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  1. Yes! 5 pounds last month. I keep trying to say I still lost but its frustrating me. I'm hoping this month will return but I have gone to once a week weigh ins because I can't take the pain of watching the scale bounce either.
  2. I think as long as you feel ok, you're fine. The reason that was given to me to avoid pastas, breads, rice is because it expands in your stomach and will cause it to stretch. That pretty much defeats the purpose of having surgery. I'm heading into week 3 post op and my meal plan actually says I can have low fat crackers. I was totally surprised and probably won't eat any because I'm a carb junkie and just need to avoid them all together.
  3. vegas0612

    Pre Op Liquid Diet

    I'm not looking forward to another week of clear liquids. I can almost taste the mashed potatoes (when you move to soft food) and I don't even like mashed potatoes!!!
  4. vegas0612

    Pre Op Liquid Diet

    I am just finishing day 7 of a true liquid diet= jello, Popsicles and broth. I had a wicked headache days 2 and 3. I took Tylenol, it helped the second day but not the first. I found I had a lot of energy in day 3 and on. I had trouble day 1 and 2 with my brain starving. Emotional on days 4 and 5. Day 6- just kept thinking one more day. Today was just a blessing knowing that tomorrow is the day. :-)
  5. vegas0612

    Surgery Tomorrow

    I'm a Halloween sleever as well. Surgery at 11 am. Surprisingly, I am very calm. I'm ready. I wish everyone the best tomorrow and a speedy recovery!
  6. I had one too. Dr said it was standard procedure for anyone that has acid reflux, which I do. It was easy breezy. The waiting was the pain in the butt! Had to be there 2 hours before and the whole procedure lasted 13 minutes!
  7. vegas0612

    Any Halloween Sleevers?

    I'm a Halloween sleever as well. So glad to hear I'm not the only ones whose emotions are all over the road! I figured it was the food deprivation! Rolling into day 7 of clear liquids. I've eaten nothing but broth, jello and Popsicles for a whole 6 days! I'm so ready for this. The week has had its challenges but overall, not that bad. I find myself antsy and unable to sleep. It's 3:20 am! I find irony in receiving Halliween as my date for surgery. No more candy!
  8. I left out the important stuff. Date is Oct 31 and I'm Stacy Balavender on fb.
  9. Yes I'm interested. I haven't announced my sleeve on fb and I'm not ready to. But I need support from other sleevers.
  10. I only have a one week pre op diet and it goes like this sugar free jello or Popsicles, broth, tea or coffee with only artificial sweetener, sugar free drinks like crystal light, sugar free fitness water like propel. Yeah, that's it. I'm finished day 2 and spent half the day with a screaming headache and I couldn't think straight. My brain is starving! but nothing will stop me, I'm determined! I even cooked for my family tonight. This is a lesson in self control, and I am rising to the challenge!
  11. Yes!!! Just got my approval. Halloween is the big day!

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