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    Changed Goal

    I think this is a good plan for you. You should Celebrate more NSVs because those are true things about weightloss. Weighing is a tool to help you know if you are on target. Numbers dont make a person. God Bless on the new changes.
  2. Maybe if you took time to analyze your body in the mirror. Not in a vain way but in a understanding way. Too practice wearing clothes you wouldnt normally wear out in public around the house. Anaylze this in the mirror throughout the day see your attributes in the outfit and most important give yourself positive self talk. Work yourself small grouping of encouraging people and accept their compliments with a big smile and a thank you. This will help you not feel so awkward when you do wear them out. Maybe even take pictures make a scrapbook. Pictures give us a different perspective. Remember to reinenforce postive talk. Like everything else in life practice makes perfect.
  3. Eloray


    Hi Crosswinds, Dr. Aceves and his team are AWESOME! I went with him, he seems to have less complications after surgery. When I arrived at the hospital I was a bit nervous because I was schedule to have surgery that day. They were rushing me around asking me questions and giving me directions while my blood sugars were way low(fasting). I was not so confident NOW, I was ready to flee! It was a lot to take in started to cry. I then went to meet Dr.Aceves and listen to his instructions by the end I of the lecture I was back on board. He was very friendly, very assuring and Very Caring! You will be in great hands. I was even the last surgery (which bothered me) and I came out just fine. I suggest going during the week because you get to see him everyday plus there are more of the staff that speak English
  4. Tiffykins, I am so happy for you. This is a wonderful blessing to be able to bring a life into this world. Your family is so cute now this will be a great addition. May your pregnancy be healthy. Congrats congrats Lora
  5. Eloray

    Post-Op Hunger Poll

    I feel physical hunger every 3 hours. After 3 hours im pretty hungry it makes me eat fast. Trying to work it out. I dont wake up starving like I did the first month. Thank goodness.
  6. Eloray

    The Truth About My Weight Problem

    What a tragic story. I have six children this is always my fear for them. My heart too goes out to you. I dont have story like yours but I have not always like myself. I just dont feel good enough. I would eat to punish myself for not being better faster smarter or more talented than others. The weight help me protect myself so it was okay to be mediocre. I have had quite the journey to learn to love myself always. I turned to My Heavenly Father. If you ask seek and work, He will heal you and give you guidance on how or who will be able to help you. You are a very understanding person you never once blamed when you could of. What a wonderful blessing. Ask for healing and it will be yours. God bless you with your healing. Lora
  7. It took me all day to come home, arrived at 11pm. The worst part for me was I was hungry that day. Not my tummy not even my head but the other symptoms that your body tells you that you are not eating enough. I yawned alot( low sugar), irratibility, headache. Anyway for me I needed to eat more broth that makes me feel like I had a meal and feel satisfy. On that day, day 5 protien water was not cutting it. I would pack broth, protien powder for those days. Maybe do the shorter the one day and fly the other on the next day. It could be rough but probably doable. See if you can get a sleeping pill for the longer day flight and/or fly first class back. Good luck with the planning.
  8. Glad to hear you back! I was wondering about you. Its good to hear you are doing well this challenging month.
  9. Eloray

    Almost made my goal!

    Yay for you! Congrats such a great loss in 2 months.
  10. Eloray

    NSV, SV, and excitement

    My hat off to you!!
  11. Congrats on your Less of YOU Day!! I wish you all the best on you upcoming goals.
  12. Eloray

    Size 8!

    I must join the crowd and say Congrat to all of you. Way to stay dedicated. Have fun maintaining and shopping.
  13. I woke up like I did a major ab workout and its day 2 when its at its sorest. The worst thing for me when I woke up was that I had major cotton mouth. The only thing they would let me do is rinse my mouth. I wanted gum but what I did is put a wet guaze in my cheek so I could finish sleeping. That was gone by the afternoon. For me the first day was manageable everybody who had saw me that was having surgery that day said I"ll moving as good as her. Second day I rested alot more abit more sore, manageable though. Some of the others who had surgery with or before me were moving pretty good and were in good spirits. There was a couple who had nausea keeping them down. My surgeon was Dr Aceves his and team , I think they have a really great method that helps their patients recover quickly. IMO. I have had 6 babies so I would say this isnt much more painful than that. Dont worry youll get through it in you own way. God bless your surgery.
  14. Eloray

    pregnant wow

    Congrats to you! Pregnancy is a Wonderful feeling!
  15. Eloray

    Oatmeal Crisps

    These sound yummy! I love love cookies! I was just thinking I would like to substitute crisco. Do you think you could use a nut butter instead? This would add more protien and a bit healthier fat wise. Im not great on what would work for subsitutes. I may try this and see if it works.
  16. Eloray

    food confusion

    Susanne and Chilo how you are eating with the sleeves is the way I want to eat with my sleeve. I so dont want to get on the crazy diet train again. I want to eat and enjoy and be happy with life. Being so focus on food didnt help me out any. My two cents worth.
  17. The substitution with the baby food banana is a great idea. Yes? NO? But now i think about it, wouldn't pb be a mushie food too? Im a newbie so i would like to know where pb stands, full liquids or mushies?
  18. Eloray

    One Year Out

    This was a great read and gives a insight to what life is like after we make goal. Helps us prepare us that we will still need to be vigilant even after the loss. You veterns give us such valuable knowledge. Thank you. May the changes you seek become yours.
  19. Eloray

    Size 22 to a size 6

    Wow!! Hope that is me in a year or so!! Glad for your success.
  20. Eloray

    Size 22 to a size 6

    Wow, I hope thats me in a year or so!!
  21. Eloray

    Pretty nervous

    God Bless and may your surgery be uneventful. I hope your recovery is smooth and quick. Take care your journey begins.
  22. Thanks for sharing your story. Im glad everything worked out for you. God works in mysterious way. You are now on way to healthier living.
  23. Maybe you became lactose intolerant. Are you keeping a food journal that may help narrow down what food affects you. Hope things get better.
  24. Eloray

    Lora Before

  25. Eloray

    Me before

    From the album: Lora Before

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