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  1. Hey everyone! I am thinking I want to run a half by my bday in September. I would really like a buddy that is also interested in running. That way, we can share articles, tips and motivate each other. anyone interested?
  2. For the last few books my body had been playing around the 198-201 mark. GRR!!! After running my first 10K and focusing on getting in a few extra oz of Water. I'm down to 186!!!! I'm sooo excited. I have a mini goal of hitting 175 by the time I got to Vegas in May. I'm confident that I'll be able to hit the 145-150 mark by September. (I want to wear a swimsuit for my bday)
  3. Riss1908

    Yeah! Im Over My Stall

    Thanks everyone!! I really appreciate the support!
  4. Life is fun and fab these days!! I am well into the wonderland club. 194!! I am running and feeling good with my size 12 skirt from NY & co skirt I wore today. Anyway, my sister was initiated into my sorority today. And that requires me to wear the dreaded evil pantyhose. Well!!! I purchased regular stockings. I did not have to play the 45 minute wiggle game only to get them half way up my butt! I slide them on with easy no busting out or huge run when I try to sit down. . In the past, that sound that pantyhose produce when you are walking makes me feel like I'm gonna start a forest fire. (guys! It's comparable to nails on a chalkboard)
  5. Riss1908

    This Has To Be My Favorite Nsv

    You look fantastic. How much have you lost?
  6. Hey there! I just wanted to share my 2 month update. I think I was a little more than my highest weight of 265 in the picture. I am 206 now. This last few steps to Onederland are taking forever. I hope I can get it off by St.Pattys day!
  7. Riss1908

    2 Month Body Shot Update

    Thank you Beth and Jimmy!! I am working my butt off!! Lol
  8. Riss1908

    Bye Bye Stall 3 Pds 166 From 223 W/pic Update

    You look awesome. What is your goal?
  9. Riss1908

    2 Month Body Shot Update

    Click on one you like and you should be able to create your own!
  10. Riss1908

    2 Month Body Shot Update

    Thank you!! My starting weight was 265. Day of surgery I was 240.
  11. Riss1908

    2 Month Body Shot Update

    YEEEEEAAAAA!!!!! i MADE IT TO WONDERLAND!!!! My goal was to have it off by ST.Patty's day!! I made it with one day to spare. Im soo excited.
  12. That is wonderful!!! I had my VSG on 12/28. I am at 200.0 ugh sooo close!! Congrats on this major accomplishment!
  13. Riss1908

    One Year Out

    OMG!!! You are my hero!!! You look amazing. Did you workout? I want your killer legs!!
  14. Riss1908

    2 Month Body Shot Update

    Thank you! I come here for my inspiration. I love looking at everyone's progress photos.
  15. Hey hey! Look at you pretty lady!! I love your little black dress. Keep up the hard work.
  16. You look amazing!! Thank you for sharing. Now I want to do the Disney Half!
  17. Look good honey!!! Keep up the good work.
  18. Riss1908

    2 Month Body Shot Update

    Thanks everyone! !! I love my sleeve. I hope I still have my curves in 50lbs. I
  19. Riss1908

    2 Month Body Shot Update

    :) thanks everybody!!
  20. You look amazing!! Walking in Grand Canyon!!! You rock chica. Thanks for sharing! You inspire me.
  21. Riss1908

    NSV shout outs

    I have a jaw line!! it's small but it's still a win.
  22. Riss1908

    December sleevers!

    Hey everyone!! I was sleeved on 12/28. I started at 265. I got down to 255 on my own with diet and exercise. Preop I got down to 240 and I have lost 34lbs since surgery. 9 more pounds before I reach my first goal!!! I am craving popcorn. I am scared because of all the calories. If you have myfitnesspal.. Add me. We can encourage each other.
  23. My nickname and the year my Sorority was founded..