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    listommom reacted to Joisey01 in 41 Weeks Post Op Video   
    Congratulations on the engagement and all of your hard work! You look fabulous! I get sleeved on Thursday!
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    listommom reacted to ahh2bm3 in How Did I Get To This Point?   
    I'm so glad I found this I have decided not to inform my friends and family about my decision on the WLS being that the hand full of people that I did tell were not very supportive I'm 5'1 175-180 pounds. I'm so tired of yo-yo dieting and really wanted to feel healthy again. My surgery date is October 18th Dr Alamanza in Mexico....any tips before my journey would be greatly appreciated.
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    listommom reacted to fluffylibra30 in 2 Week Stall   
    I was stalled for 6 weeks
    I drank a gallon of Water a day, raised my calories to 1000, carbs to 95
    And completely redid my exercise routine.
    I lost 3 pounds this week.
    I think my body was in starvation mode, I spent too long at 700 calories.
    Good luck I know it sucks!
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    listommom got a reaction from crowell823 in 2 Week Stall   
    I am 21 days post op today and I am stalled for one week....I have been eaing very little and drinking my 70-80grams of protien daily. I also walk for one hour on a treadmill daily. What gives? After reading some of your posts, I feel a bit better but being stalled after only losing 18lbs is a little disheartening.
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    listommom reacted to Thinner Peace in How Did I Get To This Point?   
    I totally understand all of you like soul sisters! I am 5'2 and was 183 when I was sleeved a month ago. I also am tired of the yoyo dieting. The only fear I currenty have is that I have never felt any restriction and I am scared of gaining the weight back. My brother did not support the surgery at all and put my mom into a panic that I was doing the wrong thing. However, now that I survived the surgery she is happy and supportive of me. I have only lost 11 pounds but as long as it continues I am thrilled with my decision.
    I carry most of my weight in my stomach, boobs and arms (apple shaped). I hope I do not have to have plastics. I will send pics privately but do not want to post them publicly. I lost 50 pounds prior to surgery so the before and after is quite evident. Whats funny though is still people have not noticed Ive lost weight. Maybe because I am still int he "obese" range (I will be "overweight" after losing another 6 pounds)!
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    listommom reacted to Readytolose2012 in How Did I Get To This Point?   
    So excited to have found this group!
    My surgery date is 8/31 with Dr Garcia in TJ MX, self pay of course. I am 55, 5'4" currently 194 with a high of 205. I have exactly the same story ... yoyo dieting, keeping the surgery quite because of the naysayers.
    Thanks for the encourging words.
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    listommom reacted to HalfTheWoman in Down 50 Lbs Today!   
    I just wanted to do a little happy dance for being 1/3 of the way to my goal! I am 5 1/2 weeks post op and hit my first goal. When I get down 3 more lbs...I get my first little treat! My hubby set the second goal. So down 50 lbs...100 lbs to go! My next goal is to be down 10 more lbs before Labor Day! I love reaching goals. I like to be a winner, I hate losing so that is why being over weight was such a disappointment for me!
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    listommom reacted to Ree's Sleeve in When's The Big Day? How Are You Feeling?   
    I was sleeved on the 17th & can not tell you now ready I am for purees. My foloow up is tomorrow so here is hoping!
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    listommom reacted to Dazzlebunny in July Sleevers?   
    My birthday is the 18th, that was one of the date choices I had for surgery, but I just couldnt wait another 8 days lol. Im 4 days out, down 12 more pounds, although I dont really feel any different lol. Just drinking drinking drinking! Need ot get a different Calcium chew though, cause the caramel ones i got are wayyyy to sweet and candy-like! Yuk! My hubby made toast and I really wanted a bite lol - no no no! My clear post diet is 4 weeks, omg its going to seem like forever lol. Gas is still a pain, and one of the laproscopic entry points is still damn sore! Move SLOWLY! walking is my best friend lol.
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    listommom reacted to Dazzlebunny in July Sleevers?   
    I just had mine on the 10th. I am so sore and the gas is terrible. I hope this gets better soon!!! Trying ot get my Water in, but the gas makes it hurt. My insides sound like a science experiment lol!!
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    listommom reacted to Lorrie Knox Malone in When's The Big Day? How Are You Feeling?   
    Finally I feel like me again!!!
    It was a rough few days, but I can see the light shinning now. I actually feel good. Have lost 18lbs and returning to work on Tuesday 7/24. Starting my exercise program Monday morning. So excited!!
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    listommom reacted to Kitten0331 in When's The Big Day? How Are You Feeling?   
    My big day was the 10th. The day of surgery was great, yesterday I was positively miserable and the slightest amount of liquids sent me into stomach spasms and throwing up. Today seems to have started out better and I should be leaving the hospital sometime this evening.
    Hang in there everyone and just think how great we're going to look by this time next year.
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    listommom reacted to Lorrie Knox Malone in When's The Big Day? How Are You Feeling?   
    I'm scheduled in the morning Friday the 13th, Have to be at the hospital by 7:30am...8:30am procedure. So excited, the week of liquids flew by, I did great!! Have lost 8lbs as of this morning, will see what it is at the hospital in the am. I'll fill in as soon as I can...wish me luck!
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    listommom reacted to Lorrie Knox Malone in When's The Big Day? How Are You Feeling?   
