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  1. mrscastillo

    Gained Post Op

    i gained weight 4lbs since moving to soft foods.... I know I've been eating crap.... I'm basically eating protein and starches.... I need help with this.... I need to get back on track but I never know what to eat :/ I need a set meal plan! Can anyone help?
  2. mrscastillo

    I Give Up

    :/ This "diet" isn't working.....I feel like I never know what to eat...I don't know if I'm doing this right or wrong :/
  3. mrscastillo

    So, I Havent't Been Perfect

    Do not stray.... Try tomato soup if you're hungry but NO FOOD!!!
  4. mrscastillo

    Frozen Yogurt?

    I've had it since surgery.... Tart is my favorite too
  5. mrscastillo

    How Many Calories?

    Hi everyone! I'm Almost 4 weeks post-op and I'm not sure how many calories I'm supposed to be eating per day to lose weight..... As far as working out, I'm walking 3 days a week and doing cross-fit (what I can handle only) and I start bike riding my niece to school next week.... Thanks!
  6. mrscastillo

    Gained Post Op

    Thank you
  7. mrscastillo

    Finally.......liquids Are Over ;)

    finally off liquid dieting....about time.... I'm pretty sure I died and went to heaven this morning while I was eating my one egg white....it was so yummy <3 the liquid diet is no joke.... Definately harder than I expected!!! I know this is bad but on my liquid diet I didn't have any protein! I tried, and tried and tried.... They tasted DISGUSTING!!!! I'm still unable to find a protein drink/supplement I like that isn't full of collagen.... My doctor knows this and only suggested his opinion.....protein drinks are gross.... And he has no clue how we can stand them his exact words haha.... So he said once I start soft foods I need to fill my days with protein.... Egg whites, lentils, turkey, beans... Protein and fiber.....and my multivitamins..... So today has started with one egg white (6g protein), and a splash of pepper for taste.... I have canned salmon for lunch & dinner.... Which is about 8g of protein each for a total of 24g of protein... Better than nothing I guess
  8. mrscastillo

    Vaginal Bleeding

    Yes, surgery messes with your hormones.... I'm 2 weeks late because of them lol
  9. This week: 213 that's 3 more lbs!!!
  10. mrscastillo

    What To Eat While Fishing

    tuna and string cheese.... I've been doing it on the run... I'm also 17 dpo
  11. mrscastillo

    Stomach Pain

    spline possibly.... My doctor said it would hurt for a few weeks....
  12. mrscastillo

    Dumped... 2 Weeks Pre-Op

    Congrats on being free! a man who doesn't support you, doesn't deserve you
  13. mrscastillo

    The Head Hunger...

    My head hunger was terrible.... I couldn't help myself during liquids.... I needed spicy! I hate plain foods! So I got plain vanilla activia light and added tapatio one day, mole (my inlaws made chicken mole so I stole a tiny bit lol) and one day I had creamy tomato Soup with a little pepper.... I've dropped a total of 26lbs since surgery 2 weeks out! You will get thru it, I promise! Good luck <3
  14. I would call everyday but then again I'm a pain in the arse so idk haha I would try either Thursday or Friday.... Depending on what state you live in, depends on how long they have to respond.... I live in California. By law, my insurance only gets 5 days to decide.....
  15. I just had my band removed.... I had a slip and only lost 40lbs in the last 18 months... I suggest trying to do it on your own for 1month. Put yourself on a 1200calorie diet. High Protein, low carbs, little to no sugar.... That's what I did for my pre op diet for the sleeve and I dropped 11lbs.... Good luck!
  16. mrscastillo

    My First Baseball Game

    just got home from the dodgers vs padres game.....what a night!!! Today, I'm 2 weeks post op.... I tried to go to the stadium with my water bottle and snack (canned salmon) and it got thrown away :'( I was so upset... I tried to explain that I had a medical condition and that I needed to eat that at 8:30pm and was told I could retrieve it from my car.... I knew I should've brought my purse with the rip in the bottom.....definately could've sneaked it in lol.... As far as the water bottle, they said i could buy one from the concession stand... Waste!!!! we got there about 6:45, hiked up to our seats, and sat until 10:15 when I finally decided I couldn't take it anymore!!! We went to the concession stand and I ordered a hot chocolate and a dodger dog (for my hubby) hiked back to the car and (once we found it!) we came home.... so, just a suggestion, if you go to a game, hide your food better than I did because there is NOTHING healthy at the concession stand except for water....and who wants to spend $5 on a bottle of water?!?
  17. mrscastillo


    2009 I was a 40FF at the age of 21.... I said screw it.... Breast reduction!!! Now, I'm a 38D and I hope to still lose a little
  18. mrscastillo

    Anesthesia Worry

    my mom always tells me 'just keep telling yourself to wake up' five surgeries later, I find it really helps!!! Right before i go under, I keep saying it... I'm the last to go under, first to come out everytime
  19. mrscastillo

    Finally.......liquids Are Over ;)

    @amazon13 I know that.... And I understand that.... Fortunately for me, I have no muscles and as far as my hair, I take biotin.... My doctor isn't concerned about it yet and neither am I. Thank you for your concern. @jenn31MA I have not.... Where can I get it? I've tried just about everything and wasted so much money on them :/
  20. mrscastillo


    Target has perfect 4oz servings.... As far as plates, I just bought baby spoons/forks... But they also have baby plates that are perfect sizes as well... Try Walmart, cheapest I've seen... Or dollar stores
  21. mrscastillo


    Hahaha see? Look forward to that! I've been looking forward to my baked potato with avocado (doctor approved too lol) for dinner tonight.... Good luck girl!
  22. mrscastillo


    I don't think it was head hunger....
  23. pudding? Oh I would have killed during my liquid stage for pudding! No one told me lol Congrats!
  24. mrscastillo


    Definately safe to get preggo BUT you have to wait 12 months (my doctor told me 6 months and others are told 18months, but the average is about 12 months) Pregnancy is different for everyone. I know someone who had the bypass and was pregnant 2months pregnant afterwards..... The baby got all of the necessary nutrients and my friend was still losing weight.... But someone else I know did gain weight.....like 10lbs but in the grand scheme of things, I think that's okay There's a section on here for pregnancies.... You should check it out.... It's on the main page, just scroll down a little good luck in YOUR decision.... We're here for you either way

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