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  1. short story - i will probably be prescribed anti-depressants. However, I want to be careful about what I'm prescribed because I've heard that some cause weight gain (even if the manufacturer claims different). Please tell me your experience with antidepressants. Any that, in your opinion, i should definately avoid? I'm terrified of going backwards but I know I'm going to need it, maybe long term since depression runs in the family and my home situation is not good right now.
  2. I know everybody is different. I know it depends on your health. I know it depends if you cheat. I know it depends on if you work out and gain muscle. I know low-BMI's usually loose slower. I know....I'm just curious on the range of loss or even pant size loss.
  3. What is the best/smallest thing you have chosen to eat for maximum Protein? I am 4 months out. I have lost just about 55 lbs (now normal weight) However, in the midst of all this I am also going through extreme family stress. 2 weeks ago hair started falling out in clumps. I know I'm not getting enough food and I have to force myself to eat every day (stress reaction). I was eating better before the stress so I know its' not the sleeve as far as quantity. I am finally able to eat chewable Vitamins (about 3 weeks now). I haven't tried taking Iron because I wasn't able to tolerate it before surgery. I cannot seem to tolerate any Protein Drink, Soup and never could handle Beans (texture makes me gag). I've thought about protein shots but have been told its not the right type of protein. Do you
  4. Shape_Shifter

    Does Unjury & Iced Tea Work?

    Desperately trying to find a way to get more Protein before i go bald and waste away. the only way I have been able to get my liquid is slightly sweetened cold iced tea sipped all day. Cant tolerate fruit flavored waters, etc. since surgery. Has anyone tried unflavored unjury (or similar) with iced tea? I have wasted so much money on all types of Protein drinks, powders, shakes, etc. etc. im looking for input before I spend any more.
  5. For those of you who understand whey Protein vs. other protein.....please help me. I'm not as worried about continuing to loose weight...but continuing to loose hair. Basic question - is the protein in "protein shots" good for you at all? I know it's not whey protein and thus not good for continued weight loss but will it help my body with the excessive hair loss?
  6. Shape_Shifter

    Planar Fasiitis

    yeah, flip flops are the worse. Especially the thin ones that use to own 50 pairs. I was raised in the Virgin Islands so I ran with bare feet or flip flops my entire life and it kills me to wear sneakers in the summer (in Maryland now). They do make (very expensive) flip flops that I get at the running store that actually have arch support for those days that you just cant wear sneakers. Running store is best. But once you find the sneaker that works for you then you can price that sneaker around the next time you need a replacement (sports authority, etc.). Also, ask at the running store. If i buy sneakers I have 2 weeks to decide if they work for me. If not they will exchange. When you're paying $100 for shoes that's a nice touch.
  7. Thanks. I know I had read answers shortly after surgery but was having a hard time finding what I needed on my phone. I hadn't tried the shot yet, but was hoping it could help and even though nasty was something I could take in one gulp. Taking Biotin and multi-Vitamins. However, for several months wasnt able to eat enough, drink enough, take vitamins, etc. etc. I think the damage is already done and what will fall will fall. I cleaned my bathroom yesterday. I only walked in there twice since and this morning the entire floor was covered in hair. I hadn't even brushed it yet. Primary doc said i should stop loosing hair once my weight settles down. I actually dread stepping on the scale and seeing more weight loss because I know it will mean more hair loss. Always had thick, long hair and this is so upsetting. It's only been a couple weeks, i cant imagine this going on for months.
  8. Shape_Shifter

    Ladies - Uti Questions

    Thanks everyone. I was sleeved on Aug. 3rd. The first UTI the doc did a urine in office and as far as i know did not send it out. The medicine tore my stomach up but i took it all. The second UTI I called in (weekend) and explained how bad the medicine was the first time. They gave me something different that wasn't as bad. I guess it makes sense that maybe it never went away to begin with. I just found it ironic that a week after each visit it happened again. Unfortunately, I don't recall the prescription names. However, I did finish all the medicine, as prescribed, both times and definatley didn't have milk products despite one of them saying I should (because I can't seem to tolerate milk/shakes since being sleeved). I have a well woman checkup scheduled for Thursday in my primary's office. I'm going to see if i can move it up. Not going back to the same doctor that i've been seeing month. in 30 years of exams thsi is the first time I felt "off". Besides EACH time she managed to pinch a very sensitive portion of me!! EAch damn time!
  9. I'm 46 and never had a UTI until the last 6 weeks. 3 of them. It started a week after my first gyn visit with a new doctor. Got UTI medicine from my primary. I had a follow-up before an ablation procedure. next week 2nd UTI. Got refilled medicine. Had my ablation day before Thanksgiving. week later another UTI. Haven't spoken to doctor yet this morning. Having never had UTIs before i would like opinions. Problem with new doctor's office? (BTW i really didn't care for her but had to get procedure done before insurance change) Complication of weight loss? I'm getting enough fluids. IF this had happened 3 months ago that would have been my first thought. I'm not sure where to begin and I can't keep taking off work for this.
  10. Shape_Shifter

