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    Caribear reacted to Cazzy in Confession Of A Mad Fat Woman   
    we all have a self destruct button and sometimes we just press it.. u wrote down all that u felt and did and that in itself often will put into perspective what actually happened. The wrong thing to do would be to repeat what u did again and again and again, its done now, put that day away as a bad one and move on to a better one.
    footnote .. dont buy stuff like that again !
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    Caribear reacted to MelVan in Confession Of A Mad Fat Woman   
    I appreciate you for sharing your food binging trigger being linked to sadness and feeling sorry for yourself. I certainly have experienced that as well...feeling unloved, doing too much for others expecting a thankyou, love, attention...not getting it and then binging as I dull the emotional pain.
    My bigger issue is stress related. I have to drive 2 hours to have my apts related to my lapband surgery 3/21/12. Every time I passed a hurdle apt., I would stop somewhere on the way home and buy a lb. of fudge or go out to eat by myself. I felt I needed to treat myself because I put myself out so much and risked so much in the pre op apt(gas money, difficult traffic, extensive medical history, psych interview, nutritionist interview, hospital preop etc).
    I am 80 lbs over ideal weight with many comorbidities because I use food for reasons other than hunger"my drug of choice".
    I have heard "insanity is doing the same thing over and over , expecting different results"
    We all need to learn new ways to deal with our emotions. I am considering this a rebirth, a new baby stomach and a new way of thinking. It is hard to change but we are all brave for trying to improve our lives and health. MelVan
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    Caribear reacted to phatkatblue in Random Body Feature I Hope To Get.....   
    i can't wait for my boobs to stick out more than my belly!
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    Caribear reacted to honk in Super Busy, And The Confounding Question   
    I had people say the same thing. My question for you is have you ever lost weight only to regain it? I know I have. At 12, 18, and 30 I lost over 100 pounds only to regain it plus. Another thing to tell them is only 5% of people that lose a major amount of weight keep it off forever. Those aren't great odds.
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    Caribear reacted to phatkatblue in Super Busy, And The Confounding Question   
    22 lbs is awesome! you are right though, you and only you can make this decision. my husband is a weight loss machine when he puts his mind to it. two summers ago he lost 60 lbs, that's right 60 by exercising and changing his eating habits...he gained it all back plus 20-30 more over the winter...last summer we started attending these wls seminars together and he told he was definitely getting the band. he was more sure than i was with my co-morbidities and threats from my pcp that my insulin and syringes were waiting for me at the next doctor visit if i hadn't lost weight...i was puzzled because he has always been able to lose weight easliy. he told me it was the maintenance piece that he felt would be helpful with a tool. he got banded earlier this week and although he did not have to do a pre-op diet he lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks prior to his surgery...none of his health care professionals questioned his decision to go through with the surgery and he feels that he made the right decision...
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    Caribear reacted to caligalles in Very Disappointed In Myself... :(   
    Caribear - thank you so much for the reminder about the sodium. I just checked my food diary on myfitnesspal.com and I am averaging 4000 - 5000 mg of sodium a day!!! OUCH! Now, I need to figure out how to undo this. I LOVE salt, but obviously, it is NOT loving me! LOL. Thanks again!
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    Caribear got a reaction from caligalles in Very Disappointed In Myself... :(   
    I agree with the above posters, you can do this! You can always start over.
    Something you may want to check on is your sodium intake. My nutritionist said that if your diet is too high in sodium it will cause your weight loss to stall, plus it can make you retain water which will make the number on the scale go up. I was eating 1200-1800 cals per day, burning between 250-600 per day with exercise, and eating low-carb, but wasn't losing weight. My family doc was stumped because for me, 1200 cals is a very-low-calorie diet. My nutritionist told me to keep my sodium below 2000 mg per day, and voila, I lost 5 pounds the first week and have been going down a pound or two per week ever since.
    I know it's one more thing to keep track of, but it might help you get started in the right direction again. Sodium can be sneaky! I was floored to find out that my lowfat 1% cottage cheese has 918 mg per cup !
    I know you can do this. Just try to see it as a temporary setback that you can overcome. I'll be praying for you!
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    Caribear got a reaction from SueQueRN in Stress And How The Band Has Helped   
    I'm sorry you've got such a rotten decision to make, but so proud of you for making such great decisions! And it's fantastic that you have such supportive people in your life. Good luck in your decision, I'll be praying for you.
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    Caribear got a reaction from chrissylu in Me? An Inspiration?   
    Great post, Chrissy! Isn't it funny how when we're going through stuff, we always wonder "why, God, why?" but when we come out the other side and see how our experiences affect other people, we see that He had it all planned out the whole time? Thank you so much for taking the time to inspire others, and congratulations on your success! God bless you!
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    Caribear got a reaction from legnarevocrednu in Passed First Goal!   
    Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!
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    Caribear reacted to lellow in Calories In V. Calories Out Is B&#%!$@!t   
    I agree. It's frustrating but the simple answer is = we're not made up of math. Our metabolism is affected by lower calories, our BMR is not stagnant, you retain water more in certain environments than others.
    So the short answer is, if you keep up what you're doing, you will lose weight. It's not going to necessarily happen in a week. It's not going to happen in a month, maybe. But when you look at your weight loss over the course of a few months, you will see that you've been losing if you stick to this plan.
