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  1. I was sleeved Dec. 10. Lost 63 pounds total, 44 since surgery. I eat 60-70g protein and 600-800 calories/day.
  2. I have heard that the pain and recovery, as well as the mortality rate (which is VERY low!) are very much comparable to gallbladder surgery. I'd have this again over labor pain ANYTIME!
  3. For sure VSG first! You might not need the knee surgery once you lose weight. If you still do, your recovery will be sooooooo much easier without the additional weight on your new knee.
  4. I honestly never considered the band because it seemed like a temporary solution. I needed something permanent. I kept thinking that people like the fact it was reversible, but I still don't understand why. I could always lose weight but never keep it off. If I got the band, when would I want it removed so I could gain again? Just thoughts I had, good luck with your decision.
  5. Super noisy at first but I'm a little over a month out and it's only occasional!
  6. Raven21


    Wait a bit, but if you're still having problems, ask your PCP about Xanax short term. It can be a lifesaver. I started with that several years ago and ended up needing a long term solution so I switched to Celexa. It was shocking to me that a pill of any sort could so drastically reduce my sadness, anxiety, and fear.
  7. Surgery was 3 weeks ago and I'm doing great. Except I still wake up every morning with a deep pain on the left side. I can feel it other times if I sit too long or stretch wrong. Is that where my modified stomach is, or just healing muscle tissue? Should I be concerned or is it normal?
  8. Congratulations! Planned or not, this baby is here for a reason. So happy everyone thinks it will work out ok!
  9. I just finished 6 days of 1,000 calories or less and now I'm on day 1 of 3 on clear liquid and protein before my surgery on Monday. I'm thinking a glass of white wine would taste real good right now.
  10. Raven21

    dec 10th sleevers

    I'm only allowed clear liquids and protein shakes the first week, next week I get full liquids, the following week puréed, then soft foods for 2-4 weeks.
  11. I'm only craving the foods I didn't get to party with before my pre-op diet. The others I feel satiated after once last binge. Just me I guess. And if I could have spent months weaning myself off foods I like, I wouldn't have needed the surgery. God knows I tried like a zillion times!
  12. This whole thread has become hysterical. Lets now beat up on Gigi for beating up on butter who beat up on the OP!
  13. I had to do a pre-op of 6 days under 1,000 calories, then 3 days liquids. The week before that was a food and alcohol filled fun fest and I don't regret it one bit! I lost all I gained plus more on the pre-op so I still went into surgery lower than I started!
  14. Enjoy! Don't feel guilty about it. Right now I'm thinking I missed a few favorites!
  15. Raven21

    Nectar Protein Help?

    I tried it with milk. Yuck!
  16. For sure call. Every day. On a Wednesday I was told to call back the next week. Called Thursday and I was approved!
  17. Raven21

    Got My Date!dec 10Th! Bb

    December 10 also. 7 days under 1,000 calories, then 3 days liquid.
  18. My schedule is: Week 1 - clear liquid Week 2 - full liquid Week 3 - puréed Week 4 - soft/mushy I hope to lose a ton of weight in the first month!
  19. Raven21

    Need To Vent

    You have to do what's right for you. This was not a spur of the moment decision, you worked long and hard to get to this point. Your children deserve a healthy happy mom! Best of luck (and a few prayers!)
  20. Raven21

    December Surgeries?

    If you are having second thoughts, there's no rush! Take a break, relax, try being a vegan again. You can always come back, but you need to be sure.
  21. Or you can do the 90 day plan with nutrition, behavior mod, exercise counseling, etc. You MUST have a documented weight from each of the previous 2 years. And BMI 40+ or 35+ with at least 2 significant comorbidities.
  22. Raven21

    Honeymoon Period

    I heard 6 months for sure, then anytime up to 12.
  23. That seems crazy for only one month. Wow, good for you!
  24. I got the Aetna approval letter and it says one day in the hospital? Did anyone else get this? I'm supposed to be there 2 nights.