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  1. SnowgirlnTX


    My hubby is my biggest supporter and fan. His love and affection for me has never changed no matter what size I've been. We've been married 26 yrs (27 yrs this June) and I look for the next 27 yrs to be even better than the last.
  2. I'm finally in the Green-Zone!! I'm thrilled!!

  3. I'm finally in the Green-Zone!! I'm thrilled!!

  4. Finally in the Green-Zone at 6.5cc's!! YEAH!!

  5. SnowgirlnTX

    100 pounds gone

    Congratulations!! Thank you ffor sharing with us. It's truly an encouragement for those of us who are just beginning the journey.
  6. SnowgirlnTX

    Gas pain

    Hi GmasDolly, I had my band placed on 12/27 and the things that really helped me were the heating pad, hot tea and gax-x strips. I also found that laying on my left side was very helpful. Good luck with your recovery.
  7. SnowgirlnTX

    stuck but no fill yet

    I also wanted to recommend the tuna in the pouches with balsamic vinegrette. It's my favorite. My grocer also carries one with a lemon seasoning. I'm not a big tuna fish kinda gal but these two are really good and very moist.
  8. Hope, I had a similar circumstance. We had a birthday party 4 days after my surgery. We went but left about an hour later. I was just so uncomfortable. The incisions were not the issue, it was the bloating that made me so uncomfortable. I could hardly stand to have my jeans and bra on that long.
  9. Had my first fill and it was a breeze! Found out my surgeon (fabulous man that he is) started me with 4.5cc's. The nurse added 1cc so I'm off and running...or at least a steady walk for sure. :)

  10. Happy 46th Birthday SnowgirlnTX!

  11. Hi December Banders, I had my band placed on 12/27 and all has been fairly good. The last few days I've been feeling chest pains. It seems to get worse when I'm hungry. It feels like a sharp pain that comes and goes. It helps to sip water and then when I eat it does subside for awhile. I'm still eating mainly mushies. I go tomorrow for my first fill. Any suggestions? I've been SO paranoid that I might do something to cause my band to slip. I hate that constant worry.
  12. SnowgirlnTX

    Chest pain

    I've been feeling a lot of chest pain and I'm not sure what's causing it. It seems to be more severe when I've not eaten. It feels like something is sticking me. A little concerned. I see my doctor tomorrow for my first fill so I'm hopeful all is well.
  13. SnowgirlnTX


    My bra also drives me crazy now. I do the very same thing...take it off as soon as I get home. It feels like my breasts put a ton of pressure on my sternum area...very uncomfortable.
  14. I have my first fill tomorrow! I'm so excited and a little nervous.

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