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    NenaLinda reacted to ssriley in What Was Your Weightloss At Around The Three Month Check Up?   
    I'll be 3 months tomorrow and am down 67-lbs. Here is my tracking chart with daily weigh-ins which shows that our weight will fluctuate quite a bit but the trend will be down-slope all the time. Good luck.
    My Diet Track.pdf
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    NenaLinda reacted to desertmom in What Was Your Weightloss At Around The Three Month Check Up?   
    I had lost 52 at 3 months.
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    NenaLinda reacted to LovingmeForever in What Was Your Weightloss At Around The Three Month Check Up?   
    No complications here thank god! I am 3 month post up and I have loss a total of 45 pounds. I went fron size 18W to a 12. I am very happy with my decision. Good luck to you!
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    NenaLinda reacted to Cookeeeeez in What I Ate Today!   
    @nenalinda, maybe your not having enough healthy Snacks during the day? That doesnt seem like you ate very much during the day... I'm going to make an effort to buy more variety of snacks (fruit, nuts, Soups, yoghurts) to ease night time cravings....
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    NenaLinda reacted to Dooter in What I Ate Today!   
    Let's see.. I had an early meeting, so i had a
    Protein Bar for breakfast
    a salad for lunch that had spring greens, grilled chicken, fat free feta, tomatoes, walnuts, a few cranberries and raspberry walnut vinaigrette (all trader joes)
    dinner...leftover spaghetti and meatballs (about 1/2 cup with one meatball)
    and later i had 1/2 cup of cottage cheese with some strawberry goop in it.
    And I'm usually checking in at around 800 calories for the day.
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    NenaLinda got a reaction from zebrasprinkles in Top Weight? Goal Weight?   
    I have learned so much in the past 6 weeks. I have quickly noticed I can sabotage my weightloss with cheesecake!!!! And other soft sweet treats! As soon as I cut them out mentally the downward journey began. I am über excited with progress thus far!
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    NenaLinda reacted to zebrasprinkles in Top Weight? Goal Weight?   
    Wow nenaLinda! That is amazing! that just amazes me how much people are losing! I hope you reach your goal soon!
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    NenaLinda got a reaction from zebrasprinkles in Top Weight? Goal Weight?   
    My top weight was 271 and after 6wks of my sleeve I am 239 and my goal is 175lbs
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    NenaLinda reacted to Rootman in Is It Ok To Eat Doritos After Being Sleeved ?   
    Doritos (and the like) are the main reason we ended up NEEDING a VSG.
    Remember Protein first, carbs last.
    All things are permissible but not all things expedient.
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    NenaLinda reacted to Anakin Jay in Pizza, Popcorn, Brownies   
    I'm 3 months out and can eat absolutely anything like it's nothing... I just can't eat anywhere near as much. (I used to eat an entire large pizza to feel full... now I can eat 2 slices if I nurse it for an hour.
    I'm actually a little frustrated with how easy it is to eat I figured I'd just eat till I was full and I'd lose weight, but you still really have to watch your calories and diet.
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    NenaLinda reacted to FishingNurse in Pizza, Popcorn, Brownies   
    I could never wait until goal. I indulge in pizza or something similar 1-3 times a week. And have since 2 months out.
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    NenaLinda reacted to Cherrybomb in Pizza, Popcorn, Brownies   
    Well, apparently I'm the problem patient. I'm 3 weeks out and have bites of all three. I had the toppings off a small piece of pizza, ate popcorn one night on Ambien, and ate one tiny brownie when my husband baked some.
    I'm steady losing weight, 72 lbs since February of this year. I just log my foods at myfitnesspal and make sure to get my Protein in. If I start making certain foods off limits completely, I will go insane. My sleeve only holds about a tablespoon of solid food so not a big deal to me at this point.
    According to my surgeon's diet, I am still supposed to be on pureed. He let me move forward due to my inability to drink Protein drinks post-op. I chew very well and the only things I cannot eat yet are bread and raw vegetables.
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    NenaLinda reacted to mesaucedo in Where To Shop For Clothes   
    I ebay a ton for clothes and also goodwill. I hit up thrifts too.
    For work I had to give in and buy special pants but I found them at Walmart for 13 bucks.
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    NenaLinda got a reaction from Capt Derel in Protein Bars   
    I make my own Protein bars so I know what's in it.
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    NenaLinda reacted to jaymzee in Protein Bars   
    I just made my first batch of homemade Protein bars! You can make them small and they are great.
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    NenaLinda reacted to Smiley79 in Need Some Encouragement?   
    Absolutely LOVE this!! She is adorable!! Let her words encourage you today, where ever you may be on your journey!
