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  1. No matter who we are, no matter what we do, we absolutely, positively do have the power to CHANGE. Put all excuses aside and remember we are CAPABLE. We can do anything we want as long as we stick to it long enough. Act as if it were IMPOSSIBLE to FAIL. Where we start is not as IMPORTANT as where we FINISH...I feel we all need to find the inner STRENGTH within ourselves and win the BATTLE. We can only change ourselves with MOTIVATION, STRENGTH and SUPPORT. If we moderate ourselves and teach o...

  2. Finally made it to my 50 pound goal!

    1. antinette


      Congrats, You look great.


    2. ProudGrammy


      soooo happy for you - u should be very proud - keep up the good work

    3. Carlotta1


      Congratss travel bug ..u did it. ,!!

  3. One more pound to be at 50 pound loss!

  4. My body loves hanging onto this fat!

    1. iegal


      Well, they have been together for a long time. Divorce that fat!

  5. Today I was in a different set of numbers! I weight in at 179. Haven't seen this number in I don't know when?

    1. Tink22-sleeve


      You are awesome!

    2. charlieblue


      Good for you. Be proud of your progress!

    3. Travelbug1955


      I am happy for this weight loss and when I reach 176, I will be down 50 pounds. It's just coming off so slow, it's driving me loco!

  6. The Lite Fare Egg White Omelet at Denny's is delicious, I could only eat 1/4 of it and I was full! Get the fruit instead of the hashbrowns.

    1. FibroDiva


      Thanks, I'm taking a road trip in a few weeks and will have to remember this.

  7. I gain up to 2 pounds about once a month. It goes back down plus a couple of pounds later. It could be Water retention, I have to watch salt intake.
  8. Travelbug1955

    What are you eating 8 weeks out?

    Atkins diet website is a good place and they have an app to record all your foods. You can see how much protien, carbs and fat that you had and can set up goals. There are free recipes too! I enjoy the Atkins protien bars for meals and Snacks. They also have protien shakes and frozen meals full of Protein.
  9. I need suggestions of menus for the day. What has been helpful for your continued weight loss? My weight loss has been a struggle. My surgery was August 2013 and now in January, I am down only 45 pounds. I have been reading and found out that I should have lost at least 65 pounds by now. I have gone down from a 1X in plus size to a loose size 14. I would appreciate if some of you would share with me what you eat during the day. My stomach hurts when I eat red meat or bread. It is uncomfortable most times when I eat. I drink lots of Water. I have been following the Atkins diet, but my body seems to be weight loss resistant. Please share with me when your surgery was and how much weight you have lost. I would also like to know what you eat for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do you have Snacks? Any response will be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I am asking that everyone share with me what and how much you eat during the day. How much have you lost?

    1. thedivinemsQ


      I am down 72.5 lbs since preop, 57 lbs since surgery. I eat a scrambled egg for breakfast, a coffee with 18% coffee cream, and my supplements. Then some kind of protein and veggie and maybe some rice for lunch (usually a left over), and a protein and veggies and potato or rice for dinner. My protein is usually 3 oz and done in a higher calorie sauce or marinade to add flavor and calories. I usually have a specialty coffee for a snack (skinny vanilla latte or something like that) and then a nu...

    2. chasingadream


      I am down 70 lbs...b'fast: hot cereal or cold cereal w/milk (both high in protein) or omelet. Lunch: tuna, chicken, or egg salad w/light mayo and some kind of crackers (pita chips, wheat thins, melba toast etc)..sometimes leftover dinner (protein) from night before. Dinner: usually eating in...3-4 oz protein, 1/4 cup veggies and little carbohydrate. Nothing eaten after dinner. I also have lap band with plication.

  11. I am 5 months post op and my stomach hurts or is umcomfortable everytime I eat. If I eat red meat or bread it hurts worse.
  12. Made it to 180 pounds this morning, down 46 total.

  13. I have 35 pounds to go to my first goal. Why won't my body turn loose of the fat it's hanging onto so badly? I went the whole month of November only losing 3 pounds, and so far in December, nothing! Could I be insulin resistant?

    1. cheryl2586


      Are you eating enough protein.

    2. terrydumont46


      i was diagnosed with insulin resistant. i was taking 200 plus lantus a day and 30 units of humalog but yet my blood sugar was in the high 200 to 350. and i didn't lose any weight. i tried nutri system, wt.watchers,south beach diet, no carbs, low fat, low calorie. lol it was crazy. but i am banded now. and my blood sugar in the morning is 90-100. i take 30 units of lantus only at night. and i am losing wt. yeah. the change in my diet and the biggest thing is the amount . 1/2 cup o...

    3. antinette


      I am having the same problem. So if you find out something let me know. Good Luck

  14. I can wear a Large top now, not extra large anymore, down 41 pounds as of today!

    1. Bandista


      Isn't it great? Congratulations!

    2. thedivinemsQ


      way to go! It's a great feeling isn't it :)


  15. I lost only 2 pounds in November, total pounds lost 40. Posted my new photo on my profile of my 40 lb loss. Wish the weight loss would pick up again.

    1. antinette


      I am in your boat. I don't lose weight like everyone else. I wish it would start coming off on me again. I guess we should be happy we did not gain.

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