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    Calicolea got a reaction from Shannel in What Supplements Do You Use? What Is Working For You?   
    Thanks again, I'm going to look into all your suggestions.
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    Calicolea got a reaction from kryssaboo in Before And After Gastric Sleeve Surgery Photos   
    Thanks so much for taking the time to post your before/after pics. All I can say is WOW! I enjoyed them so much.
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    Calicolea got a reaction from Bigfluffsmom in 1 Wk Post Op Eating Every 2.5 Hrs...   
    WOW that made me blink a few times...... wonder if we were reading the same forum.
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    Calicolea got a reaction from JDHenin in Announcement!   
    So happy for you Congratulations!!!
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    Calicolea reacted to jhansen71 in I'm So Discouraged And So Disappointed   
    I was still so weak 3 weeks post op and did not really start exercising until about 5-6 weeks. I think you are doing great, but listen to your body. Remember if you have a c-section you are not released for exercise until 6 weeks and this surgery is more invasive so if you can't really ramp up your exercise until 6 weeks post op this is normal and understandable. Your body is still in shock and in recovery from surgery. Your weight loss will come soon enough, but take care of you first.
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    Calicolea reacted to jhansen71 in I'm So Discouraged And So Disappointed   
    A few things...
    I was stalled 9 days post op for 3 weeks. You talk about disappointed, but the 4th week I dropped 4 lbs and had consistent weight loss until the next stall (I am 12 weeks post op and on my 3rd stall). I've lost 44 lbs so it will happen for you too. You just need to prepare yourself mentally that stalls ARE going to happen and be ready to ride them out.
    The other thing I wanted to share (and I consider this my 3rd stall) is that my body has wanted to hang on to the 200 mark. 5 weeks ago I weighed 204.6 and like you I have been working out, eating Protein and even drinking a ton of Water and I finally got under the 200 mark yesterday (barely at 199.8). I would lose a few ounces, then gain a pound, lose a few ounces and gain back some ounces, etc. for 5 weeks this was happening. I still may go back over 200, but at least I know it won't got to 204.6 as I have slowly been losing ounces.
    We all go through stalls at different times and for different lengths, but hopefully hearing other people's stories it will show you how similar our journeys can be and seeing someone further out than you will give you hope and understanding that this is all normal.
    Good luck to you and the rest of us losers!!!
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    Calicolea reacted to teshadb in Lap Band To Sleeve Questions   
    What is the cost of the revision in the states????
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    Calicolea got a reaction from band2sleeveinNoVA in Tomorrow Is The Day- Getting The Crapband Out Of Me!   
    LOL..... I got such a kick out of "Crapband". Great name
    Hope your surgery went well and you have a speedy recovery.
    Let us know how you're doing.
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    Calicolea got a reaction from laura30 in Please Help Me....choosing A Mexico Doctor For Revision   
    I had a revision on 5/4/12. I used Dr. Hector Perez in Cancun. I felt my medical care was exceptional and the accomodations were beyond beautiful. Looking back I wouldn't have choosen anyone else, he was quite wonderful. Also, I live in South Florida so it is easy to get to Cancun.
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    Calicolea got a reaction from laura30 in Cancun Options?   
    I used Dr. Perez in Cancun. Had a wonderful time and experience. It was easier for me to get to Cancun than any of the other Mexico locations, since I live in Florida. It was only 1 hr 15 mins by plane, it's 7 hrs to San Diego. I had my lapband in Tijuana with no problems 9 years ago so I have nothing bad to say about it, but if I had to choose between the two places Cancun would win everytime. It's gorgeous and so relaxing. My hotel room overlooked the ocean so it was nice to sit on the balcony after surgery and recuperate, plus the flight home was so quick.
    Best of luck in your search
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    Calicolea got a reaction from MinaT in Lost 53 Lbs In 1 Month -.0   
    Amazing..... you must be so proud of yourself!!!! Keep up the good work
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    Calicolea reacted to big guy in Is This A Problem For Anyone Else?   
    No way are you wrong....but if your tone was wrong then yes. My job presents me opportunity to craft my communication skills. So I'm very in tuned to to e and body language.
    Instead of saying "do you mind... " maybe you say "John, we're friends and I need your help. I just had this surgery and folks talk about all this fantastic food. It so hard for me. Do you have any suggestions to help me thru this? I trust your opinion." What you're doing is making your problem his problem and most people LOVE to solve problems....even though they can't.
    Funny thing....I do this to my wife all the time. She loves to help fix me.
    Just a thought.
    Surgery 4/11/12 lost 54lbs as of 5/28/12
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    Calicolea got a reaction from Gilly in Stuck Like The Band?   