    Friday the 13th!! UGGGG. Oh well, my surgeon isn't concerned, guess I shouldn't be either....Sooooo excited.
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    listommom reacted to Danielle Beadle in When's The Big Day? How Are You Feeling?   
    Hi, I'm Danielle. I'm having surgery on the 12th. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm a single mom to a 5 yr old boy so I'm really looking forward to keeping up with him and being able to do Piloxing class without lookin like a huge blob. My family isn't supportive so I come here to get my support. They say I'm taking the easy way out....how is it the easy way when I've had to work hard to get to this point? Oh well. I will show them that it's not only the surgery thats doing the work but I'm the one making the weight disappear. Look forward to hearing about your experiences with surgery and following with your progress
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    listommom reacted to tjloser in July Sleevers?   
    I had surgery Tue. and I got home Thur. and everything is going good. I have gas pains so just dealing with that. Trying to make sure I get my liquids in. hope everybody else is doing good.
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    listommom reacted to Pas-Petite in July Sleevers?   
    Hello! Maybe a little too late but I got my sleeve on july 3rd
    I'm an early july sleever, haha.
    9 days post-op and everything seems to be fine, I've already lost 15lbs, crazy!
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    listommom reacted to Kitten0331 in When's The Big Day? How Are You Feeling?   
    Well here goes... my name is Robin and my surgery date is scheduled for July 10th.
    I'm happy to hear that I'm not the only one who thinks they're smaller than they are. I see photos and wonder who that person is, surely that can't be me! I've struggled with my weight my entire life and can't count how many times I've lost the same 50 lbs.
    I'm really looking forward to feeling good about my body again. I'm a little worried about the loose skin, too. My doctor's office requires a lot of pre-op classes and it was discussed it in one of those that if you do 30 minutes of weight training at least 3 days a week and 30 minutes of cardio 6 days a week that it shouldn't be too much of an issue. I'm really trying to have faith in that holding true for me, but it's so hard!
    I hope everyone's surgery goes well. Just keep thinking how much healthier and happier we're going to be 6 months from now!
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    listommom reacted to noelaniskyful in When's The Big Day? How Are You Feeling?   
    Hi Everyone,
    My day is also the 13th and I see that many of us are going in on the 10th. I will be thinking of you all tomorrow. Please let us know how you are doing. I totally get holding a body image of yourself that's smaller. In our minds we see ourselves as a more normal weight, perhaps the way we are supposed to be? Melissa, I totally don't understand the non-supporters telling us it's the "easy way out". I heard that from a co-worker today. What's easy about having a medical procedure, fasting before and after for weeks and changing you're whole life? I don't understand why people would want us to stay heavy and die an early death? And who cares about loose skin?! You just saved your organs, your heart and liver! Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with wanting to look your best. But firstly, let's do this to save our lives and do everything we've ever dreamed of.
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    listommom reacted to Wildflower in When's The Big Day? How Are You Feeling?   
    HI, My surgery date is July 19th, with melissa I think I look forward to a lot of things and of course, feeling attractive comes to mind and I worry about loose skin and all that, but I am doing this just to live again and participate in life again. I want to be healthy and active with my 10yr old daughter and not feel ashamed of going to her school and volunteering to help out with class things and sporting events. i want to play volley ball with her, take her to yoga classes, zumba, pilates and help her not to end up like I did. We love food, she is only 10 and a total foodie but she is also chubby for her age already and I am doing this for her and that is really the bottom line.
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    listommom reacted to Shelleypg19 in When's The Big Day? How Are You Feeling?   
    My surgery date is the 19th and I am both excited and nervous.
    Like a lot of you, I don't see myself in the mirror either! I will think... "lookin goooood" and then I see a photo and I just almost die!
    I want to be able to wear cute clothes again and I want energy!!!
    I can't wait to hear from the people in this group who have had their surgery!
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    listommom reacted to TMyers1471 in I Am Ashamed/embarassed   
    I'm going to be HONEST here because honesty is what works best for me. If you can't make it through one day of your pre-op diet, are you sure you are ready??? The reason I ask is because after the surgery, you can get seriously ill by cheating. I was on a liquid diet pre and post op for 3 weeks straight. It sucked. I was a sugar and caffeine addict, and, just like a junkie, I went through withdrawls. I had horrible tremors and felt dizzy a lot, but the doctor assured me it would pass as my body adjusted...and it did. I know it is hard. I think that you should be honest with your doctor. He is setting up a big surgery and treatment plan for you with the assumption that you are following his orders. Don't beat yourself up. You did it...it's over....tell your doctor...and resolve to follow the rules from here on out. I would hate to see you put your recovery at risk if you can't handle the pre and post op rules. Take care and kudos to you for your honesty.
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    listommom reacted to TinkerToyz in I Am Ashamed/embarassed   
    Everyone stumbles along the way. You made wise choices it seems, as long as the chicken was not battered and deep fried. Put your big girl panties and do better tomorrow. Don't beat yourself up.
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    listommom reacted to Imperfectlyperfect in Skin Changes!   
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    listommom reacted to enigmachik in I Made It Through My Surgery!   
    I had surgery yesterday and I'm recovering now. The surgery went well. I did lots of walking last night and a fair amount today. Today, was harder to walk because I'm very nauseous. But I survived. I'm excited, things are looking up! Thank you to everyone who said a prayer for me. Much love!!

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