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    NenaLinda reacted to tonibugg in For The Slow Losers   
    What an inspirational post! My surgery isn't until the 29th so I don't know if I'll lose it slow or not but it is one of the things you think about. Your post makes me "ok" with losing slowly if that is how my body wants to lose it =) Thank you for your perspective! So happy for you and your family, afterall we are all doing this surgery to be healthier and if our family becomes healthy in the process then we've gotten back more than money or any discomfort that it may have cost us. God bless you and your family on your continued success with your journey!!
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    NenaLinda reacted to LadyIvy in For The Slow Losers   
    I have to tell you, every day I don't lose another lb I am glad I had this surgery. It reminds me how VERY strange my body is with weight loss. I usually average about 800 calories a day, plus my workout and I usually just net over 400 calories (If I don't include my BMR). I will go a couple weeks and not lose a single lb. Or I will lose 7 lbs in a week. My body loathes to let go of the bad stuff, even as I build up the muscle layer underneath it. I am a slow loser, its okay. Do I have days where I get a little ticked? Yeah. I am working like crazy and watch others losing at twice the rate. Again, is that okay? Definitely, because I see lots of benefits to losing a bit slower too. Less extra skin, less hair loss, faster cognitive recovery, less tired (although some days I am not sure about this last one). I measure myself every couple of weeks and am steadily losing. No, it is not immediate, and I know I am doing everything exactly as I am told to. I look at my choices every day. The way my family and I live life now is unreal some days. I offered my husband the chance to get a cheeseburger and he said "No thanks, I don't feel like being sick for the next two days". Everyone is not only physically healthier, but our family budget is healthier too! Instead of taking my son out to dinner for his birthday, I used the money for him to do Chemistry Camp for an entire week (kid loves sushi and it is pricey). When we do go out, I either order an appetizer or my husband has lunch for work the next day. We actually walked out of a restaurant last week because they couldn't not fry something and the only veggies they had was corn or fried. In short, I know watching other people lose 18 lbs a week is frustrating when you struggle for that healthy 1 or 2. I don't know about you all, but even though it is slow going, one of my biggest motivators is knowing that once a number is gone, I am never going to see it again.
    Not in a million years would I trade my sleeve. I get frustrated I can't eat as much as I want sometimes (I miss my big salads). I get frustrated when the scale wants to move slowly (or not at all). However, the quality of life that my family and I now have is wonderful! I get time taking walks or bike riding with my son every day. My husband is making people jealous with the wonderfully yummy food he takes to work every day and yet managed to lose 40 lbs.
    Keep up the great work and don't give up.
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    NenaLinda reacted to Butterthebean in So The Hubby Likes An Ample Rear, What If I Lose It All?   
    Lunges are the worst. They had to be invented by some psychotic personal trainer who hated all of mankind. But yes, they will pump up those glutes.
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    NenaLinda reacted to TaiDyed in So The Hubby Likes An Ample Rear, What If I Lose It All?   
    Squats and lunges...excellent butt firming exercise!! I'm bottom heavy - total pear shape - and ideally I'd like to keep my shape. Just less of it. Even the flattest of backsides can get some lift from a good does of squats and lunges.
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    NenaLinda reacted to Jack Fabulous in So The Hubby Likes An Ample Rear, What If I Lose It All?   
    Well, if you lose more than you want you can always get butt implants. I hear a certain type of men get them to give them a "rounder" look. LOL
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    NenaLinda reacted to courtney333 in Its Offical Im In A Stall   
    Your body has a lot going on! It's asking itself lots of ?'s! Be patient! I was there! I'm a month out &around 2-3 weeks I had no movement in my weight! But then it was 2 sudden drop then 2
    More! Ive lost 26 lbs in a month! It will come as soon as its ready too! BM are a problem for me too! So just let your body get used to your sleeve! Best of luck
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    NenaLinda reacted to ShannonK in Its Offical Im In A Stall   
    Day 17 - no loss last 4 days. 20 pounds gone forever so far...Thank God for this website, or I would be freaking out. I am eating right, drinking, and it will be okay.....
    Doctor said hide the scale....yeah right!!!
    But I have faith.....
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    NenaLinda got a reaction from candle lady in Over Eating   
    You never regret eating healthy, you always regret eating unhealthy. I actually ate better before surgery to get my mind right. Salads and more salads. The weight will still take effort to come off and you will think back had I been this weight the day of surgery I would be this weight post op had I not went od.
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    NenaLinda reacted to sleeve 4 me in Popcorn After Gastric Sleeve Surgery....   
    It was a few months out, and I could only eat a few kernels literally LOL, now I can eat a whole lot and it's sooooo yummy

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