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  1. Riss1908

    Yeah! Im Over My Stall

    Thanks everyone!! I really appreciate the support!
  2. For the last few books my body had been playing around the 198-201 mark. GRR!!! After running my first 10K and focusing on getting in a few extra oz of Water. I'm down to 186!!!! I'm sooo excited. I have a mini goal of hitting 175 by the time I got to Vegas in May. I'm confident that I'll be able to hit the 145-150 mark by September. (I want to wear a swimsuit for my bday)
  3. Life is fun and fab these days!! I am well into the wonderland club. 194!! I am running and feeling good with my size 12 skirt from NY & co skirt I wore today. Anyway, my sister was initiated into my sorority today. And that requires me to wear the dreaded evil pantyhose. Well!!! I purchased regular stockings. I did not have to play the 45 minute wiggle game only to get them half way up my butt! I slide them on with easy no busting out or huge run when I try to sit down. . In the past, that sound that pantyhose produce when you are walking makes me feel like I'm gonna start a forest fire. (guys! It's comparable to nails on a chalkboard)
  4. Riss1908

    This Has To Be My Favorite Nsv

    You look fantastic. How much have you lost?
  5. Riss1908

    2 Month Body Shot Update

    Thank you Beth and Jimmy!! I am working my butt off!! Lol
  6. Riss1908

    Bye Bye Stall 3 Pds 166 From 223 W/pic Update

    You look awesome. What is your goal?
  7. Riss1908

    2 Month Body Shot Update

    Click on one you like and you should be able to create your own!
  8. Riss1908

    2 Month Body Shot Update

    Thank you!! My starting weight was 265. Day of surgery I was 240.
  9. Riss1908

    2 Month Body Shot Update

    YEEEEEAAAAA!!!!! i MADE IT TO WONDERLAND!!!! My goal was to have it off by ST.Patty's day!! I made it with one day to spare. Im soo excited.
  10. Hey everyone! I am thinking I want to run a half by my bday in September. I would really like a buddy that is also interested in running. That way, we can share articles, tips and motivate each other. anyone interested?
  11. That is wonderful!!! I had my VSG on 12/28. I am at 200.0 ugh sooo close!! Congrats on this major accomplishment!
  12. Riss1908

    One Year Out

    OMG!!! You are my hero!!! You look amazing. Did you workout? I want your killer legs!!
  13. Riss1908

    2 Month Body Shot Update

    Thank you! I come here for my inspiration. I love looking at everyone's progress photos.
  14. Hey hey! Look at you pretty lady!! I love your little black dress. Keep up the hard work.