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  1. Iliana82

    Coffee Protein Drink

    I use Click or Big Train Fit Frappe they are delish
  2. Omg I did too!! hahaha small world, He is handsome hahahaha just sayin
  3. I can relate. The beginning is the worst. First you just had surgery and you are getting use to the smaller stomach. Second you have several food restrictions. Its a lot to take in especially when you are in a social atmosphere. I was frustrated myself as well. I bought so many proteins and hated them all. No worries you will soon (3 months post op) start getting use to the smaller stomach, find a protein you love (I love CLICK and BIG TRAIN FIT FRAPPE buy sample packets try them out) the swelling will start going down and you will be able to fit in a little bit more of food. I remember throwing up,heart palpitations (from sugar I ate ) feeling dizzy (from not drinking or eating enough). It was all trial and error for me. You will get the hang of it, for now it is hard and frustrating. Thats why we are here! Support :-) You will soon get to a point where you think you are eating a lot and people are like "yea right!" lol. I see you are in the LA area, who did your surgery? I live there too.
  4. Iliana82

    Protein Bars

    I am in LOVE with POWER CRUNCH bars, they are yummy. Vanilla, Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Cookies n Cream. I have gotten several people hooked on them. I find mines at 24hr fitness, trader joes, gnc, bariatric pantry, rite aid or vitamin shoppe. YUMMMY seriously
  5. Iliana82

    Lmao Literally

    LMAO hahahahahahahha thanks for the laugh
  6. Iliana82

    6 Months Out...30 Pounds To Goal!

    Girly so am I!!!!!! I started in that pant range for surgery and I am in a size 12 with 30lbs to lose!!! Doesn't it feel great?! Let me know how you are doing? I noticed I am losing weight slower now. I wonder is it is due to the lower BMI? I can tell a different with energy and movement, can you? It feels awesome!
  7. Let your doctor know about your symptoms. I had similar ones and it happens when I am dehydrated. Stay on top of your fluids. I also had heart palpitations when I had ingested too much sugar (a bite of vanilla ice cream) thought I was gonna die! I get dizzy when I don't eat much and workout too much, my sugar drops, so I carry emergency glucose tabs. I learned what my body is doing in different situations, since you are so early out, let you doctor know. But drink fluids and make sure you eat.
  8. Iliana82

    When Can I Start Eating Bread?

    If you were to eat this, try sugar free jelly. Honestly I am six months out and I cant take a bit out of sandwhiches or anything that has bread. Makes me feel horrible. My fav food was pizza and now I can have a bite or two of thin crust and I am done.
  9. I can totally relate. Happened to me when I was a size 16/18. Now I am a 12 (single digits come soon pls!! ) and shopping in regular stores. It feels awesome to have some many choices but I still feel weird and I feel that people are staring at me thinking fat girl get out of our store. I know it's my mind playing tricks on me. It hasn't gotten use to the idea that we are not that size anymore. Congrats!
  10. I can eat more for sure but I still cant eat a lot of foods like hotdogs (2bites and I am done) that have bread in them, kills me!
  11. ask if you can take the prevacid earlier, I took prilosec right off the bat, per doctors order.
  12. oh hold on, you had surgery this week?? umm call your doctor
  13. I can relate to this topic. I have yo yo so many times. When I met my boyfriend, I had lost 50lbs then gained it all back because of health reasons. A year and a half into dating I got the VSG. I am 6 months post op and I am way smaller than when he first met me. I did noticed a difference. He is more attentive and is more hands on compliments fly off the roof now. I first I was like wow, did he not like me before? Did he think I was ugly?? It bothered me. Then I got to thinking, yes he did like me, hence we were together. But at that time I didn't even like myself, I could barely stand looking in the mirror and I couldn't take a compliment because I always shot it down. Now that I am loving the new me, so is he. Enjoy the ride!
  14. Iliana82


    Try and stay motivated, which might be really hard, especially when you have other people questioning your decision. Write out why it is you want to do this for yourself, the benefits, and refer to it when you have negative thoughts. Research, join support groups and be active in them. I am almost 6 months post op and I don't regret this decision. Yes, weight loss is challenging, it isn't easy, even with the sleeve you still have to work at it. But I tell you its the best gift I have given myself.
  15. crush the tums if its really bad. I would follow up on monday with your doctor

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