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  1. Arts137

    Oh the gas

    walk as much as you can... it'll help!
  2. http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2014/03/31/297160022/weight-loss-surgery-can-reverse-diabetes-but-cure-is-elusive
  3. Hey Kitty! Consider using Protein shakes to get in more protein. See, if you can eat pizza, it's NOT your tummy, it's your head! So you need to start your head battle! We ALL have evil brains (I call mine Skippy). Skippy really wants me to eat sugars and carbs and stuff. And when I do I MUST have more and more and more. I have to be very strong for 3 or 4 days and the cravings DO go away. Also, please consider OA or therapy. We all are a bit bent when it comes to food, and there IS help out there. We are with you as you start this DIFFICULT path.
  4. Arts137

    My last 4 can of diet pepsi

    OK Nancy... CAN you go cold turkey? It's hard, but it's something that you must do. Sugar carbonated drinks are Bad Medicine!
  5. Arts137

    My last 4 can of diet pepsi

    HA, so don't drink it...
  6. Arts137

    Stalls and Not moving Bowels

    It is highly likely that all will get regular with time. Remember that your food intake is much less. If farting then the GI tract is ON so give it time. Use the drugs suggested and give yourself time.
  7. May help us plan our future! http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/obesity-prevention-source/obesity-causes/diet-and-weight/
  8. http://www.today.com/health/food-addicts-new-study-measures-out-control-eating-2D11988780
  9. Arts137


    Hmmmmm, Hmmmmmmm OK, review this material and see if any makes sense to you! http://www.buzzle.com/articles/gastric-sleeve-diet.html If so adopt it... if not, ignore. Remember (1) that you might be a slow loser (as am I), (2) that I gained after surgery and didn't "rehit" my surgical weight for 2-3 weeks! (3) You are also lucky, you are starting from a lower BMI (I was well over 50 to start!). (4) And of course, your monthly cycle can play havoc with Water weight. But throughout it all, just press on... As Lipstick said, you will lose weight as you follow your plan! DON'T give up, and if the scale pisses you off, hide the scale!!!
  10. Arts137

    Insurance Authorization

    Lauren, appears that you are trak for Sleeve-ville!!!
  11. Arts137

    Remind me again...

    I guess there is no 'average', there is just you. I track weight by week, but there are stalls and stairsteps, and even gains. Just follow your program as strictly as you can and it'll wotk out!!!
  12. Arts137

    i ate some candy

    Who knows. Don't beat yourself up, and Get Back On That Program! Me, any sugar causes an increase in cravings, but that's me...
  13. Sometimes I can't keep up. But I DO like chopped liver (and Lipstick) And I DO miss Laura's wisdom.
  14. Of course!!! You are among friends here!

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