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  1. hely88


    Try using an online program like my fitness pal sparknpeople there are a ton of free tracking programs. Most banders I know use mynfitnesspal. They even Have a free app for your phone.
  2. hely88

    eating out

    Sometimes I just get soup
  3. Please feel free to join my recipe group on Facebook . It's has great recipes, suggestions and a great group of people including many from here. Everyone is welcome just friend me at Hely lb.
  4. hely88

    Protein powder makes me ill

    Check out garden of life. I am going to try it. It is on amazon
  5. hely88


    It gets much better once you are on solids. Hang in there!
  6. hely88

    How many calories do you eat in a day?

    I dont really count all the time. I mostly measure, but I probably get about 1000-1100 a day. You need calories to burn calories. You also need high protein meals.
  7. hely88

    Not sure what is going on

    Please remember that everyone is different. I know people that haven't had fills and don't have to be as strict on chewing and are losing way faster then me and I know the opposites. Unfortunately we all have to figure out what is right.
  8. hely88


    Awesome great NSVs!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!
  9. If you are concerned at all you shoul feel comfortable calling the doctor. Even advice from here is not always right. Doctor always comes first on this journey.
  10. hely88

    2 mnth post op 40 lbs down

    Way to go!!!!!
  11. hely88

    Protein Bars

    Glad you found a bar that works for you. I find I am doing great then BAM I have to figure out how to readjust again. It is a never ending journey, but one I am glad to be on!
  12. hely88


    Same here little scars cant see unless you are really looking for them! Anyway its a very small price to pay for your health and a longer life!!
  13. hely88

    stayin pretty

    Weight loss can be slower in the beging because you are healing. The band does not make you lose weight. Its calories in verses calories burned. Make sure you are measuring and tracking everything you eat. Make sure you are drinking enough water because that definetly plays a part in keeping you satisfied. Make good food choices. High protein solids. Best of luck!!
  14. refried beans and quacomole.
  15. hely88

    Going to the Jim

    I love your sense of humor and spunk!!!!
  16. hely88

    gritty goddess

    Wow kudos to you!!
  17. hely88

    tell me about peanut butter

    Natural peanut butter with nothing added is 200 calories for 2 tbls. It has protein but I would not consider it a lot. I was eating it but decided I was not willing to use those calories. I mix a lot of different raw and sprouted nuts and mix in my yogurt or have for a snack but not every day. I saw somewhere. That sunflower seed butter is healthiest. When I want peanut butter I mix pb2 with a little almond milk, sweetener or little honey, and dash of salt.
  18. hely88

    Band over bypass May 1st

    You are lucky to have a second change. I wish you the best of luck. You may want to see if you can find anything on line about Carnie Wilson. She did same thing not too long ago.
  19. hely88

    Gaining :-(

    Back to basics!! Measure and track everything! You can do it. Use your wedding as a motivation not a deterent.
  20. hely88

    before and after pic :)

    Way to go!!!!!
  21. hely88

    Bad Stick Band Swollen

    Do you eat pasta a lot? It is one of my doctor's no foods along with rice and popcorn.
  22. hely88

    BMI 32 How much weight loss?

    honestly i dont even pay attention to that i just know i have a lot to lose.

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