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  1. broomt


    I had my first episode yesterday in a van full of people!! No one in the van knew I had the surgery and I really don't want them to know. I am sure they think I am pregnant. I felt sick and bloated the rest of the day.
  2. I am almost 6 weeks post op and I just started having temporary bouts of dizziness. It started Saturday during pilates, not while I was working out but after while I was laying on the reformer talking to the trainer. It has persisted off and on since then, mostly when I lay down. Has anyone else had issues like this? I have serious sinus/allergy issues as so it very well could be that???
  3. broomt

    first fill

    I had my first fill yesterday, it wasn't nearly as bad as I had built it up to be in my mind. I went back immediately and was weighed (down 5 pounds from last visit) then sent to the room. The nurse came in and commented on how great I look. She got the fill stuff ready, the doctor came in and felt around on the port; which was the worst part, then stuck the needle in. Nothing to numb me but it really wasn't that bad. I asked him to check out one of the incisions because it didn't seem to be healing as fast as the others. There was a stitch that hadn't dissolved so he had to dig it out. Now that hurt!! The doctor put 2cc in the band and will put another 2cc in Aug 31. He said I probably would start to feel restriction between 4 and 6cc but he would rather build up gradually because he finds it causes less problems.
  4. I have lost 12 pounds since being banded. I had my first fill yesterday, I had lost 5 pounds since my post op visit. The doctor said any loss at this point is great because it is mostly will power since there is no restriction. I got 2cc in my band and was told I will get another 2cc's in a month. He said that I probably won't feel any restriction until I am at 4 or 5cc's. Just hang in there I hear it gets easier.
  5. broomt

    Calling all pierced banders

    I have a rook and tragus piercing and nothing was ever said about taking them out.
  6. broomt

    Happy with 1st Fill

    Dr. Atkins did my surgery on June 30!! I love him and his staff. My first fill is Aug. 3 and I can't wait. How much did he put in?
  7. broomt

    BLOG list

    Thanks for adding this. I am always looking for more people to stalk. It is nice to know we are not in this alone and that most of us have the same issues. My blog is listed in my signature.
  8. Not sure if any of you remember the post I made about the snide comments my personal trainer made to me when he found out that I was having WLS. He told me I was cheating and he expected better from me. Since then I have avoided the gym like the plague. Since it is 107 degrees outside today I decided to heck with him, I am going to go hit the treadmill at the gym that I am still paying membership fees for. As I was leaving I ran into him. He was genuinely shocked to see me and said that he just assumed I would use the band as an excuse to not work out. I told him that he obviously didn't know me nearly as well as he thought he did. He asked me when I had my surgery and I told him June 30 his jaw hit the floor because he couldn't believe I was back in the gym so soon. He also asked me how much I lost and I told him almost 12 pounds. He said he could tell, I looked like a different person already and that my face looked 10 years younger.....HAH, SO THERE Funny thing is, he has taken a renewed interest in me, wanting me to call him as soon as I am cleared for weights so I can be his new project. I told him I would think about it.
  9. broomt


    I got very sick after my surgery and threw up for 24 hours. When I went back for my post-op check up I asked if that was normal. Their answer was define normal. Everyone is different and everyone's experience is different. You are doing great.
  10. If only it were really that easy!!
  11. broomt

    Recovery question

    I was banded on Thursday June 30 and was back to work Tuesday July 5. I was still a little sore but nothing serious. If you have to lift you might want to check with your doctor and see what they have to say. I am still under restriction not to lift anything over 20 pounds.
  12. I was banded on the 30th also. I was one of the unfortunate ones that got very sick from the anesthesia and pain meds so I spent the first 12 hours throwing up. Did not anticipate that at all. Once all of that was out of my system I am feeling fine, just kind of week and light headed. Haven't had anything for pain since Saturday morning early.
  13. broomt

    scared to eat

    I had surgery Thursday and threw up for two days because of the anesthesia and pain meds. I know I am not eating enough because I know how painful it was to throw up begging for zofran and still have two hours until you can take your next dose. I am feeling better every day but am light headed, probably because I am not eating near enough. I don't want to be afraid for the rest of my life
  14. broomt

    Surgery is Thursday

    Me too!! I have to be at the hospital at 6 on Thursday and I keep thinking about driving right by the hospital. I am sure it is perfectly normal

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