyx2891

    different post op protocols?

    Week 0-4 Liquids Only Week 4-6 Softs (eggs, yogurt) Week 6-8 Some protein rich foods like shredded chicken and fish Week 9 Most foods
  5. I use it almost everyday to track my protein and calories.... I find the days I dont use it are the days I dont hit protein or go out of range in my calorie goal.
  6. Like Sarah said all scales are different... On my scale im always 2 pounds lighter than on my mom's scale and teh doctor's scale always shows a 5 pound difference, You may also be losing inches, are you measuring? Your body needs time to adjust to teh changes it going through. My recommendation is wait another week if you still see no change go to your NUT and see if they can adjust your diet a little. I keep stalling out whenever I don't eat enough.
  7. Nyx2891

    No Motrin? Ever?

    Talk to your doctor. Mine told me if I had to go on something that could hurt my stomach he would keep me on Carafate to protect it. See if that is an option
  8. Nyx2891

    no weight loss!

    I also gained 10 pounds from fluids. You are probably retaining water. You need to give your body a little more time to adjust. I didn't see any loss right away either.
  9. Nyx2891


    Yes i was told the same... no baths no swimming. I took a shower a day everyday. I did try swimming at 6 weeks and it was rough and i all i did was float and doggie paddle.
  10. Nyx2891

    hair texture

    Im 3 months out -- I have had a lot of hair breakage. Biotin just wasted working.... my hair was too brittle - So much that i decided to get a pixie hair cut.
  11. Nyx2891

    Bi polor

    I am bipolar -- have been since i was 14. The surgery hasn't effected my symptoms or the way i feel in a negative way. My medication will need to be adjusted soon because of the 40 pound weight loss.
  12. Nyx2891

    Protein ideas?

    I am using Lean BoIdy for her --- its under 200 calories for 30 protein and doesnt have a nasty after taste
  13. Nyx2891

    Big Boobs?

    I'm a 42 H.... and as I lose weight I am not losing in the Boobs so my back kills me... I am thinking of a reduction once i hit and maintain goal for a year. I sometimes use a TENS unti on my back which relieves some of the pain
  14. Nyx2891

    Traveling question..

    I just flew from JFK to Florida with Protein powder packets, a shaker bottle and my liquid carafate medication. Had no issues. They did take my medication for a few minutes to screen it since it was a large bottle of liquid. My mom does Atkins and travels with food all the time
  15. Nyx2891


    The only flavor i can tolerate is Icy Orange of the pre made flavors..... I have yet to try the mixes
  16. Nyx2891


    There is a girl in my support group who has had all 3 procedures.. Lap band to sleeve to bypass. She says she just cant stop eating and keeps gaining. This is a concern for me as well.
  17. Nyx2891

    anyone having posture issues?

    im only down 20 pounds and im noticing this issue. My back is killing me from supporting my breasts and i always feel like im slumping
  18. Broth is saving my A$$ too.. Also I was/am allowed protein shakes which keep me full.
  19. Have an awesome time. I havent tried this yet. I have a concert Monday and I', so nervous to be around drinkers. You shouldn't have to sneak the shake. If its a medical necessity they shouldn't give you a hard time.
  20. Nyx2891

    will I be approved if?

    Its hard to say my insurance needed a bmi of 35 and then I had thyroid issues and sleep apnea and a bmi over 40. The best thing to do is talk to your surgeons insurance liaison. They will better be able to help you out
  21. Nyx2891

    post-op journery

    Congrats Ellen ! Glad everything went well and you're home. I was lucky enough not to have a roommate but I've had them before so I do feel your pain. So happy your hubby is being so supportive. This is hard to do alone or with unsupportive families.
  22. Nyx2891

    2 weeks post op, and I GAINED 2 lbs?

    I'm a daily weigher and am so afraid of this. I see about a 2lb difference a day but so far its going down but im dreding that day i see it go up. I also gained almost 10 pounds the day i came home from the hospital but it was just water weight and came off the next day. Hang in there could just be your body adjusting.
  23. Nyx2891

    Awesome Salad Dressing

    I will keep an eye out for it so when i get to food ill have in in my fridge
  24. Nyx2891

    Diet Coke Addiction

    Ive been a diet Pepsi drinker for years and thought I would miss it. Alas I am 12 days post op and haven't had a sip of any carbonated drink in almost 2 months and I dont miss it at ALL... When i want something sweet i use a lil crystal light or Mio in my Water takes care of all cravings
  25. Nyx2891

    Pure Protein Discovery

    That sounds yummy as soon as I get cleared for coffee ill try it

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