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    kah1213 reacted to TamiWBThin in november sleeve   
    Hi Heather~
    I'm doing well and about seven months out now.. How are you doing with your weight loss? Mine has slowed down, although I am very happy with 72 lbs. that I have lost. I started to take measurements over the last few months, which helps in seeing inches lost when the scale doesn't always move.
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    kah1213 reacted to Heather246 in november sleeve   
    Good morning.... I got a new cell phone a couple months ago and I guess I was logged out of the group.
    How is everyone doing?
    How is everyones weight loss journey?
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    kah1213 reacted to kia h in november sleeve   
    Current weight it 162 down from 237 in November

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    kah1213 reacted to Heather246 in november sleeve   
    I'm doing pretty good. Weight loss has slowed down to 1-3 lbs a week on average. I'm beginning week 9 and have lost 41 pounds since surgery. I'd like to hear how everyone else is coming along too...
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    kah1213 got a reaction from Heather246 in november sleeve   
    How’s everyone doing? Stalls? Progress? NSVs?
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    kah1213 reacted to Unclechaz in november sleeve   

    As I see it, I'm on borrowed time. I have a six month honeymoon period I'll never have again. I don't see cheating as an option for myself. I see so many other people on this chat struggling to lose weight after 8-12 months. I didn't go through all of this to reach the halfway mark. You got this. You know what to do.

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    kah1213 reacted to SabrinaGoddess in Has anyone kept their surgery a secret?   
    Yep! After my lapband failed in 2012 people told me how they really felt! I found out many who I thought were supportive were not at all. So when I decided to get sleeved (Dec 9, 2019) I only let a hand full of family know!
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    kah1213 reacted to Lynda486 in Why am I not losing?   
    The first plateau happens at about week 3. Keep following your Dr.'s plan and the weight loss will pick up again!
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    kah1213 got a reaction from HappyHikerGal in november sleeve   
    Almost 1 month out and I experienced the stall at Week 3 that everyone talks about. So glad I read about it here so I didn’t freak out...but it DID pass and scale is moving again ;)
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    kah1213 reacted to Bustyphemale in november sleeve   
    Sleeved 29th. No pain when swallowing

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    kah1213 reacted to anita5397 in november sleeve   
    I am new here. I just had my gastric sleeve  surgery on the 26th of November. I lost 90 pounds prior to surgery. Finding it difficult to get my Protein Shakes down since surgery. Right side pain has been the most limiting for myself. 
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    kah1213 got a reaction from MsMx3 in november sleeve   
    I’m on the other side! VSG yesterday (after having band removed 11 months ago). Overall I’m feeling pretty good. I recall being in more pain (gas etc) after band surgery.
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    kah1213 got a reaction from MsMx3 in november sleeve   
    I’m on the other side! VSG yesterday (after having band removed 11 months ago). Overall I’m feeling pretty good. I recall being in more pain (gas etc) after band surgery.
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    kah1213 got a reaction from MsMx3 in november sleeve   
    I’m on the other side! VSG yesterday (after having band removed 11 months ago). Overall I’m feeling pretty good. I recall being in more pain (gas etc) after band surgery.
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    kah1213 reacted to Chardonnay40 in november sleeve   
    5 days post and feeling almost normal. I have been walking 2x a day 10 min each. Yesterday I got 60 grams of Protein in. Today I'm estimating 80. I realized this morning I still like the shakes over the Protein Water.
    I will say I'm getting appetite back and it's all head hunger. I have ordered my pureed groceries for next week as I'm anticipating eating mushy food. As I'm looking forward to phasing out of liquids.
    My pain is also minimal. I also have not gained or loss since I went in for surgery but I'm not concerned yet about weight.
    Hope post Novembers are doing well
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    kah1213 reacted to GothGal in november sleeve   
    I'm up tomorrow! 8:30 (EST) surgery. I'm excited to finally make this step!
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    kah1213 reacted to BayougirlMrsS in Revision   
    I feel great!!!!! Few things i noticed differently. With the band i was never hungry. I find with the sleeve i get hungry but after 2-3 bits... done. Recovery was soooooo much easier. I was up and walking with in hours. One good day of rest at home and i was good to go. Zero pain, not even joking. I had no pain. My dr said even with the hernia repair he has never seen someone take no pain meds. That was on a Wednesday and i sware i felt i could go back to work (desk job) on Friday. But i didn't, i went back on the Monday. I had no issues with incisions. It was hands down the easiest SX i ever had.
    I went yesterday for my 12 week check up and I'm down 30.5lbs. I'm at 143.0...... Whooooooop. This is what i weighed on the day my wonderful band was removed.
    I found the band was a more gradual change in diet vs sleeve which is wake up and you can't eat.... Well, of course, your on the "special diets". I had a week before of clear liquid, clear liq the week of, then week of full liq, week of puree/soft.... then reg. diet. I'm finding the some of the food i couldn't eat with the band are now foods i can't eat with the sleeve. Rice is a no go. bread i can do one or two bites if it's toasted well, thin and whole grain (daves powerseed). Potatoes only if they are mashed or baked reallyyyyyy well. Protien is a bit harder to get down..... chicken, steak..... fish is working good.
    This sx i told no one and i am soooooo happy i did. No one to monitor me, watch me, ask why im not losing fast enough... or too fast..... Or asking me why... Your already small... uhgggg. Now i just say im dieting and doing crossfit. which is true. None of my kids, family, friends or co works know. I'm out of state from my kids, family and friends so it's pretty easy. My co workers i just told i was having hernia sx..... which was true also.
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    kah1213 reacted to HappyHikerGal in november sleeve   
    On the loser's bench and feeling quite good. Tired and feels like too many situps. Just so happy it's over [emoji2][emoji380][emoji2]

