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  1. CVWillis

    Labor Day Challenge 2012

    Check in CW - 220 I'm so emotional about my weight loss. I saw a pic of me and cried in PUBLIC! I look soooo small! It's a good thing but I was overwhelmed! I'm in a size 14 I haven't worn a 14 since high school and even then I was considered big. I want to lose 50 more to reach my goal of 170. My surgeon isn't happy with with my lost. He feels I'm 20 pounds behind where I should be. But his nurse is always encouraging & positive. She's had weight loss surgery and understands. I'm emotional & excited! Happy losing everyone!
  2. CVWillis

    Labor Day Challenge 2012

    Check in CW - 228 I'M falling short on the h20. But trying everyday. Doing good with working out. Right now my knee & back hurts.
  3. CVWillis

    Labor Day Challenge 2012

    I'm in! CW - 230.6 GW - 215 Work out 4 times per week Drink 64 oz of pure H20 This time I won't let life throw me off my plan!
  4. CVWillis

    July 4Th Challenge

    Update I am hanging steady @ 230. I'm exactly 230.6. I can't get pass 230 to save my life!!! I have had some trying times with friends TOTALLY tripping, but I will not be discouraged the journey continues!
  5. CVWillis

    July 4Th Challenge

    I actually gained 2lbs (TOM) but finally lost them! CW-230.4 GW -220 TOTAL LOST - 6LBS (including the 2 I gained)
  6. CVWillis


  7. CVWillis

    Make-Ahead Help

    I was in the same place as you. What I did was start making make ahead meals, too. Google Eggface ... she has lots of recipes that can be made ahead. I use her site for inspiration. However my go to quick food is chicken. I season a pack of boneless chicken breast & thighs with garlic & herb Mrs. Dash & olive oil then put it on the George Foreman. Put them in individual freezer bags and I'm set. I have also done pork chops & turkey burgers, too. I can eat them anytime for any meal. I also eat alot of veggies. I cook 2 or 3 veggies then put them in little storage containers and freeze those too. Plain greek yogurt with a pack of Splenda & sugar-free fruit is something else I keep on hand. I hope this helps ...
  8. CVWillis

    July 4Th Challenge

    I'm in. I usually sit on the sideline and watch but I'll try to see what happens ... SW - 296 CW - 234 GW - 220 & workout 5 days per week. Fingers crossed!
  9. @Writegirl - I am semi-hating this too and some times I feel profane about it as well!!! But as my daughter tells me everyday, "what's done is done and now you have to learn to live with it." It's very very hard; I take it sip by sip, day by day.
  10. I was having the very same issue. My advice is just keep trying. I try to drink 3oz every hour. But this is something that I started this past Monday. And it was sooooo hard at first, but it has gotten better. I am still at a deficient with Protein, but my Dr. told me to concentrate on getting hydrated. PLEASE just try!! Keep trying!
  11. CVWillis

    I Can't Drink Crystal Light Anymore

    I can't drink it either! Nor can I can drink anything "suger-free". I drink tea, diluted juice, coffee, and water. But honestly tea and coffee (especially coffee) are my favs.
  12. CVWillis

    The Disappearing Birthday Girl

    Good Luck and Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
  13. CVWillis

    Please Help! Hungry

    I wish I could give you some advice. I don't have an appetite at all. I have to set a timer so I can drink. My suggestion is measure your food based on your what the Dr. says and when you feel hungry do something. Take a walk, call a friend, read a book, write here on your blog. Wishing you the best!
  14. CVWillis

    My Mascara Story

    I love it!!!!

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