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    New to the board...so hey everyone! Is anyone as nervous else as nervous as I am....I think I am starting to overwhelm myself! I have finished all the pre-requites and have my first Pre-op appointment tomorrow to hopefully find out my surgery date! Just nervous!!!
  2. Garlandfam

    Hello Everyone

    Hey Everyone, I have not been on in a while and just wanted to see how everyone else was doing! I have lost 50 pounds thus far and I will 3 months post-op tomorrow...Feeling good but still a work in progress. I am working hard. Next week I will be starting a couch to half marathon and looking forward to this! Well I want to wish everyone good luck on their journey!!!
  3. Garlandfam


    Today I have felt like and I have not gotten enough water I feel so dry and the bad part is I feel I can't drink it fast enough! I have been trying to sip sip sip and I feel as though I am not getting anywhere. I kinda drank down a little to fast and it is sitting in my chest at least it feels that a way!. To make matter even worse these dang stalls this is the first one and I don't like it...I'm 5 weeks out and the scale has been standing fast at 32lb weight loss, I am trying my hardest to get in the needed protein but the smell and not to mention the taste makes me nauseous...What to do? I know it is only the beginning...but I am ready to get this thing moving again!
  4. Garlandfam


    Probably not enough! Water I get maybe 32 oz per day and protein 30-45 gms per day....I'm not doing good at planning my meals I feel so limited to what I can have. I'm working on it!
  5. At first I was not happy with the decision that was made because I couldn't eat what I wanted...I didn't realize that I had just an emotional attachment to food until after the procedure...being able to go out and eat what I wanted was OVER. Now that I have come to that realization first! I am happy to say I am happy with the decision that I made and I am moving on! I am not going to say everyday is not a challenge but it is...I look at food differently and I look at life differently! I want what's better for me!!! and I look forward to this journey and this challenge in my life!
  6. I was sleeved on the 4th of Mar...I am taking Multi Vitamin, Vit D, Calcium, Biotin, B12 and fish oil...I think that is all! They are all gummy except for the B12 (sublingual) and Biotin (lozenge) and I just take them throughout the day until my pillbox is empty for that day!
  7. Garlandfam

    Lose weight before surgery?

    It wasn't a requirement for me but they preferred it and on 1000Kcals per day it was inevitable. Besides it helps them see better so they don't nick anything that is nit suppose to be nicked!
  8. Garlandfam

    At the ER

    Sending prayers!!
  9. Garlandfam


    I was singing the sung from little Rascals ' I got a pickle I got a pickle I got a pickle hey hey hey hey! I have also been craving them and I have not had one in a min. I want one with hot sauce! yum
  10. Garlandfam

    How do you cope....

    The pre-op was not the problem for me because I was on a 1000 calorie meal so I was able to eat with the family. The post-op is the problem for me I don't really eat with the family anymore because I don't want to see them eat the good stuff. I am still cooking for the fam I do crockpot meals or I through stuff in the oven, but it sucks for me anyway. I didn't realize I had suck a connection with food until I couldn't have it! but I am working on it!
  11. Garlandfam

    they want me to what?!

    Yes, the pillow...used it even when I had my dry heave fits...It helped and I mean I hugged it!!!
  12. Garlandfam

    Crystal light and protein powder

    I MAY HAVE TO TRY THIS TOO...I am not caring for the crystal light. I could drink some of them before the surgery but now it make me gag!
  13. I didn't tell many prior to surgery and since the surgery I have only told one person. I feel that it is my life and I can chose who I want to tell. I know that there will be many upset because I didn't tell them but they are on a need to know basis...lol!!!
  14. Garlandfam

    New Here

    Welcome and wish you all luck during your journey!
  15. Garlandfam

    Mapmyrun or similar app?

    I love mapmyrun...it is pretty accurate! I have also been using Run Keeper, which is also a pretty good app too!
  16. I've had some energy...Today I was able to clean the house today and I can't say I am not tired but at the least the house is clean!!! I hope it stays think I plan to do a little workout or walk in the am! Hope I am not moving to fast!
  17. Garlandfam

    Can someone help me?

    You can do a will...any lawyer can provide the information that you need for the will and can also tell you if it is legally binding. there may be a problem because he is a live. I am no expert by far but a lawyer will be able to tell you all you need to know about this situation.
  18. Proton pump inhibitor....things like nexium or prilesec
  19. This was my very first surgery...I think the worse part about it is the gas pain...I was up the first day walking the hall. Walking was not that bad of course I moved at a slow pace but I was up and at em!!! I can't say I wasn't scared because I was scared shitless! I am 5 days post op and glad it is over with!
  20. Garlandfam

    Post op

    I hope that I am adding these blogs right! Let's see I am 5 days post-op and I think I am doing okay...all except I am missing food...I have not been hungry at ALL, but I want to eat with everyone else. Just missing everything that I could eat. I didn't think that this would be a problem but it is. You have to be very strong willed I see this now. Sometimes I regret the decision that I made but I know in my heart it was the best for me. My journey has began and I plan to make the best out of! Still trying to get in my needed liquids and today I am actually getting in the needed protein. I am very pleased to have the support of my hubby, he has been so support during this entire process. I'm just praying for a safe journey. Good luck to all the sleevers and future sleevers.
  21. You have to be careful with the lemon because you are just post op. Lemon is a natural diuretic so you can lose more fluids than needed causing you to be dehydrated and back to the hospital you go. I am having the same problem of getting in enough fluid. I am 5 days post op and today is the first day I am able to get in some protein. Good luck
  22. Garlandfam

    Any March Sleevers?

    Kaleen I agree didn't seem real until I was being wheeled away from my hubby and into the operating room...God is good everything went well and I am home. I give thanks and honor to man above for watching over me through this process! I hope everyone else had good procedure and are doing well!
  23. Garlandfam

    almost there!

    Thank you!!
  24. Garlandfam

    almost there!

    Today I finished the last of my pre-op stuff...Last of the labs, my EKG, an anesthesiologist, paperwork completed and now I only need a time which I will find out on Friday! So excited! I have been doing really well on my 1000 cal diet which is second nature now...and have lost about 10 pounds so far! 4 days and a wake! Let the journey truly begin...so excited did I say that already! Good luck everyone!

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