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  1. Calicolea

    Uodated Pics

    Looking good!!!
  2. Calicolea

    Prayers Are Needed

    Hope all these lovely prayers and good thoughts have been received and you are doing better.
  3. Calicolea

    Internal Bleeding And Now Abscess

    Oh dear..... you have been through so much, you have every right to rant.... and then some. I hope you're on the road to recovery now and feeling better. Take good care of yourself
  4. Calicolea

    Newb To This.

    Hi and Welcome! My advise........ do all the stuff they ask of you so they won't have a reason to deny you. Hope all works out and you get your sleeve
  5. OMG.... you girls and guy are cracking me up! Thanks for the honest posts.
  6. Calicolea

    Going On A Liquid Boot Camp...

    I've read that the five day boot camp is a way to re-set your sleeve and help if you think it may have stretched, but haven't seen anything about it helping get solids down. Is it that you can't eat certain foods, or anything that's solid? As long as your healthy........I say whatever you've been doing, since your surgery, is definately working. Ninety pounds since January..... that's amazing!
  7. Calicolea

    6Weeks Out Pic's

    I have to agree with all the previous posts...... WOW and you look amazing. What a change in only 6 weeks.
  8. Calicolea

    Syncope, Possible Seizure

    No..... you should be going to the doctor.... not work! Take care of yourself. Hope all goes well at the doctor.
  9. Calicolea


    So happy for you Congratulations!!!
  10. Surgery 5/4/12 and I lost weight really well until the dreaded stall began 5/19/12 and unfortunately is still going strong. I was 203 on the 19th and this morning I weighed 204.... my lowest was 202. I've been so good, I've followed my diet, I've increased my exercise, I drink my Water, I'm using Fitnesspal and nothing..... except a BIG FAT ZERO!!!! I was so upset yesterday I had a full blown pity party and pouted the whole day!!!! I'm so discouraged and so disappointed
  11. Hi Beach, I had to start out slow right after surgery too, because I also tired easily. At first I couldn't even walk around the block. The last walk I took was probably 1 1/2 miles..... so I'm improving. However, my favorite exercise is swimming. I get in and make sure I am moving for 30 minutes a day. Hope your stall ends quickly
  12. The first week of my stall I could actually feel myself losing inches and my clothes were fitting different. This past week or so that hasn't happened and I don't feel a difference..... I guess that's when I started being disappointed. I'm trying to keep positive...... and all your posts and good thoughts are helping. I'll let you all know when this stall breaks.
  13. Definately prayers and good wishes going your way! Take care.
  14. Thank you..... you've given me hope.
  15. Thanks for the encouragement..... it does mean a lot to have you cheering me on. Another day, and just weighed...... still stuck at 203. Ugh!!! I did take my measurements before I started and did lose inches last week, but this week I didn't, so..... I guess that really got to me. LOL - I wonder if there's a Guiness World Book record for this?
  16. Calicolea

    Reflux With Sleeve?

    I am a band revision and also had reflux if my band was filled but didn't if it wasn't. I've also had my hiatal hernia repaired twice. Right after my revision, my doctor had me on medicine to prevent reflux, but after I got home from the hospital I ran out and reflux returned, but only at night when I tried to sleep. I was even sleeping in a recliner to try and prevent it. My doctor put me on Prilosec 2xday and after it took effect a few days later my reflux went away. I'm not sure if it's completely the Prilosec or a combination of that and my stomach healing and the swelling going down. My doctor said that post-op swelling can cause reflux, and it may go away after the swelling goes down. I'm suppose to continue the Prilosec for another month and then see if my reflux is gone. I've read that reflux can get worse or better when someone is sleeved. It's an individual thing.
  17. Calicolea

    Stalled For A Week

    Oh gosh girl..... I can so relate. I've been stalled for two weeks and I'm beyond bewildered. I'm like you, following my diet plan and walking and swimming. I had my surgery May 4th and stalled on May 18th. Since then I've gained and lost the same pound over and over ..... it's crazy! LOL Thinking good thoughts for you (and me) and hope our stalls are over soon.
  18. Calicolea

    Insurance Denial For Revision -Then, Approval!

    Good for you..... WTG!!!!
  19. Calicolea

    Florida Sleevers!

    Hi fellow Floridians ! I'm from SW Florida. I got a band to sleeve revision on 5/4/12. Did great on pre-op diet and first two weeks after surgery I lost like crazy, but unfortunately have been stalled for two weeks! I'm trying to be patient and let my body do it's thing, but dang it's hard. I've followed my doctor's diet guidelines and increased my excercise so not sure what else to try. I'm off mushies now and started fish and chicken yesterday so I'm hoping that will make a difference. Nice to be on this journey with all of you
  20. Amazing! Congratulations on your success.
  21. Wonderful news! Hope you have a speedy recovery now.
  22. I've read that a regular sleeve is $10 to 25k and up in the USA. Doing a revision would increase this price.
  23. Great news Have a speedy recovery!
  24. LOL..... I got such a kick out of "Crapband". Great name Hope your surgery went well and you have a speedy recovery. Let us know how you're doing.
  25. Calicolea

    (Not Diagnosed As Such) Hypochondriac..lol.

    I think researching all your options and learning everything you can about the sleeve is a good thing. But that being said........Maybe after your research, you should focus on the good things it will do for your body instead of the possible complications. Maybe that will help you cope.

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