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  1. Smilecharmer

    Is This Long Of Stall Normal?

    So glad i read this post I have been at a stall for 3 months. I'm very frustrated and aggravated. I'm trying to add more exercise. I weigh myself everyday I'm sure that's not best thing to do. Very disappointed.
  2. Smilecharmer

    8 month "stall" & disgusted with myself

    Wow, I am so grateful I found this forum. I am struggling bad. I haven't lost any weight in 2 months and I had surgery on 01/18/2012. I love to snack and I find myself snacking at work all the time. I can't fool myself when I look in the mirror I still look 350 lbs and I have lost 80 lbs. I so want to ge to my goal weight and just don't see that happening. I'm struggling with exercise and just not sure what to eat anymore. I need help and my will power back.
  3. Smilecharmer

    Wedding Dress Blues

    Hi 2bonederfulagain, thanks for the info I located a store in my area!!!! I will check them out Friday!!!ô¿ô
  4. Smilecharmer

    Wedding Dress Blues

    I have looked online but after going into the store i am not sure what size to order i would hate to pay all that money and the dress does not fit. Plus i am pressed for time. Thanks for the info. Have a good day!
  5. Smilecharmer

    Wedding Dress Blues

    Hi Ladies, I am getting married next month and still don't have a dress. I went to davids Bridal to buy one off the rack. I have lost 66 lbs and I still need a size 26 wedding dress but i can wear size 22 pants. This was very disappointing. My question is does anyone have a beautiful dress in a 26 they want to sell or know where I can purchase one off the rack in ohio, chicago, or Indiana? Any help would be great ahving a small vegas wedding. Trying to get rid of at lest 10 lbs in 2 weeks....lol Thanks for your help.
  6. Smilecharmer


    I am so disappointed with my weight loss, I had surgery on Jan 18, 2012 and I have been at a stall for over 4 weeks, My scale is stuck it fluctuates 3lbs up or 3 lbs down. I drink my water, eat protein and exercise at least 2 -3 times a week, Just venting. Have a good day!!!!!
  7. Smilecharmer

    Home- The Aftermath....

    Good luck on your journey. I was having what I thought was hunger pangs once I returned to work they went away, to busy to think about them.
  8. Smilecharmer

    Nagging Doubts

    Hi, I feel your pain. I'm on day 62 and I have only lost 54lbs. I am trying not to feel sorry for myself. I have been on a stall for the past 3 weeks. I hope you can find piece in knowing that the weight will come off if you are exercising and eating properly. I went to see my Doctor and I was not satisfied with the weight I had lost, but I continue on. I hope you can find peace knowing that this is the best support team right here. Hang in there put your big girl panties on and together we will support one another. I wish you the best of luck on this journey.
  9. Congratualtions....must be a good feeling.
  10. Smilecharmer

    Working Out!

    Thanks Rediscover, it's time.
  11. Smilecharmer

    Working Out!

    I didn't make it to the gym today but I went online and found some old Richard Simmon videos....LOL. I haven't sweated like that in a long time... I worked out for 20 minutes and then I got on my elipitical machine. I am proud of myself. Starting today I am taking control of my life again. Here's to the new me.
  12. Smilecharmer

    Un-Clutter Your Life

    Very nice, I needed to read this. thanks.
  13. Smilecharmer

    I Am Scared And Trying To Keep The Faith

    Lissa, Thank you so much. After I wrote this I said i was going to focus on getting the protein in and doing more exercise. Boy 64 oz is a lot of water to try and consume but I guess if others are doing it I can to. My clothes are looser so thats a good thing. Thanks again . Thanks so much for the
  14. I am scared I am gaining weight, I purchased a scale about 3 weeks ago and I weigh myself 3 to 4 times a day and each time it says something different. I am struggling with what to eat, I think I am doing the right thing and it seem like I am gaining. My Doctors office called today to inform me I was dehydrated and needed to go in and get fluids. I came home got on the scale and it went from 301 this morning to 309 is that right is it normal. I am scared, I am failing, I am not losing the weight I thought I would. I am going to go back and see the Nutrionist to get some help with my meals ans portion sizes. I want to be successful with my weight loss. I started this journey at 349 lbs, when I went to my post op I was 307 lbs, my scale has not gotten down under 300lbs and it's been about 3 week. I have an elipitical machine that I have been using and i am still not losing. Any advice would be helpful. I do mess up and eat the wrong thing sometime but for the most part I am faithful, I have trouble getting the calcium down it makes me nauseated, I am trying to find one I really like. Thanks for listening I appreciate any help, and advice you can give.
  15. Smilecharmer

    2 Month Post Op Update

    Thank God you are feeling better.

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