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    kah1213 reacted to Deedee12 in Lap Band Removal   
    I just realized your band is already out!! Lol. Congratulations! No need to feel isolated. You are in a great many company 🧡

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    kah1213 reacted to pita4404 in Lap Band Removal   
    Four days ago I had my Lap Band removed. It was put in 11 years ago. Because of a newer health condition and the medication I take now, the band could no longer be safely filled or released.
    Lots of tears because I felt I had failed. At one point, I was 28 pounds from my goal weight. Then a truck hit me head-on, sidelining any further progress.
    As I am healing, I am hoping this removal rids me of the problems we believe were being caused by the band.
    Nausea, slight heartburn and reflux, gas and bloating etc...
    Has anyone a similar experience to share. I feel isolated because we all know how hard it was to get the band. People around me dont realize what we went through.
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    kah1213 reacted to Elektra51 in My revision is finally scheduled   
    After many months of jumping through insurance hoops I’m scheduled for November 26th for my revision from lap band (2008) to rny.

    And the new journey begins!

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    kah1213 reacted to al0vely in Revision   
    I had the band to sleeve revision this week. Once my stomach healed I never felt full / satisfied from the band. The full-o-meter never worked like it was supposed to. I am hoping for better from the sleeve - I can’t keep gaining because I am taking years off my life.
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    kah1213 got a reaction from SheilaS in november sleeve   
    Hi. 👋 I’m 11/29 revision to sleeve.
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    kah1213 got a reaction from SheilaS in november sleeve   
    Hi. 👋 I’m 11/29 revision to sleeve.
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    kah1213 reacted to BayougirlMrsS in Revision   
    Is there a reason you're not losing? are you have trouble? are is it just to lose more?
    I would start by looking at why it's not working. Is it your food choices? Overeating? Not exercising? The reason i'm saying this is because if its those things, a new WLS won't fix it for the long term. You have to start within.
    I would suggest, if you haven't already, get the myfitnesspal app. it showed me how much i was really eating vs what i thought i was eating. I had the band for 7+ years and maintained 89lbs.... but when the band was removed due to a slip.... i gained 30lbs. Sure it took 2.5 years... but i couldn't lose it. I thought i was doing everything right.....Then when i started the process of revising to the sleeve, i started logging everything.... I found i was making bad choices, overeating and not exercising as much as i thought i was. That was in July, i got sleeved Aug 28th...... and things are back on track.... but i'm still logging in my food and exercise. Keeps me accountable.
    Band 2009 SW: 232, LW: 130, weight at removal 143...
    Sleeve 2019 SW: 173.5 , Today 144.4..... Goal is to get back to 143 (1 more lb to go) or 140 if poss.

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