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  1. Two years and counting. It’s been two years since my gastric sleeve surgery. I honestly can’t believe it’s been that long. I’m going to ramble here a bit, but hope you will indulge me on my second birthday Weight: I’m hovering right at 180 right now. Down to 177 some days and up to 182 some days. That’s a reasonable range for me and represents about a 240 lb loss. I met with a plastic surgeon who think I’ll lose about 25 lbs of skin during my lower body lift. That would put me in the 155 – 160 range which is solidly in the normal BMI range for my height. In fact, the surgeon said I shouldn’t lose further so that there would be enough subcutaneous fat to make the contours of my body right once I’ve had plastics. So this is where I want to sit for now. I’ve maintained at this weight level since April 20th this year. Health: So far so good. I am due to have my vitals checked out but I feel quite well. I seem to be doing well with blood pressure and blood sugars and that’s great. I thought my gout was completely resolved but I have had one flare up. So I’ll have to watch that one. However, I don’t see feel that there is anything that I would hesitate to take on limited by my health for my age. A few weeks ago I had some landscaping rock that needed to be moved quickly. I moved over three yards of rock in a four hour period. I expected to pay for that the next day… however I didn’t. WOW that’s a big change for someone that had a hard time climbing a flight of stairs two years ago. When we say this is life changing….. it is LIFE CHANGING!!! Lifestyle: Oh boy… this is the second biggest reason I did this after my health and it has filled the bill in full. Amongst the things I have done since surgery: SCUBA advanced certification and several dives; amusement parks and Water parks (with my nephews and my close friend Jennifer from the boards); Intercontinental travel to the Canary Islands, Europe and India; horseback riding; sailing; walking hours and hours whenever I want; feeling closer to my wife and feeling equal to my friends; less job anxiety and fear of changing jobs if I want… That was a lot of activity and a lot of satisfaction. Additionally, I have developed a bit of a cross addiction to clothes. I expected that to be honest and I’m pretty happy with it. I’m wearing mediums and smalls (mostly smalls) and 32-34 inch waist in my pants. Way down from 5x shirts and 62 (labeled… really much larger pants). I lost a shoe size as well. I love walking into any store (Ralph Lauren this weekend) and just buying stuff and having it work. I’m holding off on the big ticket items (suits specifically) until I have my lower body lift (hopefully in February or March). I can’t wait. So far I have been thrilled with the low cost of clothes and I’m now moving from quantity to quality. In total, I’ve donated more than 15 big bags of clothes over the course of my journey. I’m acting as mentor to some others having surgery and I’m appreciative of my mentors and friends too. I remain in contact and am continuing to work the support system here and at my hospital. I’m so so happy with this aspect of my weight loss. My relationship with my wife is good and she is now planning to have the surgery as well. I won’t say that there haven’t been some tense times. These kinds of lifestyle changes don’t come without complications but I am so looking forward to her joining me after the surgery. She has mentioned, gulp, skydiving… we’ll see. Relationship with Food: Overall – pretty happy here. I do miss quantity eating sometimes. - especially when I have something really good sitting right in front of me. So the only quantity item that I eat is lite popcorn. Otherwise, small portions of really good food. Carbs are still not the center of my world as they were before surgery. I focus on Protein rich foods with other items sprinkled in to add variety. I’ve probably had 10 Desserts (just two or three bites) in the past couple of years. That’s no longer compelling to me. That blows my mind as I was a dessert junky before. I probably rely on Protein Bars more than I should, but I’ll take that over my old eating habits. I don’t track as much as I used to but I have a set of habits that keep me on track. I have standby meals that I know by heart (I’m looking at you Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Omelets with egg beaters) and I repeat these meals to keep my intake in check. The sleeve is great for preventing over eating as long as I treat it right and put food into it in the right order. Many thanks to Frisco, Elina, Kairk, and many many others for helping me keep the focus on intake and helping my sleeve work for me. The Road Ahead: More of the same please! Maintenance is my biggest fear and I’m going to work hard to keep on top of it. I’ll also have to step up my mentor game as my wife has her sleeve surgery. I’m anxious to have my plastic surgery but honestly a bit worried about whether I’ll ever be completely happy with my body… I went from way to fat – to – way too much extra skin – and now anticipating – now have big scar… So I may have to get help for that. However there is no doubt and I mean NO DOUBT that this has been the greatest decision I’ve made for my health and wellbeing in my entire adult life. It’s the gift that gives every single day. Good luck to everyone and may your journey be as fruitful as mine has been.
  2. Oh yeah Russ. I got my advanced certification in September and I've had several ocean dives in North Carolina and the Canary Islands. Awesome.
  3. Thanks MM. This was the real reason for the sleeve for me... now I will see how the tool REALLY works.
  4. Thanks OWS. It was a great experience. I'm going to keep at it. English riding seems to be a hell of a core workout based on my day after soreness...might have to get some padded shorts too...hahaha
  5. Thanks Lynda. I like the Goalie's Bench... That's fun. I was making amusement park plans for my nephew's annual visit this summer...can't wait.
  6. Yikes, jumping out of a perfectly good airplane,,,,and it isn't on fire... I dunno
  7. Well horse riding was soooo cool. It was English and I never thought I'd do that. Wow... will I be sore tomorrow. But the horse won't and that's kind of a victory.
  8. So I made it to the goal posts. Any more lost will be nice but I've achieved what I set out to do (and maybe more). Here are the stats: Weight at start of journey: 420 Total loss: 240 Total days since I made the decision and started surgery: 689 Weight loss before surgery: 51 Weight loss since surgery on 10/10/11: 189 Average lbs per week: 2.4 %body weight lost: 57% Pics later everyone. I'm going to take a horseback riding lesson and celebrate today!!! I made it! Now the work starts: Next chapter.. Maintenance: The Pizza Strikes Back
  9. way to go man. Rocking that sleeve to the max. Keep up the great work and you will have many prideful days to come. Terry
  10. Terry H.

    Do people really do this s**t?

    hahaha So after I was asked if I ever saw a doctor about my weight, the next thing I got was:"I just watched a show about a diet on PBS. I'd like to have you do it with me." (after I had already set up to have surgery). Then a call saying "I was on a transatlantic flight and sat next to a doctor. He and I both think surgery is not the right thing to do." This fellow is 6'4 and about 180 soaking wet. I was both touched and mortified by his level of concern but... wow! Really shows you how people can't grasp the life we lead and why we arrive at this place. I can't wait to run into him now and show him that I'm OK.
  11. Terry H.


    It seems gout attacks are common early in weight loss. Many report remission after losing the weight. I've been off my maintenance allopurinol since September and all seems well. Good luck!
  12. Terry H.

    Do people really do this s**t?

    My favorite was "have you ever talked to a doctor about your weight?" Uh I was 50 and overweight since I was 8. Yeah he might have mentioned it once or twice..... ????
  13. Terry H.

    How long until "real" food?

    Hi. My name is Terry and I am a foodie. I spent way way to much time worrying about this before surgery. After surgery a lot of things that I lived for were way less interesting to me (thanks sleeve.). Desserts, bread, Pasta don't drive me. I do truly enjoy eating great foods at great places but I can easily pick good Proteins over everything else and I'm happy with a couple of bites of carbs. You won't believe it but that has been my experience. Hope that helps put your mind at ease. Terry
  14. Terry H.

    Airline Seat Belt Extension

    This was a biggie for me. I went from buying two seats and using the whole extender to this: I'm down about another 15 lbs from there and I can't tell you how good it feels to not have this on my mind when I plan a trip.

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