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  1. Anyone here in WA? In the Tacoma area? We just moved here in June and I don't know ANYONE. Hit me up! I just got sleeved Oct 9th.... taking it one day at a time.....
  2. Twyla

    chewable multi-vitamin

    I take the VitaFusion women's complete multi GUMMY vitamins with bone and metabolism support and I lOVE them! Its like candy!
  3. Twyla

    Urgent care

    Hang in there honey. You did the right thing!
  4. Twyla

    A little Greek...

    OOOOH that sounds awesome! I will be saving this recipe for sure! Thank you!
  5. Twyla

    Wal-Green's commercial?

    It was on just the other night and my husband laughed and rewound it to show me. He was laughing because it is so totally us!
  6. Twyla


    I like the Buddig wafer thin lunch meats. They're cheap, 2 oz, only 90 calories and they are easy to carry around and taste good. Sometimes I eat one of these with a babybel for my lunch as well. Oh and the chicken and turkey each have 10 grams of protein, that's the beat part!
  7. Went to a military ball with my hubs last night. I've been in a stall for 3 weeks and pretty frustrated. Luckily, I fit into a dress I got to wear once after lapband surgery! Money is tight so I couldn't afford to buy new, but I sure will in the spring when I'm much smaller. I decided to weigh this morning too, and MY STALL IS BROKEN!!!!!! Woohoo! 2 more lbs gone forever! So, now I'm down 34 lbs total since my surgery October 9th. Can't wait to see how this plays out. Oh and I read on here that someone liked the salmon burgers from Costco so I picked some up. I have to say, they are AMAZING! Yum-o!!!!
  8. Thank you so much! I'm really trying! I really want this to work. The lapband was a monumental failure for me and I just can't go through that again.
  9. Wow. No idea why it uploaded so many pix! Lol
  10. OK so I'm 9 weeks out from my revision and I've been hovering between 28 to 32 pounds lost for the past 3 weeks! Grrrr!!! Wth?! Sorry, just had to vent.
  11. Hahahahahahahaha I love you guys!!!!!! I have one more thing to add. I'm completely serious..... when I was prego with my middle child, this was the only thing that took my heartburn away. No kidding. My hubs was the happiest man alive! Lol
  12. I went thru HELL after a small bowl of homemade potato soup, the same soup I had eaten previously that same week when I was as far out as you are now. Girl, I thought I was gonna die!!!! I wish I could puked! I felt like I had instantly contracted some sort of crazy ass flu! Had fever, cold sweats, muscle PAIN.... wanted to crawl out of my skin HORRIBLE!!!! It lasted about 2 hours, then I was fine. This, my dear, is dumping! To those that say we can't experience that- BULLSHIT! I am still afraid to try potato soup again. Lol
  13. Twyla

    Why No Caffeine?

    I haven't had any because I have felt like I struggle to get my liquids in already. I tried to drink some coffee last Saturday morning, always LOVED LOVED my coffee.... had to spit it out because I couldn't stand the taste. Weird, huh?! I never know anymore what is going to taste good to me.
  14. OK since surgery, a few complications and hospital stays after.... I'm 6 weeks out and starting to feel great! I'm down 30 lbs! My HOT husband, who I am very attracted to keeps wanting to get to gettin, bit I just have no frigging libido whatsoever! WTF????!!!! Anyone else go thru this? Is it a hormone issue? I'm 37, in my prime!!!! Grrrr! Please help!
  15. I also developed pancreatitis, when I was three weeks out from my surgery. I tested myself eating a few things I shouldn't have as well, not that this caused the pancreatitis, but who knows. I had to spend over a week in the hospital after that on IV nutrition. Trust me, give yourself time to heal. My surgery was October 9th and I was a revision from the lapband and I'm just now starting to eat some normal foods in tiny quantities. That was an experience and amount of pain I never again want to go thru!
  16. Twyla

    Please Help Me

    Have u tried chewing ice? I since my surgery Oct 9th and it gets me thru when I'm really nauseous and even my meds don't help. I used to drink hot chamomile tea, but for some weird reason even that makes me nauseous. Ice helps me!
  17. Spanx are a Godsend!!!!!
  18. Twyla

