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Stall - Day 12



So I apologize in advance, I need to rant about this because it's driving me up a wall, and the more I get it off my chest the more I'll be able to let it go and keep moving.


I'm gonna start with saying I know my body is not my enemy, I know that it's retaining water and holding me at my weight because it's scared that I'm starving or something and it's trying to rearrange so it can function well in a low calorie environment. I get that stalls cannot last forever if you are doing the right thing. I know that someday eventually the scale will move in the right direction. That day is just not today.


That being said, it feels like I'm fighting against my body today. I feel hormonal (which I'm sure is normal burning fat and so low cal) and I just wanna get how I feel off my chest, because no one at my house really gets it, sweet as they may be to try to be understanding. I hate that I am stalled for so long so early out. In the scheme of my life 12 days is not a lot, and I will live through this, but right now 12 days seems like a long time. Especially when I am not even quite 4 weeks out from surgery. I was doing everything right, getting in walks twice a day, getting in almost all my protein, keeping my carbs low, getting my water in, and I just don't know what else I can do. Yesterday and the day before I tried eating a few extra calories - keep in mind we're talking maybe 750 calories or something, nothing mind blowing. I thought maybe if I give my body a chance to think that we're not in starvation maybe it would be more likely to let a few pounds go. Instead I gained. And now I am back up to 301. I am sitting here trying not to cry because I know it's so stupid to be upset about something I have no control over, and that is just a number on a stupid scale.


I know that I have to find ways to work through the stress of this, because the only thing stress is going to do is make me retain even more weight. At this point I can't wait to go back to work, if only to be able to get my mind off my weight and my food. Once I get back I will probably be cursing myself for saying that, but it's true, right now I need to have something to do. I feel frustrated because I cannot even eat anything good. No wonder my past diets failed. I have not been sleeping well since the surgery either, and I think this is also affecting my weight/mood. I feel like I'm PMSing 24/7 right now. I know it's stupid to think this, because every post where I've read someone say this they've eventually succeeded, but what if I'm stuck here for months? How will I handle that? I guess I didn't realize this would be such of a mind game - I never expected a stall to last so long 2 weeks out the gate.


Ok - now that I have given myself a chance to let my emotions come out and be a little irrational, it's time to keep on trudging. Since increased calories did not work, I will be working diligently today to keep my protein up and get in extra water. I am not going to let this stall beat me, even if it means I'm stuck here for the next six weeks. So far, I have been letting the scale beat me, but I'm gonna try and keep my focus on tomorrow. I may not have lost today or yesterday, but that never means I won't lose tomorrow. I think I will try and stay away from the forums a bit while I'm going through this process. It's hard to not compare my loss to others and wonder why my body is being so frustrating.


Dear body, I'm not giving up, so please just give in already.


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Hang in there. I feel your pain. I am almost 2 months out and have had 2 stalls so far this one is by far the longest. I eat like I am supposed to and I walk everyday not just for a stroll I walk 3 miles per day and love it but I never stopped to think that I am gaining muscle which may be keeping the scale where it is. It is hard the first time it happened to me I was heartbroken and seemed like it went on forever but when the scale finally moved it dropped 5 pounds. It has been harder than I thought it was going to be emotionally but I can tell you every day is getting better/easier its becoming my life. It is hard to get on here and read other blogs of people that have amazing stories that are going so well that’s why I think it is important that we all share the good the bad and the ugly. So Thank you for posting this you helped me today! I have stopped getting on the scale every day and every other day and just do it once a week and just focus on giving my body the fuel it needs and that has helped a lot! Keep your head up. J

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Totally understand how you feel and I am just past my 2 month post-op and I had a stall the other day but also added weight so depressed; however, I then realized I hadn't gone #2 in eight days! Yikes! So could that be part of your stall regularity?

Also, I have decided to only look at the scale on weekly basics because a lot can change in a few days and it's not so stressful for me.

Best of luck on your walk to healthy life!

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You are in the most common stall that there is... the "three week stall" that happens to almost all of us. Go up to the top of the vst page, in the search bar and look up three week stall.

Also, you will go through a "surge" of hormones. I don't remember when nor how long it lasts, just that omg I am so f'n hormonal, I felt like I was crazy. Just know this - it too shall pass.

Change your perspective. Concentrate on your "levels" .. by that I mean protein, how many oz of water you get in, etc. You will have many ups and downs in this journey and through out each trial, you will learn how to best equip yourself for the next hurdle.

You CAN do it! And the weight's going to start zooming off... watch. If I could, I'd bet money on that. And I'm not a betting woman... Hang in there sweetie!

OH and I (for a while) only allowed myself to weigh every Monday morning. Otherwise, it drove me nuts. Now, I don't care what the scale says as much. It varies (for me) up to 5 lbs a day depending on the time of the day. Limit scale time to once a week if you can!

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words and encouragement. Though I'm not glad to hear that you guys have stalls too (I wouldn't wish them on anyone!), it's nice to have it reaffirmed that I'm not alone =p

I have been getting in my water and using the bathroom fine, but I do think I'm retaining water. I am just gonna continue to stick to my plan as diligently as I can - it can't last forever.

I am trying to limit my scale time, I put the scale away, but we have another in the house and it's just been very tempting. I will have to be stricter with myself about getting on it! I don't mind the variance over the day - I am sure throughout the day I fluctuate because of water and everything, but it's the day to day same weight that drives me nuts.

I'm looking forward to when it finally drops again =) I guess it will just make it all that much sweeter when it does.

Thank you again for all the kind words - it really helps!

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