    The thing is, this irregularity is why people fall off the wagon. They do all the right things and yet they plateau. It doesn't seem fair. But your body is changing, even if you can't see it on the scales. So don't give in to emotional you and listen to rational me. The band works. Look at my pictures. It works.
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    Caribear reacted to ♥LovetheNewMe♥ in Calories In V. Calories Out Is B&#%!$@!t   
    Emotional MorelGirl, I do understand how you feel. I have been banded for 16 months. I stayed the exact same weight for 5 months. I tracked my calories, I increased my activities, I too tracked and recorded every morsal I allowed to cross my lips, I increased my protein, I decreased my calories, I thought I was eating to many fats. Actually I almost drove emptional me off a cliff. I has my band adjusted 4 weeks ago and I drop 15 lbs in no time, first time the scales have moved in months. I can't explain it, neither can my physician. Moral of my story, hang in there, if your eating right and exercising the weight will come off maybe not as quickly as you want or would like but it will come off. Oh and I do agree, it is B*&^%T about the 3500 calorie to loss a pound. My BMR told me I needed around 1600 calories just to maintain my weight, I have faithfully ate 1000 to 1200 calories a day for over a year. Keep working it, at least exploding with words will burn some calorie and it's better than a piece of cake.
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    Caribear reacted to Tanya_cotto in Eating Stuff I Don't Like And Positive Changes In Our Household!   
    Good thinking! I would also recommend that you start reducing your liquid intake when eating since you'll have to wait 20-30 Mins after you finish before you can drink. Its hard if you stop once you are banded! Keep up the good thoughts!!
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    Caribear reacted to Allison0927 in Paranoia, Party Of One? Your Table Is Ready   
    little trick that works for me - may be worth a try - every "once in a while" (maybe once a week or 10 days) go way up in calories - you will post a gain the next morning (i know - i weigh religiously every morning - once a day) then immediately go back to your 1000 calories or less per day - (i'm on 800 calories per day per my surgeon) for me it "shocks" my body back into weight loss and prevents plateaus - and bonus it's something i know i can keep up forever (knowing i'll always have a cheat day here and there). I'm 98 pounds down - 7.5 months from surgery - and hardly have exercised. It's working for me - just thought i'd pass it along....
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    Caribear reacted to 123crod in Eating Stuff I Don't Like And Positive Changes In Our Household!   
    Sounds like your on the right track!
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    Caribear reacted to Holly Dolly in Eating Stuff I Don't Like And Positive Changes In Our Household!   
    one thing that has changed for me after the band is eating what I really like to eat. Before I would do mindless eating and eat just because it was there. My work is bad and there is always tons of food around. Since I don't eat that big of a portion anymore I savor every bite til the end! I enjoy food way more now than I did before, and never thought that could be possible. I am not one of those that the band has made indifferent to food and not hungry.
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    Caribear got a reaction from summer08 in 1St Blog   
    Congratulations on all your success!
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    Caribear reacted to Lluna in From: Something I Just Had To Share   
    Beautiful !!! Thanks for sharing.
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    Caribear reacted to Joyce Real in From: Something I Just Had To Share   
    Wow this is amazing!! Thanks for sharing.
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    Caribear reacted to jennifer1 in Godly Love   
    awesome blog! thank you for sharing!
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    Caribear reacted to Jen C in Physician Supervised Diet: Month 2   
    Hey, I'm sure you can! I have my 1st appointment to discuss the lapband surgery next week! It sounds to me like you are doing everything right. Good luck...JEN
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    Caribear reacted to bluetigereyes in What A Disappointment....time For A Deep Breath   
    Thanks! I put my head down earlier, had a little cry and got it out, that helped alot. I got a little pick-me-up when I checked my bank account and my tax return was deposited today...I wasnt expecting it until at least next week. So, that gave me a little bright spot to my day....Words of encouragement help and I'm feeling a little better. I guess I just needed my own little pity party for a bit and now the party's over
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    Caribear got a reaction from shadowstacey in Passed My Exams!!!   
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    Caribear got a reaction from Lady S. in The Truth About Medicaid And Weight Loss Surgery   
    I also have medicaid in Ohio (Caresource) and am being covered - doing my 9 months now. But I also wanted to add that if your BMI is over 50, you only need one comorbidity according to my doctor and my surgeon's paperwork.
    Thanks for posting this, I know I was really confused about this stuff when I first started thinking about WLS.
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    Caribear reacted to loverslanelodge in Having A Rough Time   
    I have been there and I so understand the pain! Have you thought of going to a pain specialist? I finally started in April of 2011 and now I am so glad I did. I get injections down my neck that has helped my headaches so much (I have cluster migraines)! I also get a shot my lower back, they put you to sleep and do it in their office at his clinic. He put me on Nucynta and I can finally do things again. It helps the pain so much! It took my body a little while to adjust to the meds (about a month) so now I do not feel tired every time I take it. When I first started out with my pain doc, I got shingles in my spine and the pain was the worst I had ever had but he was able to help keep it somewhat bearable. Now that it is over, I can truly say I do not know how I went all those year in so much pain and did not lose my mind. He even gave me meds for the break through pain that happens to me every time the weather changes or we go between warm and cold. The winter months are so hard for me I hurt so bad that I end up in bed most days but not this winter I am able to function so much better. I praise God every for leading me to a pain specialist!! Try it you will not regret it! Debi

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