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  1. NenaLinda

    What I Ate Today!

    Ok... Here goes B- 1/2 scrambled egg 1 slice of bacon L- 1/2 piece of Tilapia highlander brand) D- 4 naked chicken wings FRIED!!!! Snack- Energy Vitamin Water Do not follow my example here bc I paid dearly for poor choices w a 1.5lb weight gain , very sad about this... Feeling like I can't get control sometimes
  2. NenaLinda

    Top Weight? Goal Weight?

    I have learned so much in the past 6 weeks. I have quickly noticed I can sabotage my weightloss with cheesecake!!!! And other soft sweet treats! As soon as I cut them out mentally the downward journey began. I am über excited with progress thus far!
  3. NenaLinda

    Top Weight? Goal Weight?

    My top weight was 271 and after 6wks of my sleeve I am 239 and my goal is 175lbs
  4. NenaLinda

    Is It Ok To Eat Doritos After Being Sleeved ?

    I just ate Doritos and feel full regret
  5. NenaLinda

    Pizza, Popcorn, Brownies

    I'm about 5 weeks out and have fallen into temptation! I too can eat nearly a whole slice no crust in about twenty min. I feel horrible bc I know it's not in the diet plan but I feel so dam deprived and it didn't hurt to eat it
  6. NenaLinda

    I Was Bad...sugar Today

    I cheated w a skinny cow heavenly crisp 4weeks post op! I feel what ur going thru
  7. NenaLinda

    First Time Drinking Alcohol Post Op

    Can't wait to hear some answers. I'm about 4wks post op and have just wanted sangria but avoided it bc of high sugar content.
  8. NenaLinda

    Protein Bars

    I make my own protein bars so I know what's in it.
  9. NenaLinda

    Protein Bars

  10. NenaLinda

    Protein Bars

    Macadamian cliff bar is amazing. But sadly high in carbs.
  11. NenaLinda

    Its Offical Im In A Stall

    Nearly a week and no loss and no loss of inches... Is my body used to this amount of food?
  12. NenaLinda

    For The Slow Losers

    I'm officially a slow loser...
  13. NenaLinda


    From the album: Pre Surgical Photos...

    This was taken the day of my first meeting w my ipad2 weight around 267!!!!! The numbers just keep going up! I can't wait for the sleeve date 7-24-12 at noon!!!!
  14. NenaLinda

    Its Offical Im In A Stall

    I'm 2 weeks out and lost a rapid 20lbs and I'm at a stall!!! So I'm ok for now... It's been 3 days and no drop but I know their is no way this eating 500 calories a day will not equal weightloss. It just can't be mathematically correct... So I'm being patient.
  15. NenaLinda

    Over Eating

    You never regret eating healthy, you always regret eating unhealthy. I actually ate better before surgery to get my mind right. Salads and more salads. The weight will still take effort to come off and you will think back had I been this weight the day of surgery I would be this weight post op had I not went od.
  16. NenaLinda

    Chewing 30 Times

    Yes I was told this 25 x
  17. NenaLinda

    Off To The Hospital

    No it was very uncomfortable as they pull it out but other that that I kept my pain meds close by so maybe that's y I didn't feel Te pain.
  18. NenaLinda

    How Much Did U Lose...

    2 weeks out -19lbs
  19. NenaLinda

    2 Weeks Post And Scale Going Up Slightly!

    Our bodies adjust to what we are now eating and it will continue to drop if you continue the proper food stages from your surgeon.
  20. My preop appt consisted of weight 269, height 5-6.5", urine sample, blood work, EKG, and a chest X-ray. Anesthesia woman came in and asked a bunch of questions from what medications do i currentlytake, when was the last time i took them. She asked if i took any drugs or marijuana. They ask because smoking cigarettes effects healing and so can marijuana use. She asked if i bruised easily or have been sick recently. Everything took maybe a couple hours. I was told the estimated amount of this vsg surgery is $65k and the insurance allowable portion is 10% so out of pocket I have paid to the hospital $2,142.00 (not including meds and prep foods) not bad considering the surgery is so expensive. I just hope no other bills are sent to me... Now on to patiently waiting for surgery day.
  21. I wasn't offered a payment plan at the hospital, I sure wish I was offered that because the $2k+ was a chunky amount I didn't have just lying around but it's done and hope I don't get more bills...

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