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Today I have felt like and I have not gotten enough water I feel so dry and the bad part is I feel I can't drink it fast enough! I have been trying to sip sip sip and I feel as though I am not getting anywhere. I kinda drank down a little to fast and it is sitting in my chest at least it feels that a way!. To make matter even worse these dang stalls this is the first one and I don't like it...I'm 5 weeks out and the scale has been standing fast at 32lb weight loss, I am trying my hardest to get in the needed protein but the smell and not to mention the taste makes me nauseous...What to do? I know it is only the beginning...but I am ready to get this thing moving again!

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Hi. I know how you feel . I am so obsessed with having to get everything in its making me crazy... and i am only trying to get in 45 grams of protein and at least 6 glasses of water. sometimes i feel like i drank or ate too much and i hate the feeling .You have lost alot of weight and thats great ,,I wish you luck just take it slow .We can only do what our bodies let us... by th way how much protein and water are you gettin a day??

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Probably not enough! Water I get maybe 32 oz per day and protein 30-45 gms per day....I'm not doing good at planning my meals I feel so limited to what I can have. I'm working on it!

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