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  1. Keep nibbling and feel sick/full. Not enjoying all the food. Need to go back to regular meals. Look forward to getting back to normal. Far too many calories consumed in alcohol this past few weeks. Ugh. Lactose intolerant and no breads for me anymore. But 57 lbs down!
  2. Stopped exercising after picking up second job for Holidays and weight loss has slowed to about. 5 lb a week or less. Feeling exhausted and getting discouraged. 4months out, broke, tired, only about 3outfits to wear and facing THE food addicts worst season with cookie swaps, pie luncheons, carb cuty socials and the likes. Not to mention the cocktail social holiday parties. Ugh.
  3. jennrus

    Stupid Candy!

    Ok ladies. Dust ourselves off and puck ourselves up. Tomorrow we are back on the wagon.
  4. jennrus

    Broke The Stall!

    I had a day where I intentionally increased calories to as many as possible then shocked my body by doing protein shakes and meat only. It was enough to break stall. Also increased water and exercise.
  5. jennrus

    August 6Th Sleevers?

    I am 5' 1". Went from size 20 to a 12 now. Actually like the gym especially with a book on cd!
  6. Have to get new gym clothes. Woo hoo!!!!
  7. We are so close! Lets do this!
  8. jennrus

    Body Wraps?

    Anyone had one? Did it do anything? Three months out and considering one.
  9. jennrus

    Gallbladder Attach?

    I am having stomach pain. Cant eat anything or have pain but now even without food. See doctor on Friday. Just wonder what symptoms of gallbladder are.
  10. Bad idea on the 66th day. Feels bad in my tummy. Wish I could undo that.
  11. Had three yogurts and 1/2 cup of stew in a two hour period. I am in pain. Almost threw up. So mad at myself. Wasn't hungry but kept eating. Lesson learned the hard way. Overeating with sleeve is very painful.
  12. jennrus

    Disgusted By Others Eating

    GeauxForIt I am disgusted by others because I see how I was. I have not forgotten. When you all sit down to eat with others which I assume you have to do at some point, you can't tell me you don't notice what others eat and how much and how fast. t doesn't make me hate them but I am hyper sensitive to choices they make.
  13. jennrus

    Disgusted By Others Eating

    Thank you PPATTERSON. Perhaps it is the word disgust that has people hung up. I am simply more aware of how much others eat now and the choices they make. I am sad for them. Dumfounded how many people have commented on this thread. Clearly we should all be exercising more and posting less. Dang what a tough crowd.
  14. jennrus

    All The Single Ladies...

    Not exactly on topic but yesterday was at Dr for checkup and a good looking guy in waiting room about your age. Not many men in program that I've seen and he was relatively thin so my first thought was, "He must be in the wrong office." The nurse came out and called him. I thought, holy cow, if I were single, I'd be all over that! Wanted to know his story. So proud of him. Guess the moral of the story is- go get 'em tiger! Girls will notice you and it's likely you will be a good catch. I would let honesty prevail. And be sure to check out women in the waiting room because they ARE checking you out!
  15. I am on meds to prevent gallbladder stones but the pills are HUGE! Hard to get down. Anyone else on these?
  16. jennrus

    Gall Bladder Meds

    I am still doing chewable vits but thought about crushing regular ones into smoothy. When chewables gone I will try it.
  17. I'm 6 weeks out and want to try corn on the cob. Thoughts?
  18. jennrus

    I'm Back!

    Thata girl! I need to walk more than I do. I've gotten up to about 3 days a week.
  19. jennrus

    Wow Im Down To 395!

    Way to go! Keep up the great work! Thanks for sharing!
  20. jennrus

    The Absolute Best Protein Shake

    Where do you get Torani in grocery stores?
  21. jennrus

    What Happened To Me?

    Started knitting. Learned it on youtube. Not as effective as beer and cigarettes but does take the edge off.
  22. jennrus

    Dizzy A Lot

    No change in meds but will check blood pressure.
  23. That makes sense to me. If it goes right through it would sort of be unable to be absorbed by the body right?
  24. Never trust a fart is one of the biggest things no one talked about.
  25. Took two weeks off and back to work tomorrow. Worried about peoples reactions. Told everyone I was having surgery but didn't say what for. When asked I said I didn't want to discuss it. Only one person knows the whole story. Not sure why I am so worked up about it. I know an hour after being there it will be like nothing happened. Just dreading the first few interactions.

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