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    Shape_Shifter got a reaction from Izuri in Stall - Day 12   
    Hang in there! {{hugs}}
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    Shape_Shifter got a reaction from mrscastillo in Stupid Mistake!   
    I made a point not to watch it before surgery. Now I'm queasy and know I don't want to watch it. I forgot to bring a tumb drive for the doctor to give me a copy of the surgery. Just as well.
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    Shape_Shifter got a reaction from elicia in Loosing My Hair And Needing Some Input :(   
    Wigs? does it really get that bad?
    I too have very long hair. I've been taking biotin and scheduled for sugery in 6 days.
    Try not to stress because I know from personal experience stress can make it very bad.
    I don't know if i would go so far as a pixie cut (personally) from long hair unless that's something you've always wanted but shorter hair will definately take the weight of and common sense says it will help. IMHO.
    I hope it improves.
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    Shape_Shifter got a reaction from Jack Fabulous in Embarrassment   
    Someone stood close to you. someone was concerned about you. I'm sure he was not alone. You WERE LOVED. YOU ARE LOVED. YOU WILL CONTINUE TO BE LOVED.
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    Shape_Shifter got a reaction from Izuri in T Minus 5 Days   
    I am 11 days preop. thinking about hitting stores tonight. can't seem to get my "list" off my mind. Good luck.
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    Shape_Shifter reacted to joiful in A Single List Of Items I Would Like To Do When I Loose Weight   
    I can't wait to play tennis again!

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