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  1. hely88

    Is nutrisystem band friendly

    I had bought some kind of premium package long time ago. I do not pay anything. Again I do not eat their foods but they giver me awesome support. It is a place I can be accountable to,and meet with someone to make weekly goals.
  2. hely88

    Is nutrisystem band friendly

    I go to jenny Craig each week to weigh in and set goals but I do not eat their foods. I try to stay away from processed foods.
  3. hely88


    Try using an online program like my fitness pal sparknpeople there are a ton of free tracking programs. Most banders I know use mynfitnesspal. They even Have a free app for your phone.
  4. I can eat most anything but I make much better choices now. I avoid anything white any rice, pasta or bread because they are not worth wasting my limited calorieson and popcorn because it's a trigger food for me. Mostsvfoods depend on preparation. I have a recipe group with many great members if anyone would Like to join it is on Facebook just friend me at hely lb.
  5. hely88

    Not losing

    You are still healing. It is normal to stall or gain. My advice don't look at the scale for awhile.
  6. hely88

    Yogurt question!

    Everyone is different. You have to try some things in order to discover what works for you.
  7. hely88

    eating out

    Sometimes I just get soup
  8. hely88

    Yogurt question!

    Try the yogurt
  9. Please feel free to join my recipe group on Facebook . It's has great recipes, suggestions and a great group of people including many from here. Everyone is welcome just friend me at Hely lb.
  10. hely88

    Cooking less

    Are you cooking healthier? Maybe cook less? I am lucky to have just me to worry about. I think you should talk to him. I think communication is the biggest part of a relationship. It's mostly in the delivery.
  11. hely88

    Protein powder makes me ill

    Check out garden of life. I am going to try it. It is on amazon
  12. hely88

    Protein bar = feel like cr*p

    Check and see if it has sugar alcohol in it. That can act like a laxative. Also some bars have too much fiber. I gave up trying yo find a bar and decided eatting food works much better for me.
  13. hely88

    Protein powder makes me ill

    If you are blending it can be the air that is whipped into the shake. I would also suggest trying a pre made one.
  14. hely88


PatchAid Vitamin Patches