    I am a revision.... had it on May 4th.
    The sleeve is nothing like the band for me. I am up to mushies and only had a problem one time when I ate some yogurt too fast and that was a couple weeks ago. No problems since.
    The way it feels when I eat is completely different...with the band it felt like a lump in my throat after eating, now I actually feel full in my tummy and not my throat. It's so much nicer.
    The only issue I"m dealing with is reflux at night, but I had that with the band also. I'm on Prilosec twice a day, and have to stop eating a few hours before bedtime, but my doctor thinks it will resolve itself when the healing is done and the swelling is gone.
    I'm glad I had the revision.
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    Calicolea got a reaction from Donna M in 15 Days Post Op.....help!   
    Thanks for posting this,,,, I'd like some suggestions too. I start mushies on Friday.
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    Calicolea got a reaction from Lissa in Medical Nsv...and It's A Huge One   
    Oh Lissa, that brought tears to my eyes. I'm so happy for you!!!
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    Calicolea got a reaction from BeanieandRosie'smom in Things I Won't/don't Miss About The Band...   
    All of the above. Plus....
    1. Taking one sip of Water after eating and going from fine to throwing up.
    2. Not being able to find a doctor that would even fill a band anymore.
    3. After eating, feeling full in my chest and not in my stomach. The worst!
    4. Over-filled band.
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    Calicolea reacted to Lissa in Who To Tell And Not Tell....   
    Amy, Thank you. That is so sweet! I get lots of help and support here, so I try to pass that along to other people. I love seeing new sleevers start supporting the next group as well...and this is the best support group on the internet, bar none!
    I'm stunned that an insurance company would call this cosmetic. I can't wait until they wake up and realize that sleevers' health improves so drastically after surgery that we become "just another insured" without all of the major complications that lie in wait for obese patients. I think insurance companies should be begging obese people to have WLS if only to lower the amount of money the insurance company will have to spend on our health!
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    Calicolea got a reaction from Bigfluffsmom in 1 Wk Post Op Eating Every 2.5 Hrs...   
    WOW that made me blink a few times...... wonder if we were reading the same forum.
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    Calicolea reacted to rdoactv in 1 Wk Post Op Eating Every 2.5 Hrs...   
    Gone? The Attitudes adjusted...everyone on this forum is friendly and willing to offer their experience, support, and opinions. Noone here can offer medical advice nor say what may be right for everyone. They can only offer up what they personally have experienced or have knowledge of. So attacking someone for offering what is exactly the point of this site was rude and unacceptable. All opinions should be read with your own physicians advice in mind. If a post is made that you don't care for, u are not required to respond to it or berate the person offering it. We are all friends in the same boat from all different walks of life and different surgeons. Everyone here deserves kindness and respect. Its what I have found VST to be grounded upon. Love all you guys here. You've become my comfort, my teachers and my friends.
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    Calicolea got a reaction from Alexandra39 in Surgery Cancelled   
    Then that's exactly what you should do..... never have the surgery unless you are comfortable having it.
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    Calicolea got a reaction from Musharooni in How Often Do You Record Measurements?   
    I am doing mine once a week. I started my pre-op diet on a Tuesday and took my measurements then and just decided I would continue to take them every Tuesday.
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    Calicolea got a reaction from Lissa in I Got There Tonight!   
    <------- note to self....... do what Lissa is doing!
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    Calicolea got a reaction from Sleeve-A-Licious in Who To Tell And Not Tell....   
    HEAR HEAR !!!!!! Nodding my head in agreement
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    Calicolea got a reaction from mzcoug01 in Newbie Here - Surgery Date Is 5/22/2012   
    Wow you've had quite the journey just to get here..... let's hope this new journey helps you resolve some of the co-morbities and can improve your overall health.
    So....... Welcome and best of luck on the 22nd. Keep us posted!
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    Calicolea got a reaction from cookie2012 in Extremely Nervous About Upcoming Sleeve Surgery On 5/21/12.   
    I can completely relate to what you are going thru. It's still fresh in my mind, since I just had my revision on the 4th. (two weeks tomorrow) Our imaginations are such overactive lil buggers. I had imagined all sorts of bad things, when I should have been imagining all the good things. My mind was doing a lot of "what if's" (which by the way I have started a petition to remove from the english language )
    I know it isn't easy but try and come to peace with your decision and feel good about all the wonderful things on your horizon.
    BTW After I got to the hospital, spoke with all the doctors and nurses and had my pre-op tests I calmed down a lot.
    A doctor told me before surgery "if you aren't nervous..... then you aren't normal".
    Big hugs to you all and good luck with your upcoming surgeries!!!!

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