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  1. I am so so sad. This wonderful man saved my life! RIP Dr. Aceves. I can not thank you enough for being a part of my life.
  2. Hi All, I can not believe that 2 years ago tomorrow I got my sleeve! I am so grateful for how my life has improved. In the last 2 years I have went from a size 24 to 4 and lost 156 pounds. I had plastic surgery last month and I am really starting to feel good about how I look. Most of the aches and pains i had before are all gone. The sleeve saved my life! Just had to share )
  3. BlueOctoberGirl

    Where does the time go?

    Thanks everyone! yes I had my plastics in Mexico also. I am now 3 years out as of yesterday and holding steady between 139-144 pounds....Sooo happy!
  4. BlueOctoberGirl


    139 Pounds...Holding my new nephew before Christmas party. 157 pounds GONE!
  5. BlueOctoberGirl

    Banning Family.jpg

    From the album: MyJourneyBegins

  6. BlueOctoberGirl

    Looking for Post-Op guy for buddy (PA)

    I will be three years out in January. If you have any questions or just need some encouragement please feel free to contact me )
  7. BlueOctoberGirl

    Thinking of breast lift

    I had TT with lipo, Lift and implants. Honestly my breasts did not hurt at all. Maybe pressure pain but that was it. So worth it!
  8. You will be so happy with Dr. Aceves! He is the best doctor I have ever met. I will be 3 years out in January..Best decision I have ever made! Congratulations!
  9. BlueOctoberGirl

    So nervous...

    I think most of us have been there either on a ride or airplane. I am over 2.5 years out from surgery. I can honestly say I will never forget those feelings nor do I want to. It is the drive that keeps me strong on my weight loss/maintaining journey and has taught me to have compassion for the people that are still struggling. You will be on that coaster in no time and be running off to get back in line!
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    From the album: MyJourneyBegins

  11. BlueOctoberGirl

    20130821 194020 resized 1

    Baltimore 8/21/13
  12. BlueOctoberGirl

    20130821 194020 resized 1

    From the album: 2013

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    DSCN3480 resized 1

    Siblings 5/13
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    DSCN3480 resized 1

    From the album: 2013

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    First day of kindergarten 9/3/13
  16. BlueOctoberGirl

    20130903 090826(0) resized

    From the album: 2013

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  18. BlueOctoberGirl

    Traveling for PS alone

    I went to Mexicali and my Doc was Dr. Bello. So very very happy with him and the care I received.
  19. BlueOctoberGirl

    Day 2 Post Op....ugh...

    The first month is a little rough...Just keep your eye on the prize and you will make it thru just fine! I promise it gets easier and easier. I am 2.5 years out and it is the best decision I have ever made! Stay Strong!
  20. BlueOctoberGirl

    2 years old VSG

    I had my surgery 1/5/11...so I am 2.5 years out!
  21. That is so funny..I used to hate eggs..the smell even made me sick. Now I love them! Everything tastes so different to me. I have noticed the texture of food a lot more now. Like I love the taste of bananas but the texture now is hard to deal with. The sleeve is a funny thing...but AWESOME!

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