    5 Month Post Op Check Today

    Have you thought about maybe talking to "someone"? It sounds like you have a lot of stress and that you are really needing to focus on you. You seemed annoyed that your doctor focused on your daughter instead, and you have a right to feel that way. Maybe you are a little depressed and you need an outlet? I've suffered from depression and anxiety for years and I know when I need to talk. Just remember there are a lot of emotions that come with the serious changes you have made in your life and to your body. Could be something with hormones too? Just a thought. Congrats on your success! We could all only hope to be as successful! You need to pamper yourself!
  19. I had a huge dent, or what I call a dog ear and I was very upset about it. I had seen thus before when a friend got a baaaaad tummy tuck. My Dr assured me it would go away, and it has! I'm nearly 6 weeks out and its sooooo much better. That incision was my sorest, as that is the one he pulled my stomach out of. Ice packs were my very very best friends. Sometimes I would alternate with heating pad but ice was better for me. Also I wore a very snug tank top or body shaped to bed and it helped tremendously so that I could sleep in my fave side positions! You could even wrap ace bandage around if you got desperate! Lol I remember how rough it was getting around and how my giggly parts made it all worse. I hope you can get some rest! You will feel better sooner than you think!
  20. Twyla

    What's Your Day In October?

    I was sleeved October 9th. Hello everyone!
  21. Yes, I am on Prilosec twice a day. I will try to dribble as much fluid down as possible today.
  22. OK. I had my revision surgery on Oct 9th from my lap band to my sleeve. I came home and was progressing well. Until my 3rd week out, I started vomiting and having really bad abdominal pain that radiated to my back. It was as bad as child birth. I ended up spending a week in the hospital with pancreatitis and they also found that I have blood clots in my portal vein. (around the pancreas) This is what was causing the pain and vomiting. I was home for 3 days and then started getting really bad chills and had a fever. I've never really been able to progress with my food and track anything as I'm so nauseated most of the time. I was on IV nutrition while in the hospital because I would vomit any time I tried to eat anything of any substance, like pudding. Well, when I got the fever I went back into the ER the next day and they did another CT. Apparently the pancreas is ok, blood clot is still there, and will take at least 6 months on blood thinners to get rid of. Dr said I was just dehydrated and probably picked up a bug while I was in the hospital. I was discharged and went home. This was Friday. Well, I've noticed that I have been feeling a little better day by day, but I still struggle with this damn nausea. I never used to have problems taking meds, now I guess I do because I have to struggle to fight the vomit coming up when I do now. With my band, I used to drink hot tea when I took meds, so they would go down easier, and not get stuck. So, I have been doing that. I noticed I was really nauseous after the last couple times though. So, tonight I just took a few sips of my water with my phenergan ( I was nauseos already) and took it that way. I didn't have time to make it any farther than my ass off the couch.... I puked all over the floor. The weird thing is, I never see the pills come up, I haven't vomited any food up ever. It is only ever liquid, foam or bile. My question is, have any of you experienced these problems? I am being careful and trying to get better, but WTH? I haven't even started on any vitamins yet, lord knows how I will get those down?! Please help with any clues or advise on when this phase (Lord I hope that's what it is!!!) is going to end. I'm starting to get really worried that I may have made a very big error in planning for my health. I just want to feel normal again.
  23. I am 19 days out from my revision to VSG from Lapband. I ha e had 2 episodes of dumping that I now know was dumping both times from eating too much potato soup too fast. One of them was last night. I have learned my lesson and will never do that again! My problem is today I woke up feeling kind of crappy. I had about 3 sips of water and later about 2 bits of some cream of wheat and I started feeling miserable. Lots of pressure in my gut and lower abdomen, in my back. I decided to check the forums to see if anyone else has had this problem. It got so bad I had to take a Vicodin. Then I got to thinking maybe its because I didn't have anything in my stomach and it was cramping up. So I read back thru my post op bible for food ideas. I put together a small plate with 2tbs spinach from a can, 2tbsp beets from a can and about 2tbsp moist tuna with 1/2tbsp ffmayo. I ate this very slow so I would not overeat. I felt much better for about an hour. Then as I was sitting in my recliner on my laptop, the pressure, extreme bloated feeling returned and my back started hurting so bad I was bawling. I do have back issues but not like this and not for awhile. I had really bad pains like in my back ribcage area. I went to lay down and all I could do was cry. Can't get comfortable. Lots of pressure in my abdomen and my back. I took 2 more Vicodin, its been about 5 hours since my last one. I have been off my pain killers except at night to sleep. Wtf???? Has anyone else had anything like this? What could it be? I don't want to go to Dr unless completely necessary because we are military and it is a total fiasco. pleased help. I can't stop crying I'm so afraid it could be a leak. I don't have a fever or shoulder pain, so I'm praying its something that is simple and will pass. It doesn't feel like gas. Ugh!