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  1. Yeah..... the 40 lb mark!!!!!

  2. godsgirlnky

    Is This The Green Zone?

    Had my first doc appointment yesterday in which there was no adjustment made. It has been 6 weeks since my last appointment. I haven't felt hungry between meals since that fill, and still pretty good restriction. Definitely noticing a difference in the way my clothes fit. I have lost 7 lbs in the last 6 weeks, and 7 lbs the month before that. I am starting to feel a lot more energetic and my body actually CRAVES exercise (my body has NEVER craved exercise--it would just go along with it begrudgingly...LOL). Overall I am feeling really good. Praying that I've reached the green zone and continue to see some steady loss on the scale--the inches are good too though............ God Bless!
  3. godsgirlnky

    Nsv = New Jeans & New Size

    WONDERFUL!!! Keep it up!!!
  4. Ready to hit the gym. This rain is making me SLEEPY!!!

  5. I take a chewable vitamin and a Viactive calcium chew everyday. I also take a 1000 mg Biotin each day. Other than that, I just make sure I am getting plenty of protein. Pray you are doing well!!!
  6. godsgirlnky

    Banded Yesterday

    Congrats!!! Look forward to hearing how you are doing!
  7. Leave it to me to get cottage cheese stuck---really????

  8. Leave it to me to get cottage cheese stuck---really????

  9. godsgirlnky

    1Day Post-Op

    Glad to hear that all is well. I was banded on 12/27/11, and I too had the hiatal hernia repair done. I wasn't prepared for just how bad that was going to hurt in my back....thankfully I had two meds to take that knocked me out cold for a few hours at a time. Let us know how you progress. And, Good Luck!!!
  10. godsgirlnky

    Green Zone???

    It has been a while since I've posted. I just had another follow-up appointment yesterday, and I lost a whopping 7 lbs this month. My doctor said that is pretty borderline for what they look for in the green-zone, so he did a .5 cc fill and then set me for another 6-weeks instead of the usual monthly visit I have had since surgery. I have lost a total of 30 lbs since I have started my journey. 6 before surgery and 24 since. It hasn't been real steady weight-loss yet, but at least it is in the right direction. Praying this is the Green-Zone!!!
  11. godsgirlnky

    Green Zone???

    To answer your question Bear Lake....... I was banded on 12/27/11, so I am just three months into this. Chrissylu, I also still want to snack between meals. I do get 'hungry', but most of the time I have to have gone at least 4 or 5 hours without eating before I start really feeling it. The rest, I think, is just my mental hunger....LOL That's a little more difficult to tame, I think. Thank you GermaineF....and I surely trying.
  12. godsgirlnky

    Pain On The Port Side

    Well, I have to say that I am three-months post op and I still get the pain from time to time. I think Butterfly Effect may be on to something......... and I guess the shifts in our bodies may add to this??? I think everybody else's guess is as good as mine.....LOL
  13. godsgirlnky

    Pain On The Port Side

    For the past couple of days I have had tenderness and pain on the side with my port. It happens when I am turning or reaching up/bending down. I haven't had pain on my side since healing from surgery. Has anyone else had this happen???
  14. godsgirlnky

    Green Zone???

    This is my third fill.... and Thank you!
  15. godsgirlnky

    Green Zone???

    I now have 4.5 cc's and I have a 10 cc band. I'm not sure how most people 'know' they are in the green zone. I guess I'll know if my weight loss is steady each month and I am not hungry between meals?
  16. Looking for that Green Zone!!! Could this be it???

  17. Woot Woot!! Finally--a full pant size down!!!

  18. Spring Break--Here I Come!!!

  19. godsgirlnky

    Super Bowl Regret

    You can doooooooooooooooooooo it!!!!
  20. godsgirlnky

    Dallas - Need Dr. Recommendations

    I used Dr. Robert Snow out of Hurst. He works with True Results and also hasLone Star Bands. I loved the staff at both offices, and Dr. Snow is very personable. He seems to be interested in all aspects of his patients' health with the band (physical and mental/emotional). I would recommend him any day!!!!
  21. First Fill successful---and not hungy again!!!

  22. First Fill successful---and not hungy again!!!

  23. First Fill tomorrow.....hope it'll jump-start a some more loss!

  24. godsgirlnky

    Bandster Hell Or Real Fire

    Right there with ya.............. My scale hasn't moved in three weeks--I get my first fill on the 25th (2 days)....and am praying that will jump-start a little more loss............. Working/Waiting toward/on that 'Green Zone'...........
  25. godsgirlnky

    Reminder Info For Everyone

    I was banded on 12/27/11, and since I went on mushies the scale has not moved (three weeks). I am now on solids, I have been walking/exercising everyday, taking in plenty of fluids, and making sure I get my protein. I only eat about a cup of food per meal, and no snacking in between (I have not felt hungry at all since surgery)..... I go in for my first fill in two days, and am hoping that will jump start some more weight loss....... trying not to get obsessed to get on the scale every day, but it is getting hard...........