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  1. Hey Hey! I just wanted to quickly share this website i came across this morning while on my daily google search for exercises to build my Abs and Buttox. The website actually gives you a short video on how to do the work out as well as nutrition facts and information. I think it is very helpful and this will definitely go down into my bookmarks. The website is (drum roll)...... http://www.shapefit.com/ I hope you all enjoy and please let me know what you think! If you would like to know more about my weight loss please follow me on twitter: @EisSoPhresh
  2. I really enjoy a Protein shake that i came acorss here at my local health store. It's called 'JEM' it only requires 6-8oz of Water or beverage of your choice and 1 scoop of powder which equals 32 grams ( i get the rest of my protein from meats and the food i eat considering im 10 weeks out) of protein. I drink the chocolate once per day and once i start working out its recommended to take in two. www.jemnutrition.com/products.html
  3. I'd recommend looking into the jelly or liquid form. My vitamins would hurt my stomach post op and they were the same vitamins now i am taking the jelly form and picking up the liquid calcium this week,
  4. I'm 3 weeks out and still regretting it! I have prancreatitis and the DR's just continue to make me NPO for a few days untold my pancreas deflat a bit. If I would've know that this could possibly happen I would've skipped out on the surgery and looked into a personal trainer. The pain has gotten better however I'm still in pain and my inflamed pancreas flucuates every time I drink something. I have not been able to start my purée stage due to this. So YES I absolutely regret it and still may even after this passes. I personally don't feel that you need to kill yourself this way.
  5. Hi everyone I'm still at the hospital was told I'll be released tomorrow. I hate pain and I'd say this is probably the hardest prt of this journey. However the surgery went smooth. They said I am doing well. For any of you whom may follow my other content I lost the 5 lbs as needed prior to yesterday I was 236.2 when I checked in Look forward to meet size 8 and maybe even 6 if they want to be friends
  6. Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I Will stay positive and pray that all goes well I'm feeling a little more positive today ONE MORE DAY!
  7. Hello Sleevies :biggrin2: My surgery is scheduled for this wednesday 11/9 at Fountain Valley Regional hospital in Fountain Valley CA. I'm a Kaiser patient, however. I had to lose 10% of the required weight and I've struggled with the last 5 lbs. Now Im afraid that I may be rejected due to this. Anyone get sleeved at this hospital and experienced the same thing? My coordinator from Fountain Valley told me not to worry since I've pretty much loss the bulk of the required weight but I am unsure still. Maybe I'm getting cold feet at the last minute and a little anxious. Any suggestions would help
  8. EriMonae

    Am I losing weight too slowly?

    It depends on the person and you are ahead of the game! My girlfriend is two months post and has lost 30lbs.... Unfortunately gaining the weight didnt happen overnight and losing it definitely wont happen over night. Pace yourself because you need to remain healthy while losing.
  9. EriMonae

    "Liver Shrinking"- the pre-op diet?

    My surgery is in 6 days and i am going nuts! I was told i had to lose 10% of my intial weight prior to my surgery date and i have 6lbs to lose. Dont think i can do it but i will shoot for 4lbs by Nov 9th. My coordinator told me i am fine and i just need to do a clear liquid diet the day before surgery. I was not told about the liver shrinking however GOOD LUCK with your operation :aureola:
  10. Hello Sleevies or on your way to be Sleevies!!! This is probably more so for the people whom hasnt had the surgery yet! My surgery date is November 9th and I'm at a stand still. I've lost 17LBS on my own and it came from just literally changing the way i consumed foods and i stopped the MCDonalds and Burger King and went to El Pollo Loco and Trader Joes instead. That lasted about 3 months and now I'm back eating the unhealthy stuff. Taco Bell, Carne Asada Burrito's and the list goes on! BUT I still eat the healthy stuff I enjoyed from Trader Joes. So my weight hasnt changed and Im not exercising any more like i usually would. I'm afraid I will gain a all of my weight back before my surgery. Are any of your struggling with the same thing? I know its a sense of mind control, however i feel as if because i know mentally that the surgery date is approaching I'm begining to binge eat I hope Im the only experiencing this nightmare lol.
  11. Hi Anyone use Dr.Francis Kelly from Fountain Valley Surgical Facility in Fountain Valley CA? This is my surgeon and my surgery is scheduled on 11/9/11. Any feedback would be helpful
  12. EriMonae

    Breast Loss

    How's that even possible? Did you lose 60 lbs in 2 weeks or something?
  13. EriMonae

    Hey Guys

    How's everyone doing? my dates is scheduled for November 1! Im beyond excited!!!
  14. EriMonae

    The dreaded hair loss

    I read some where that it's lack of Protein which causes your hair to shed. It isnt permenant but because your body is lacking proper nutrients it affects the hormones. Similar to stress- when you stress you can either lose your hair gain or lose weight etc. Your body is going through a drastic changes and needs to readapt at this point. Hope this makes sense ladies/gents
  15. Yup I think u are a little more excited then I am but it's only because It's really here! Im excited more than you know and happy that you're here to hold my hand along the way!

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