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  1. Hi, I consider myself a slow loser. I haven't actually reached my goal yet. I'm 47lbs away and im 6 months post op. So far I've lost 73lbs total including pre-op weight lost but 49lbs lost since nov 9th (surgery date). I just went to see my NP last week and she said I would be able to reach my goal in the next 3-6 months as long as I exercise and eat right.
  2. EriMonae

    Hey Guys

    Hey Chris Thank you! The hard part is over! Which is actually making the decision to do this and actually getting it done. I learned the hard way to take it one step at a time considering i had complications after surgery . But now it is worth it. So my advice to you is stay positive and when you feel nervous just post on the forum and trust me there will be many whom will respond to help you overcome any feelings you're having. I can't wait to see pictures Have a positive day! E
  3. EriMonae

    Hey Guys

    Thanks so much ... I actually went two months without weighing myself because I wanted to get thru the ruff patch of not focusing on the numbers. BTW numbers mean nothing to my body LOL I have to lose at least 20-25lbs before I can see a difference or wear a different pants size . I've learned that everything is mental and we are to just take it a step at a time. I was paranoid in my 3rd and 4th month but now Im not worried anymore ... And congrats to youuu!
  4. EriMonae

    Hey Guys

    Hello All! I'm 2 days shy of being 6months Post Op. Down 73 lbs( including pre op weight lost). I was a size 18 the day of my surgery (Nov 9,2011) and today I am a size 12. Looking forward to my last 47 lbs lost and hoping to be a size 6 or 8. I've posted a before and after photo in my profile. Hopefully that's a little motivation for you all
  5. EriMonae

    Hey Guys

    Congrats to you! Stay strong and all will fall into place before you know it.
  6. EriMonae

    2Wks To Start Pre Op Diet

    I went to trader joes and purchase a lot of low calorie meals. I'd eat a chicken tamale for lunch or dinner and a Protein shake for Breakfast. I was also riding my bike everyday for an hour. I didnt deprive myself but i didnt eat any junk food. I made sure to take in low calorie foods to where i was only getting in avg 6-800 calories a day. I use to love sweets prior to my surgery and now i dont eat them (ok ok maybe once a month lol) You will do good just cut down on the carbs and take in protein first. It's almost like you are eating now what you will have to eat post op. Good Luck!
  7. EriMonae

    Im Soo Sleepy

    I am 10 1/2 weeks post op and im still always sleepy lol.. i take my Vitamins and Protein shakes but idk what it is. Im thinking as time goes on it will improve. My energy level has increased significantly in the last month or so but i could probably sleep all day if i wanted to. Maybe a little exercise to but it is probably to early for you. Well what ever it is it shall pass. I use womens one a day and i take additional Calcium gel caps, Vitamin D, b1,b12 and soon to start my iron!
  8. Hey Hey! I just wanted to quickly share this website i came across this morning while on my daily google search for exercises to build my Abs and Buttox. The website actually gives you a short video on how to do the work out as well as nutrition facts and information. I think it is very helpful and this will definitely go down into my bookmarks. The website is (drum roll)...... http://www.shapefit.com/ I hope you all enjoy and please let me know what you think! If you would like to know more about my weight loss please follow me on twitter: @EisSoPhresh
  9. EriMonae