    Planar Fasiitis

    At the time I had the laser foot surgery I was uninsured so I didn't have to jump through all the hoops others do for surgery. The laser surgery was done in the office, didn't have to go under, etc. Definately try everything docs says first. It was a last resort for me. I probably would have waited until I lost weight in conjunction with boots, stretching, etc. but not walking was a much higher priority for me than weight loss (didn't want to admit it then). One thing the doc told me is to stop walking barefoot. Need that support. For the longest time my sneakers practically wen to bed with me. it helped. Good luck on Monday.
  11. Shape_Shifter

    Planar Fasiitis

    many years ago i had the same problem. I tried all the stretches, etc. but kept getting worse. had cortizone (sp?) shots which helped for a short time. Then I had laser surgery. It took about 3 weeks before I realized i wasn't limping anymore. The key for me was wearing good sneakers with the added arch support. Very weird feeling at first but once you get use to it all other shoes feel wrong. As soon as my feet started to bother me again i got a new pair of sneakers (you can reuse the supports). This helps dramatically. however, as I continued to add weight i could feel it coming back (i wasn't exercising). I had surgery 4 months ago, lost over 50 lbs and i can feel the difference. I do not suggest pushing it. see a good podiatrist. good luck.
  12. Shape_Shifter

    Maximum Protein For Minimum Quantity?

    Thank you everyone. I was planning on looking at Protein bars again now that i can handle a little more density. However, I love that list and have printed it out. I will take it to the store. Use to love tuna but the thought has my stomach revolting. not sure i'm ready for that. good luck everyone.
  13. Shape_Shifter

    Does Unjury & Iced Tea Work?

    thank you everyone. a friend had unflavored and i put it in iced tea before reading the posts -- yeah, milk in iced tea. did not work. i've gotten alot of samples and single serve packs along with spending way too much $$ on packages. I've just decided that shakes are not something i can drink anymore. I cant even stand the texture of milk. loosing so much hair it's driving me crazy. Ugh.
  14. Just curious what other's goals are after loosing weight? Your living bucket list... Personally, I'm hoping to enjoy amusement parks again with my family, not feeling alone in a crowded room and (hopefully) going skydiving again.
  15. Ok, it happens to most of us at one point or another. You've eaten the wrong thing too early, sudden aversion to certain foods, drinking to soon after meal, eaten 1 bite past full, etc. etc. Now you're uncomfortable, even miserable, producing slime like a Hag Fish. What have you found that helps you through this? Any remedies? Reliefs? Anything you found that helps? Please don't mention keeping a cup handy because the mere thought of that sends me gagging loosing everything else.
  16. Back up 2 lbs. Cant seem to really care though.

  17. Shape_Shifter

    Antidepressants & Weight Gain

    He gave me Wellbutrin twice daily. Hope it helps. Need to find my happy place. Thanks for the input guys.
  18. Its a long story but between my taste buds and EXTREME stress off the charts i'm not getting hardly any Protein and go days without eating. I was thinking about trying the protein liquid shots they sell at GNC or Walmart. Has anybody tried these? I figured I could take it like a little kid with medicine but would prefer the best product for the nasty taste (i'm sure). I know they're expensive but my health is really starting to suffer. Thank you.
  19. I am 2 months out and not getting my Protein in, or my fluids. If i force myself I end up gagging or I slime. That's why I was wondering about the protein shots. Hoping i could take it like liquid medicine (shot) and be done. I haven't been taking Vitamins because they tear my stomach up (i guess from being empty). I've tried so many Protein drinks and nothing agrees with me. Cold, warm, mixed, room temp, straw, w/o straw. Very frustrating. I've lost alot of weight (a good chunk has to do with the extreme stress I'm dealing with right now) and I've gone full days without eating or drinking any more than 8 ounces. Needless to say I'm tired. when I do eat I try to eat fish or chicken but I know it's not enough. Keep hoping if i can atleast get my protein in everything else will start to fall into place.
  20. Shape_Shifter

    Antidepressants & Weight Gain

    Thank you. good to know about the extended release. since alot of doctors dont even know what the sleeve is at least I can say what I cant have. My sister-in-law is on Prozac and she has gained significantly, despite watching what she eats, etc. She feels better but In my situation I don't think "feeling better" will offset weight gain at this point.
  21. 2 week stall; still cant drink/eat enough but trying

  22. where did you get them?
  23. Shape_Shifter

    Diet Coke Junkies

    I weaned myself down, first caffeine free, and then totally. I am now 7 weeks post op and I still dont care for any liquids at all. I dont drink diet coke beause I know the flat version wouldn't do it so it's not worth it but it is the one thing I miss more than anything after 2 months out. I'm tired of being thirsty and nothing quenches and I cant get enough of any liquid. Good luck.
  24. Shape_Shifter

    Sliming Again?

    With me it has lasted longer at times. I too believe its from too dry foods, not chewed enough, etc. Once I tried to wash it down but that's like flushing a clogged toilet. Dont recommend it
  25. Shape_Shifter

    Sliming Again?

    For me its right after stuck. i don't try to continue eating but probably hadnt chewed well enough or was too dense and body was doing what it could to get it unstuck.

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