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  1. Twyla

    chewable multi-vitamin

    I take the VitaFusion women's complete multi GUMMY vitamins with bone and metabolism support and I lOVE them! Its like candy!
  2. Twyla

    Urgent care

    Hang in there honey. You did the right thing!
  3. Twyla

    A little Greek...

    OOOOH that sounds awesome! I will be saving this recipe for sure! Thank you!
  4. Twyla

    Wal-Green's commercial?

    It was on just the other night and my husband laughed and rewound it to show me. He was laughing because it is so totally us!
  5. Twyla


    I like the Buddig wafer thin lunch meats. They're cheap, 2 oz, only 90 calories and they are easy to carry around and taste good. Sometimes I eat one of these with a babybel for my lunch as well. Oh and the chicken and turkey each have 10 grams of protein, that's the beat part!
  6. Thank you so much! I'm really trying! I really want this to work. The lapband was a monumental failure for me and I just can't go through that again.
  7. Wow. No idea why it uploaded so many pix! Lol
  8. Went to a military ball with my hubs last night. I've been in a stall for 3 weeks and pretty frustrated. Luckily, I fit into a dress I got to wear once after lapband surgery! Money is tight so I couldn't afford to buy new, but I sure will in the spring when I'm much smaller. I decided to weigh this morning too, and MY STALL IS BROKEN!!!!!! Woohoo! 2 more lbs gone forever! So, now I'm down 34 lbs total since my surgery October 9th. Can't wait to see how this plays out. Oh and I read on here that someone liked the salmon burgers from Costco so I picked some up. I have to say, they are AMAZING! Yum-o!!!!
  9. OK so I'm 9 weeks out from my revision and I've been hovering between 28 to 32 pounds lost for the past 3 weeks! Grrrr!!! Wth?! Sorry, just had to vent.
  10. Hahahahahahahaha I love you guys!!!!!! I have one more thing to add. I'm completely serious..... when I was prego with my middle child, this was the only thing that took my heartburn away. No kidding. My hubs was the happiest man alive! Lol
  11. I went thru HELL after a small bowl of homemade potato soup, the same soup I had eaten previously that same week when I was as far out as you are now. Girl, I thought I was gonna die!!!! I wish I could puked! I felt like I had instantly contracted some sort of crazy ass flu! Had fever, cold sweats, muscle PAIN.... wanted to crawl out of my skin HORRIBLE!!!! It lasted about 2 hours, then I was fine. This, my dear, is dumping! To those that say we can't experience that- BULLSHIT! I am still afraid to try potato soup again. Lol
  12. Twyla

    Why No Caffeine?

    I haven't had any because I have felt like I struggle to get my liquids in already. I tried to drink some coffee last Saturday morning, always LOVED LOVED my coffee.... had to spit it out because I couldn't stand the taste. Weird, huh?! I never know anymore what is going to taste good to me.
  13. I also developed pancreatitis, when I was three weeks out from my surgery. I tested myself eating a few things I shouldn't have as well, not that this caused the pancreatitis, but who knows. I had to spend over a week in the hospital after that on IV nutrition. Trust me, give yourself time to heal. My surgery was October 9th and I was a revision from the lapband and I'm just now starting to eat some normal foods in tiny quantities. That was an experience and amount of pain I never again want to go thru!
  14. OK since surgery, a few complications and hospital stays after.... I'm 6 weeks out and starting to feel great! I'm down 30 lbs! My HOT husband, who I am very attracted to keeps wanting to get to gettin, bit I just have no frigging libido whatsoever! WTF????!!!! Anyone else go thru this? Is it a hormone issue? I'm 37, in my prime!!!! Grrrr! Please help!