    Am I Slow Loser

    I thought I was a slow loser as well but just as longer-life mentioned the higher BMI the moreyou lose in a shorter time frame and the lower BMI you lose less but the weight comes off. This isn't really a quick fix and we wont drop all of the weight in 2 months. Just give it time and it will come off gradually. My nurse told me to be sure to take my Vitamins which consist of B1, Calcium, B12, Vitamin D and a multi vitamin- as long as i do this it helps my body and my weight lost. I am 11 wks post op today and my weight has fluctuated between 213 and 215 for the past 2 weeks. However my size 16 jeans are big on me lol and just 2 months ago i couldnt even get into these jeans. My fitness pal is great and also try planning your meals/snacks a week ahead if you can all of this helps in losing weight. You've received some really great advice from everyone in this thread. Just give it time and be patient OH and banana's are actually great especially for potassium thats what my DR told me but unfortunately my stomach doesnt agree with them :Banane55:
  10. I really enjoy a Protein shake that i came acorss here at my local health store. It's called 'JEM' it only requires 6-8oz of Water or beverage of your choice and 1 scoop of powder which equals 32 grams ( i get the rest of my protein from meats and the food i eat considering im 10 weeks out) of protein. I drink the chocolate once per day and once i start working out its recommended to take in two. www.jemnutrition.com/products.html
  11. Hi LeLe 36lbs in 2 months is great! And you are on the right track. You may even be losing more than others in that time period due to your beginning weight. I'm two months out and I've lost 22lbs. I think of it as a great start considering we didnt put the weight on over night and its coming off much faster then it wouldve if we were trying to diet on our own. Keep positive thoughts and take care :aureola:
  12. I think you are on the right path and losing as expected. You've lost a lot of weight and Im sure it isnt noticable to you but is to others. However you'll be at your goal before you know it. I was 260 when i first started my journey and now Im 218 I can see results when i put on some of my clothing BUT I can still fit into them and it takes me forever to actually drop a pants size but I refuse to beat myself up. I'll continue to look at the scale and go off of that. Good Luck and take care... Your journey has just begun! Source: Am I At Least Average On Weightloss?
  13. I think you are on the right path and losing as expected. You've lost a lot of weight and Im sure it isnt noticable to you but is to others. However you'll be at your goal before you know it. I was 260 when i first started my journey and now Im 218 I can see results when i put on some of my clothing BUT I can still fit into them and it takes me forever to actually drop a pants size but I refuse to beat myself up. I'll continue to look at the scale and go off of that. Good Luck and take care... Your journey has just begun!
  14. Hi Stephanie I agree with the others you should definitely consult with your surgeon. Sounds like you shouldve remained on liquids a little while longer. Also your stomach is still healing and it wouldnt be a great to idea to advance yourself speaking you cant hold something down. To answer your question. I did my liquids on and off for two weeks because i was in and out of the hospital. During the 'puree' stage i did and still am doing really soft foods anything i can puree in my mouth. No chicken i tried chicken and did well but had to stop eating it because of digestion. Next Tuesday 12/27 is my official hard food stage but im in no rush considering im enjoying the soft foods. Hope this helps and good luck.
  15. Hey Hey Hey! I was sleeved 11/9 and actually had some complications I was in and out of the hospital the entire month of November. This is actually the first week I’ve felt GOOD! I had so much pain it was ridiculous and I haven’t experienced any in the past two days. Im hoping everything goes completely uphill from here. Finally able to get some good sleep and lay on my right side lol.. Im eating foods that are easy to chew and become mushy no red meat yet but crab and scallop was dinner last night. I cant get to much down but I take my time. Hope you all are well and taking care of yourselves.
  16. I'd recommend looking into the jelly or liquid form. My vitamins would hurt my stomach post op and they were the same vitamins now i am taking the jelly form and picking up the liquid calcium this week,
  17. lol I had pickup stix (Chinese) twice omg i was so scared when my last 3 days came! I literally went to Trader Joes grabbed a lot of low calorie food and worked my butt off and lost the last 7lbs needed. Now that Im thinking back i shouldnt have jeopardized myself like that but FOOD is a temptation and with the sleeve you will learn to have it under control!
  18. Im 4 weeks POST OP and YES that is normal! My surgery date was 11/9 and I was back and forth. I hardly gotten any sleep the final week. I was beyond excited during the approval stages, labs, and classes i had to attend. I kept telling myself something will happen and i'll be set back hehehehe... But I had a few minor complications after and now I am starting to feel like myself again. I'd say just keep a positive mind set and you will be ok. GOOD Luck
  19. I'm about to go crazy. I've only lost 38lbs total including my pre op loss and i caught a glance at my thighs and i hate what i see! How do i fix this??? Unfortunately I've been in and out of the hospital and im still experiencing some discomfort. So i cant really do hardcore exercise... What do i do for now? I literally have dents in my thighs Anyone experience this and fixed the problem? Thanks!
  20. Well im sure it is for the best and congrats on being sleeved and considering u are able to respond i'd say you are doing well I know how that goes my girlfriends drains stayed in for 1 week as week and she hated it. Take it easy and the 13th will be here before ya know it.
  21. Oh im so going to starbucks once my 7th week approaches which is in 3 weeks! I can not wait!! Thanks for the info i was totally deleting starbucks out of my daily!
  22. Pre Op weight 260 Day of Surgery 236 Sleeved 11/9 11/28-222 Lost 14lbs in 2 1/2 weeks and 38lbs in total. I havent weighted myself since 11/28 but I will give an uppdate by next week
  23. It depends on the DR honestly. I didnt have one but my girlfriend did (OF COURSE TWO DIFFERENT SURGEONS) If your concerened about getting one or not you'd have to ask your surgeon really.
  24. Tomorrow will make 4 weeks for me POST OP for me and I accidently drank from a straw two days ago because i'm so use to drinking with one and all i can say is you experience the same burps and gurgles as you without one. Everyone is different just be careful and you wont know until you try it lol. Good Luck!
  25. I'm 3 weeks out and still regretting it! I have prancreatitis and the DR's just continue to make me NPO for a few days untold my pancreas deflat a bit. If I would've know that this could possibly happen I would've skipped out on the surgery and looked into a personal trainer. The pain has gotten better however I'm still in pain and my inflamed pancreas flucuates every time I drink something. I have not been able to start my purée stage due to this. So YES I absolutely regret it and still may even after this passes. I personally don't feel that you need to kill yourself this way.

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